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  1. As a season pass holder to cedar fair, I keep renewing because of the Capitol investments. If the parks I goto stopped adding major rides or update their parks then I would stop going. Hell SFSTL is only 30 mins from me, but I would rather drive 6 hours to KI or 9 hours to Cedar Point because they put money into the park and I, as a consumer, can see that happening.


    Yes SFSTL has added a few things, but there is a lot of other things they could do to make me want to go there more. I have been here for 4 years, only have been 5-7 times as a patron.


    For me: Capitol investment then attendance will come. That does not mean adding a $25 million dollar ride, it means making aesthetics better, adding a certain genre of ride, adding a major ride. I think we will see this change more, it seems to me that SFSTL has been getting more focus by the company, but it still needs a little more.

  2. I need to rant a little, right now I am over by diamondback area, which is closed for early entry, you would not believe the amount of people cussing out KI and how much of a pain it is to wait another. 30minutes!!


    I am sorry, but the park does not have to give is early entry at all! Be happy that we get to be in the park, these "perks" could easily be removed, just remember that please!

  3. That's insane that the line is so long!!! But here's my question.....You can see the line snaking back towards the Eiffel Tower, but there seems to also be a line on the service roads too. If you look behind Slingshot, you can see people there and also on the other blacktopped path by that. Wondering if one line is for GP and other for FP+. Anyone on site that can tell the difference?


    That line your talking about it more overflow for gp.


    Line for racer is full que.

  4. Here are a few photos and videos from last night. The quality isn't great, it's all from my phone. Had such a great time.






    It was really a great time. Thanks again to kings island for putting on such a great event.



    That is awesome!!! Your third photo I am in it! The person with the red shoes!!! Lol!!

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