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  1. The aptly named "sports bar" has Green Flash West Coast IPA! Love that beer, and that company. I suggest getting that beer if your into a more hoppy, piney/citrusy IPA. 7.3%
  2. I'm still getting a grasp on TPR's morals. It's OK to make fun of specific groups of people(in good fun, right?), but no swearing or adult language? This board has so much R rated content lurking beneath it's PG surface. I like it here, a lot. But it's perplexing simultaneously. I'm all for making fun of the overweight wheelchair bound burn victim transvestite midget(I believe there should be no limits on what is "right", or "acceptable" to make fun of). Everyone deserves the opportunity to laugh at themselves. I've noticed, not specifically from this thread---- that some of the fat jokes come out jaded, with a dash of anger and spite behind them. Let the moderators moderate, I agree. Coming out swinging, saying how rude you believe someone to be, makes you look like a Sally. Party on.
  3. Kings Island has a longer operating season and serves an area larger then just the Chicago land area, but I'm assuming it's around the same population. Think where KI is, south east Ohio. CP is 4 hours(ish?) away - so KI would be the one Mega park that serves Kentucky, southern Indiana, and more rural areas of that part of the country(West Va for example, even though there's a lot of east coast parks, I'm getting at, that KI if you drew a 6 hour drive circle around it, would have WAY more people to serve then SFGAm). 2 When I tell my buddies about Goliath, I tend to get "Why a wood coaster, steel is so much better". Then I tell them a little bit about the topper track, and show them a sweet picture or two ------ they become Romans(HA). --- I think when word starts to spread in the area that Great America is getting a rather special coaster; a ride that 99% of the GP doesn't even know could exist, with track bending in ways that blows even non-coaster nerds socks off. Great America will, I believe as somebody already stated - "explode". 3 I haven't ridden Outlaw Run, but I'm really liking that the entire ride is visible in these shots(and much of it in park). I know having a terrain coaster has many perks, but seeing this ride as a whole really has me jacked. I think Goliath may be a better ride than Outlaw Run as well. If there's airtime on the two massive over banks, I would put my "guaranteed" stamp that it will rank higher than Outlaw Run(not to mention a better selection of inversions-- that dive loop looks like it may be the finest dive loop ever constructed, on any coaster, anywhere). People love the intensity of Outlaw Run, and I'm thinking that Goliath is actually going to turn out being even more intense. The pacing of the ride, the size of EVERYTHING, and how it will transition between elements --- Goliath is going to be blowing panties to infinity and beyond(legally of course). I know it's not about being bigger, hell, even better. It's about a great ride. I'm implying and excited that I think RMC is getting better with their originals (as seen already with Wildfire), and that some folks are putting Goliath under the bus for being a short looking ride. every picture update on her, she keeps looking more and more like somebody i'd like to spend my time with, take her home, and maybe buy her funnel cake or two. 4 I'm not to worried about the crew reaching the set opening date. The winter SEEMS past is FOR GOOD!!, and as some have said they're building the lift on site to raise as a few big pieces - I'd say were on pace for a pre-June opening. 5 I'm also super excited just to feast my eyes on the completed first drop, with the zero-g-stall proudly displayed for the world to see. Goliath is going to look so hotdog cool when all is said and done. Intimidator 305 styled supports on the lift = genius.
  4. I can understand that the rules were broken, and we here, are expected to adhere to the "rules". But all the negativity, and that people sound like they're the fun police, and/or are a judge, or a damn lawyer for KI ---- I've been lurking here for 6 months or so, and from what I've seen the TPR forums are a pretty lax place to chitchat about coasters. --- This little POV incident which I was too late to actually see what was posted ------ I get/got the feeling that some people are legitimately mad with a POV leak?! Can't Rob just take it down and that be the end all? instead of name calling, and stupid debates of what is right and wrong in the coaster world? I understand that Rob is involved in the industry and has taken it upon himself to run a nice, 'clean' site. I approve of Robs actions. Are some of you guys getting paid to promote "anti-theme park piracy"? Reminds me of a couple years ago when movie previews told us not to pirate movies(and a recent survey/study i JUST read said about 40% of the industry(real studio employees-makeup people/grips/whatever)-- have pirated a movie in the past year). I think it's that I've never seen anyone, in the world of 'hobby's' --- be so anti-"piracy", and hostile about it.
  5. I think every thread on TPR now includes..... - I want my local park to get an RMC - I want my local park to get an RMC Iron Horse treatment on (insert old/aging/rough/forgotten woodie) - Rumor has it my local park is getting an RMC - B&M sucks - YOLO bee-ah-ch! - Wouldn't it be great if my local park replaced that pathetic post 2000 B&M with an RMC - RMC - B&M fail - Banshee looks slow even though its going 68mph midway through the run, the ride is a dog!
  6. I've noticed for the past couple of weeks, on several threads (some worse then others) ---- that some peoples responses seem to be getting dumber,meaner, snarkier, and hot headed all at once. Coaster withdrawal has set in, and it's effects are devastating.
  7. The dive loop looks like it's going to have a great twist effect, and some good G's. Everyone on the KI thread is bitching about how the inversions look drawn out, which lead to me looking a little harder at the track here, and it looks great! I've said it before, I'm not an inversion lover. But something about this dive loop, and the prospect of the zero g stall have me pretty excited!
  8. The producers of the F&F franchise ---- made clear last July they were unhappy with the attraction and had it closed down(I'm assuming they had the contractual advantage). USH would have kept spinning plates otherwise.(I only saw it on video, that shit was bad folks!)
  9. That was my question. Wheres the press release that Wildfire actually looks like "THIS"!!!!! HAHAHA coaster nerds! Fooled you! - Love, RMC
  10. I'll be a SFGAm homebody and say I think the accusation that all SF parks are the same is wrong, I've been to GA, OT, MM, STl, an KK.....Great America had way more to do. People say STl, and I found it quite lacking. To each his own I guess. All the entrances to the park are quite different to, they all have different vibes, Nobody on here uses the word vibe/vibes BTW
  11. This ride looks like it's going to move incredibly fast. I'm not to big into inversions, but I think both on this ride are going to give a great ride experience.
  12. As others have said, I hope RMC continues it's tirade and will be a dominant force in the industry for years to come. Medusa looks like the sleeper hit of the year. Their coasters have a presence, and an awe factor that doesn't really exist anymore (the occasional wild Intiman ride not included). The GP needs another mid 90's B&M, someone who breaks the mold and creates excitement throughout the 'normals'. Much like skyscrapers, everyone loves a knockout coaster.
  13. "What part of a train wrap "takes you out of the ride experience?" Is the ride "less thrilling" or "less exciting" because there is an ad on the side of the car? I guess I just don't see the difference between "hair gel ad" on the train and "plain red/yellow paint job" on the train. It doesn't ruin it for me. I feel bad that it does for you." ----------- It's not so much that it takes away from the ride experience, but that it negates the atmosphere and cheapens the experience of a day at the "park". I think "hair gel ad" on the train is a cheap, un-creative way to move my thoughts away from where I'm at, and guiding me sadly towards consumerism, money, buy buy buy buy, and the idea I'm at a carnival about to ride something ran by Skinner Amusements. I don't see a ride being sponsored by GE, and a ride with ads slapped all over the ride vehicle as the same evil. I hope in the future, my groundbreaking concepts like Depends! The Ride! Or, Target: Bulls-eye Drop!, become the norm. I'd rather ride a fully funded advertisement, than being subjected to shoddy money grabs. It's so cheap and gaudy! I have no problem with a small local park, or a carnival using ads like this. Advertising by design is made to draw your attention. My friends, that is the problem. I want to be immersed in the beauty of the park, the trees, the midway, the rides, dumb knickknacks - not this weeks Best Buy ad. I think it symbolizes a lot of things that are wrong with modern culture, and the times we live in(I know that taking it rather far, but that's really how I feel when I see that sort of crap)
  14. I'm really digging this new hotel. The pictures have the feeling of 1960s Disneyland shots, Tomorrowland specifically. I think this place will age nicely too, I approve - and as of now, would rather stay here then at any of Disney's value resorts if it were on the Disney property.
  15. One cannot compare unsightly Stride train wraps, to exiting through a gift shop. The gift shop doesn't take away from the ride experience, it reinforces the branding. Waiting in a loading station, with new visuals that should be on TV, or somebody's Kia - is distracting and gaudy. It also makes me think about horrible marketing, and how hard it is for theme parks to say no even to a few extra bucks ---- only to change, and in my opinion, ruin the overall atmosphere of a certain area. For example, thinking of the ride Demon at SFGAm, at one time people had the idea in there head to wonder if the Demon chewed gum, and if he did - it was definitely Stride brand. I don't agree with the people who don't like exiting through gift shops. Again, it doesn't change the atmosphere or the overall ride experience. As where obvious, and obstructive advertising ON a ride or in its loading station - can be distracting and disheartening. Has advertising, having nothing to do with the home team(Six Flags hocking gum or hair gel for example) become an essential part of theme parks?
  16. Tons of tweens know Led Zeppelin, and that number skyrockets as they enter high school. A simple marketing plan using Zeppelin would have done wonders. Especially in today's market, a Zep coaster?? That would make it onto brainless websites like buzzfeed as a featured story often.
  17. I don't understand the hype for an inverted RMC....... Is "Iron Horse Invert" really what all us coaster nerds/the GP will be clamoring over?
  18. It appears I'm one of the few coaster dudes who enjoys standups. They're not my favorite breed of coaster, but I don't see them nearly as the novelty coaster, or leg breaker attitude that seems prevalent on here. I enjoy the crushing forces they put out, and deal with the roughness. An a abusive coaster only gets love once it's gone it seems.
  19. If Godzilla is coming back, you bet your bottom King Kong will return. Hell, maybe he's even the monster Godzilla fights in the new movie this year (lies)
  20. Just my opinion..... But Montu has delivered the most intense ride experience I've encountered. Not as disorienting as a great run on Batman ---- but that batwing is heavy.
  21. I like the idea of bringing back traditional sit down trains. Nobody makes a sit-down looping coaster anymore. I haven't ridden a floorless, but the idea seems like riding a B&M hyper where I can see the track......... I wasn't thrilled by the idea when Medusa came out, and I'm still not moved.
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