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  1. That would have been amazing to have a water effect on backlot. You mentioned they were to drift, how so??


    From what I heard, the concept Paramount approached Premier (might of been the other way around, not sure) was to have the back of the cars "drift" when it went around a corner, or basically the car part of the chassis would swing out to the side. The tech apparently wasn't ready so they decided to not include it in the final coaster. Premier did end up making a concept that was shown at IAAPA 2010. Apparently the coaster was sold to a park in Abu Dhabi, but have yet to see it appear. http://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/photo.php?pageid=189&linkid=9775&pageno=5



    Thank you for sharing that information. That would have added a great element to that ride. Shame it did not make it to the final round in America!

  2. Some people have mentioned it, but city museum is a must add.


    It will be crowed for Memorial Day, but just to add reassurance you will be able to ride every coaster in the day.


    Finally take the other advise and explore downtown of STL.


    There are many hidden gems (depending what you want). Forest park area is one of my favorite places.


    I am a fan of our zoo, it is FREE!:) along with science center and other museums.

  3. If you are willing and/or have done a theme park trip completely by yourself (especially one that requires you to drive at least 3 hours).



    Last Year I went to Cedar Point Opening day - 10 hours, by myself


    This year I am going to Kings Island - 9 1/2 hours by myself


    I might add that you might be a coaster nerd if you decide not get a hotel but sleep in your car in the park's parking lot (yes security allowed me to do this, I got in around 3am at Cedar Point for Opening day 2013)

  4. Crazy idea(s): since we now have a 500+ coaster. Lets to a 700+ foot


    A 145° drop on a coaster that leads into the ground before getting back to 90°




    A coaster that all you see is the lift hill and the rest is underground. - seems like a fun idea


    Does anyone know if there is a coaster that 3+ corkscrews in a row??

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