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  1. Best part of Knoebels is that the big three wooden coasters all have 42" inch heights. I love that the Phoenix was my kid's first 'real' coaster.
  2. I am in camp Ziz. Ever since Leviathan and Behemoth it is has been fun to speuclate as to when/if/how we can get the final beast. It's got cool backstory. Leans well into the dive or wing coaster concepts Some generic random Canadian wilderness themed ride like the latest flats is just so uninspired in comparison.
  3. The problem is trying to judge this movie as just a normal movie - especially if you go in without being super engaged in the MCU to date. I agree if you are judging it as a single movie on its own it doesn't completely work. It is imperfect by-product of servicing that many characters. But this is not designed to be viewed as a single film. The fact that the movie was even made or has made the box office it has is incredible. It's an audacious attempt to replicate the 'annual' comic book where characters crossover and interact. Expect instead of drawing a few more characters you are inserting millions of dollars in movie star salaries! Those comics were also imperfect with different writers and artists trying to shoehorn their characters together but as a reader they were super fun and something to look forward to seeing every few years. In those comics the good guys always fought each other so you could debate 'who would win in a fight'. You recall they fought each other as well in the first two Avengers, Civil War and even in Thor: Ragnarock. I view this movie as the season finale of the first ten years of MCU films. Plot lines from the past converge, some great action, and a epic cliffhanger. Again super fun but if you missed the start of the season it would be a hot mess. Maybe the cold open should have been 'previously on...' style montage of prior films. I went in hoping the movie would end with the iconic 'snap' - the fact they went through with it was a fan boy's dream. Yes, Thano's snap will be undone. It is a family-friendly comic book movie. Everyone with common sense knows it has to be undone to allow for the sequels. The ending was literally perfect - meaning it was an accurate depiction of what was written on the page in the comics. Thano's snap occurred at the end of the first issue of the series and the rest of the story was the remaining hero's efforts to reverse it. It is not a surprise they will reverse it in the next movie - the question is how. And how will those who 'vanished' be changed by the process. So even though we know it will be reversed it was still gutsy and fun for the audience to see them go that far. A great cliffhanger - especially for a kid's movie. With notably the most powerful players now off the main stage. To Robb's point about there not being a 'team' that was a big part of the design - rightly or wrongly of the story to date. The same writers and directors first had the Avengers break up in Civil War and conveniently they choose to have only the original team survive. It will be another fanboy moment when they finally give us the money shot of them reuniting. I also agree that the Thor hammer thing was Marvel having their cake and eating it too but it was still fun. I loved the funny joke you are not the 'god of hammers' but I still think the new Axe Hammer is cool and perfect for selling toys (it is also from the comics). So all in all - a perfect movie no. Kind of dumb - yes. But I still had a great time, it was exactly the fan boy cross-ever "event" they promised it to be. excited for Avengers 4 - take my can take my money now.
  4. Well it is replacing Skyrider - CW's much loved stand-up TOGO. So it would be fitting. But not going to happen. The tunnel escape looks amazing in person - pretty convinced it is a dive having seen it up-close.
  5. Maybe instead of deleting the entire 10 pages - there can be a summary post. Bye Felicia deserves to recorded for posterity.
  6. Surprised they just leased/sold some land. Figured Cedar Fair would be developing a hotel with an in-door waterpark as a year-round attraction
  7. guilty! You take some great pictures - anything of Wonderland or other theme parks?
  8. So Vortex is till vortex. No renaming. And it looks like no entrance to Splashworks Action Theatre line seems to be reconfigured leaving enough space for another flat in the future.
  9. Last year, during Toronto's Nuit Blanche (White Light) art festival, Netflix did an upside-down installation where they made everyone put on the white suits to enter (great souvenir as well). It was really cool. Maybe Universal will do something similar. They gave out the suits at the start of the lines so you had tons of time to put them on.
  10. was at the fallsview Keg on Friday - the view is surreal, the steak while a bit overpriced due to the tourist area was pretty good. Most hotels in the area give a coupon for some dollars off meals. Now back to Marineland - one fact to consider - probably the greatest Themepark theme song since Wallyworld. There is a pavlovian reaction - whenever I hear that song I need to ride Dragon Mountain.
  11. Hopefully new management will reverse the decision to remove the Shamu shows - the heart of Seaworld. Let's face it the Blackfish fans will never come back or be satisfied no matter what changes the Park makes. They should stop apologizing and trying to be something they are not. At least play to the park's base fans and give that experience. The wonder in kid's faces during those shows is such a joy.
  12. That is super interesting. The external portion of test track does not seem very deep and the exposed slot is so narrow, I had always thought it was just a powered rail underneath with the actual tires on the cars making contact. If I recall the tires had to be replaced almost weekly. I didn't realize there was coaster-type track under as well. The Suzuka track seems more like a traditional coaster - if not simply because of how much is exposed to the eye. I agree with the counting credit things but I still think it is super fun to nerd out about different ride systems and the underlying tech.
  13. I wouldn't call it a hiking trail and the purpose is very unclear. Just our state government being a state government and making strange choices. Probably cost more to fill than refurbish. Ostensibly, the former theme park is public land that should be open to all and they made things safer by removing parts of the ride. But... they left a lot alone include the queues and the barren empty nature of the unsupervised park makes feel like true urban exploring. We went at dusk and it was surreal. It felt like we were sneaking around. I have always wanted to urban explore an old theme park or ride but don't want to trespass or get arrested. This was a risk-free experience. Hell they sell parking. Highly recommend giving it a tour if in the area.
  14. Went to the 'reopened' Ontario Place this weekend. They put in a fake skating rink (plastic) and reopened the world's first Imax theatre. What I don't think was clear from Vistaway's great pics and post is that the government has legally reopened an abandoned themepark and encouraged urban exploring of the once great log flume. No trespassing, no fence jumping, they even made certain parts a little bit safer like turning the load station into a viewing platform and added public art along the old route. It was a surreal and depressing experience. This was a major attraction in the North America's fourth largest city. Youtube POVs confirm an above-average log flume with somewhat decent theming. A true icon for any kid growing up in Toronto. Now available to watch decay in real time. I was able to take my kids through it and while it saddens they could ever get the chance to ride it in its former glory, I hope that Robb will get a kick out of the fact that my five year starting randomly breaking into "we are IN a log flume" as we walked and climbed through the old track.
  15. Can anyone who has ridden the Hollywood version on the tram verify whether this footage is new or the same stuff used before?
  16. Any other cedar fair parks being 'eco-friendly' and not offering lids or straws for drinks. It's really frustrating trying to not spill.
  17. The googles in the bags is a nice touch to hopefully speed things up but I still don't get why you would VR such a stunning B&M that has interesting inversions, tunnels and goes over water. I wish they would do AR (augmented reality) instead where the googles add things to make the ride more interesting, consider a dashboard with speed, height, Gs, you could even add the Kraken but everything is imposed over the real world.
  18. Or how about the empty pad they made for Skyrider three years back. Yes the clones aren't great but they help with capacity.
  19. Did Muskoka Plunge this weekend. Operations were insanely slow. Took 30 minutes when line was just 10 people. They were only running two slides. Did slow process where they weigh you individually and then do a safety spiel two at a time but only after last sliders were dropped. Making it at least 90 seconds between riders. Been on drop slides before but never with operations so strict - nothing allowed even if held in hand. Lots of people turning around at the very top. No roulette mode, standard drop countdown. Ride itself was fine more a flat spiral than a loop. Going forward probably not worth the wait time. I think version at Great Wolf Lodge Niagra was better and load times much quicker.
  20. Now that the rush to be there for opening weekend is over they should put a lower cap on admissions for the near future and slowly increase as operations become more efficient and wait times more understood. Not an operations expert but my guess understanding how bottlenecks and queue theories work is that just a 10% reduction in attendance would have a massive impact on the in-park experience and the good word of mouth (plus exclusivity effect) would pay off in the long run. The issue with Tapu Tapu isn't that the system itself is flawed rather with operations and lack of data. Disney had years of data to use before doing fast pass plus reservations and here we go with 15 different attractions with no data on load times, time of day fluctuations, or breakdowns.
  21. the aloft is pretty good and close http://www.aloftvaughanmills.com/
  22. It was broken the day we were going to check it out. Hopefully once the bugs are all worked out we'll try it (or see more popping up in other places)! I noticed three void employees and at least 4 MT employees for an attraction that only can run 4 people at a time (15 minute session). Must be finnicky needed all that staff seven weeks in. When we went on Tuesday everything worked but I heard it crashed and had to restarted for a group earlier. It's not just VR so I can see the hiccups. Hopefully you will get to try it soon.
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