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  1. I really like the idea of Mantis getting Kumba styled sit down trains, I think it would be a pretty wicked, forceful ride that doesn't need the trims on the first drop running. For my home park, SFGAm.... For 2015, I'm in a agreement we need a solid dark ride. Not a shooting one at that, just a solid, air conditioned dark ride. Western, DC, or Americana themed.
  2. "Yes, each ride has a trim break in it somewhere, but on one of 8 hills, not 1 of 1 hills" Well said. Those rare rides where that trim is off--- really makes Raging Bull live up to its name.
  3. I don't see the ride going out of webcam.... being we could already fit 15-20ft more on the overbank, and the lift hill is about 600-800ft further away.... It''ll be might close though.
  4. I'm getting more excited for this beast with each picture update. It's also exciting, that I believe my home park is getting the most exciting new ride in 2014 in 'Merica, possibly the world. It's going to be the new Batman in the coaster world. A little short, but untamed and convincing at every element. I think everyone who steps off the ride with be rattled, and filled with the best kind of adrenalin. RMC is doing the opposite of jumping the shark with Goliath --- They're changing the game. Now some of you will bring up Outlaw Run, I call this the next level of coasters due to how the structure is going to dominate this section of the park, and with the steel supports --- I think Goliaths legend will age with more oomph, being the coaster that really, truely made RMC a top tier ride maker, being on every parks "must have list" for the next ten years and counting --- I mean, the structure as a whole is already packing a punch. The wow factor of seeing this bastard in person i really believe will set this RMC creation apart from the previous ones. Now that i think about it, "Medusa, STEEL COASTER" looks fantastic as well, freaking GREAT. But isn't that an I-Box Coaster? How does RMC I-Box track ride quality, compare with the topper track that's on Outlaw Run and no Goliath. I know I-box track is all steel, and Outlaw Run's topper track is 4 layers of wood topped with 2 steel pieces. ----- Can anybody layout the pros and cons of each?
  5. Those last three inversions look like there going to provide massive amounts of good old fashion B&M body crushing madness. Not digging all the concrete slabs, this isn't prison.
  6. I agree, it's nice to have the option of this "premium experience" if you're on limited time. My main point to this is " these "pay to play" thing-a-ma-bobs I think are stifling the days of more guests than of ones it's improving." ---- Everyone is all about improving the overall guest experience, and I think this does the opposite in the larger picture. And the argument that people would not wait in long standby lines --- as I also wrote before, this would spread out the park population, theoretically shrinking the super long popular attractions lines, and slightly raising the wait times of the less popular ones. Or "-- To those who think that standby lines are greatly impacted by any sort of "line cutting "pass, remember that the people who are "line cutting" would be in the standby line IF there were no "line cutting" passes, thus making the standby wait longer. Soooo...." --- Two points: from one perspective, if the same amount of people of both lines were combines, they'd technically be the same length, not longer. The other side, is that it could possibly be even shorter then that using that logic, because, give or take some, but you would be ahead of 50% of the people that would ride in front of you in the line cuting lane, making the line even quicker. This also plays into the whole "Disney is gouging, and belittling its clientele". Yes, each situation is quite different. But it "rides" the same area of "segregating" people with money, too those with far less - and giving a poorer product to the unable. Thoughts? And yes I'm new, I was hardcore coaster nerd from 8-18 years old(a rather quiet one, I can be a coaster boy when called upon. But I always kept my fandom in the background until the car ride/road trip started. I started attending less parks once I was 20. About two years ago my love of theme parks reemerged with the experience of X-Flight at my local SFGAm park. Though not the best ride, I credit a new B&M model for getting me back in the game. I missed out on B&M becoming a (nearly)mass produced, (nearly)(generally) neutered, faceless company -- cool rides like El Toro, Behemoth, Cheetah Run, Diamondback, and many many more. - It looks like the consistently "wow" inducing B&M products are exclusively hypercoasters recently('specaily in the US of A. I hope Banshee turns that around I've been lurking for about three months, so it's about damn time I joined up, And yeah. I rant to much. But I won't say your wrong. I'll respond, and try to be slanderous and humorous while acknowledging your lacking view and opinions, and then I'll give you mine. i try to have real arguments, leading to a real discussion. I also type long things like this and rarely re-read. i like my stream of consciousness writing better than my though out rebuttals, I feel(even though I may repeat myself) I get out a lot more useful thoughts and opinions. So, sorry for the belated hello. Hello!
  7. ---"We ended up waiting about 45 minutes to an hour and I was happy because the stand by line was 2+ hours. So right there I gained about an hour to ride another ride."--- This is why I dislike these line cutting "Deals".... have they not been available, the line would have been around an hour and a half. Also, I think people would be more selective of the times they chose to ride the ride of their choice, as in walking further back to maybe Gemini and spreading the people out a bit more. Isn't it funny how everyone seems to go to the same rides at the same time? Like Spaceship Earth at Epcot for example. The ride is the first thing you see, and the first attraction people pass - so in the morning it has a 45 minute-hour long wait. Come back a few hours later, or anytime in the day and the ride is practically a walk on. In short, I don't like these line cutting option, it lines the pockets of the fat cats for doing nothing, and - I believe - is a rather overpriced way to "ride the rides" of your choice. I've never bought one, and no matter how crowded the park is - I manage to get on all the rides/attractions/roller coasters I wanted to..... This involves ZERO planning. You must be attentive, ready to go on to the next ride, do extra walking, not making plans - like "first Raptor, Cedar Downs, and Gatekeeper. I really want to ride the FARCE and Top Thrill. So we need to do those as fast as possible". Take a ride of the car rides, go on Snake River Falls, the Carousel, the Ferris wheel. A day at all parks (especially The Point) requires balance of the force(attractions). If a ride has a wait of over an hour, move on. By 9 PM you should find yourself back on the main midway. Where Raptor, Mantis, Blue Streak, Iron Dragon (not gatekeeper) will have lines around twenty minutes. The key is to not move on the same path as the majority of the guests. I think "line cutting" adds to more people, just running to the premier rides in the same order as all the other guests, adding up to magnificently long lines for both the up-cost riders, and the average Jose's. It also seems this "line cutting" feature has been taking off in popularity - equaling less value for that product, and longer lines in standby. Everybody should lay off the excess and go back to good old standby rides. It may require more thinking, but I think It allows you to take in the park as it's meant to be. You're not supposed to ride E ticket after E ticket, there should be a flow to the day, not a crazy coaster every 15 minutes to satisfy your cravings. Again, these "pay to play" thing-a-ma-bobs I think are stifling the days of more guests than of ones it's improving. To pay extra to wait in a one hour line ---- in which if the system never existed it would be thirty minutes longer --- and the fact it encourages people to ignore wait times just because "its shorter then standby" ------..... The situation is dire, and when the start selling "second tier" brand fast passes, it'll only get worse. I'm glad you guys enjoy buying insurance when you attend your favorite theme park ----- I'd rather not have the burden on my wallet, and just use my noggin as I always have to navigate the crowds and lines, and hit up the lesser known/non big name rides and really stretch my dollar, while avoiding the crowds and doing the park right! Disney had it right with their first generation fast passes.
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