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  1. I feel like everyone is just giving up on Valleyfair. Like just because we didn't get a huge expansion, people are automatically inferring that this means we won't be getting growth or a B&M. It makes me kinda sad.


    Well don't count me as one of those people. A big expansion will eventually happen, this is a great park that can successfully grow. Time will deliver. I am super excited to see an expansion to the water park! That is big for me!:)

  2. I am starting to get sick and tired of reading all of the complaints about these parks that put something new in. No matter what no one (as it seems) is happy.


    If you all hate the addition so much, build your own amusement park, with exactly what you want.


    I for one love this addition. Would it be could to see a large addition, sure. However, we got a much needed addition and it looks awesome!!

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