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  1. Good evening everyone, 

    I don't know if this will be possible, but here is the story:

    I got a coaster mania ticket! Was super excited to be able to finally go this year. however, my work has just planned a work conference that weekend that I can't miss. If it is possible to switch the ticket to a different name, would any of you be able to use an extra ticket? Send me a DM and we can talk about it there. I would still need to call the park to see if this is possible.

    Thank you.

  2. Off topic post.


    This will be my first year to be able to go to halloweekends in September. How are the crowds compared to October? Comparable, lighter? Thank you in advance!!


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    Just as a general rule of thumb, the earlier in Halloweekends you go, the lighter the crowds will be excluding Saturdays. The first two Fridays and Sundays of Halloweekends are the emptiest you'll see the park all year.


    Awesome. Thank you for that info. I am planing for the second weekend of halloweekends. Looking forward to not being insanely busy for Halloween.


    Now we can go back on topic.





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  3. Do we usually know by now when Cedar Fair parks are making 2019 announcements? Didn’t they do them on National Roller Coaster Day last year, which is 4 days away?


    Cedar Fair typically doesn’t do them all on the same day, Like SF. They are spread out through now until next year (sometimes). But you are correct in saying a lot of them happened on NRCD last year.



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  4. Yeah, I guess you have a point with CP...KD is definitely a solid 2nd place though.


    One more thing, not sure if it has been reported or not...But the singing mushrooms are broke. Pretty sure that's bigger news than the fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo.


    The singing mushrooms are fixed! Just watched them! Now we can get back to the fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo.



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  5. This is probably a totally stupid thing to mention - considering I have no idea how well it’s working with guests in the park at all. But I’d assume with the new phone policy, they’re going to remove the Steel Vengeance AR boards? You know, those billboards throughout the queue that really only serve the purpose of being for Augmented Reality? They basically encourage cell phone usage in line, I can’t imagine they’d stay after this new rule has been put in place. Which to my understanding of the battle for Cedar Point app would mean that they should just remove “Team Steel Vengeance” altogether. Again - totally not super important but it is a small detail that I’m not sure anyone thought about


    I would imagine that this is a temporary “fix” to the problem until the park feels they find a better solution.



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  6. Escape from Pompeii Caught fire tonight at busch gardens. Its reported as a total loss.

    Really? Because here it's being reported as a "small roof fire" https://wtkr.com/2018/07/21/small-fire-breaks-out-at-busch-gardens/


    Also, you're banned for spreading "fake news."


    I can confirm this that it was a small roof fire.


    Thank you for banning such idiots that spread this crap. Even if you were near the ride, you wouldn’t have been able to tell.



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  7. At a Disney park, the single rider line is woven seamlessly into the organic operations of the rides that include them....


    Two people, row number one.

    Four people, two on row two, two on row three.

    Five people, two on row four, two on row five, one on row six, single rider, row six

    Two people, row number seven

    Three people, two on row eight, one on row nine, single rider row nine...


    And it happens just as quickly and easily as that. Most other parks do not have the operational capacity or organization of the queue to be able to handle this. It takes a well-oiled machine to successfully operate single rider lines and outside of Disney, it is often not done to a satisfactory level.


    Woah. That is very efficient. A way different experience then other parks. I would say that is a major reason they have since disappeared from other parks. It is a shame that they have since disappeared but that makes sense. It was an issue that had many problems, one of them being the operational capacity.


    That was a different way to look at that situation. Thank you for sharing.



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  8. I think I said my opinion in the wrong way on the last page, *I would never actually bring a phone on a ride*, I am simply saying some idiots who are daring enough will just see the fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo cost as an extra fee and they will feel like they don’t need to and will just bring it on. If the fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo were free, or the people were more well-informed about how low the cost really is, more people will rent them and not be stupid enough to bring phones on the ride. I honestly agree that it is good that they are at least trying to avoid another massive incident over some idiot wandering over fences to get their phones, but there has to be a better method. Even having small pouches on the train like at Disney could be a good move, just make it zip up. The issue is the inconsistency over how some rides allow it and some don’t. They need to do an all or none policy, as I have seen many GP putting phones in fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo to ride Iron Dragon. I agree that it is nice without the bins to keep the lines moving, but they need to advertise their low prices for the fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo. I will never bring my phone in a ride, I simply don’t trust myself enough, but some GP view fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo at CP as the same price as a ticket, even though it is far from that. I think the park needs to be more consistent with phone policies and educate the GP a little more and it could be a great system.


    I 100% agree to this. I feel that most of the problem stems from the “take a pic or it didn’t happen” mentality and for that I fully support the taking of cellphones away.


    This reminds me about the single rider line days. I feel they stopped existing was mainly because people abused the system. And that caused it to be removed (also other factors played a roll, just stating one factor).


    It would suck if a person can’t have secured pockets HOWEVEr, whatever the park states is what the park states and fully support. I just want to know how will they handle that. Will it be a flat out ban or will it be like the sunglasses strap and have employees visually see if they are strapped or not.




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  9. Haha!


    I'm working on the first installment right now, and I'll definitely do a Tajah riding something with every post because it's fun to play with that kind of thing in Photoshop.


    YESSSSSSSS!!! Day made!


    Also I am loving how there are two different conversations happening in this forum. 1 about cats and the other....well not about cats!



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  10. Btw can we keep the cat photos and this conversation going for sometime?


    Tajah will be pleased that you like her as much as CP, I, on the other hand, sort of like CP talk!


    Interesting that they're working on SV, it would be amazing if they're able to get all three cars running before the end of the season.


    Noted. How about editing your cat into Cedar Point photos?


    I really do hope this means that three trains is happening soon, but maybe they’re working on something else. I don’t know what it is but at least they’re working on it which is always positive.



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  11. For all we know, this is very likely fine (we’re not coaster engineers) but Coasters receiving additional bracing after opening is a ridiculously common occurance (wood or steel).


    Hell, the Knoebels Twister got it THIS YEAR after being open for decades, Lost Gravity got it, Wicked Twister got it, this happens all the time and isn’t a big deal.


    Edit: Hey, that rhymes...


    CoasterBill this is why I enjoy your posts. I get tired of people jumping to extreme conclusions (just like the train issue) and thinking they have engineering degrees. Like you said, all we know it is fine and like you said it is not uncommon to see additional supports after it opens.





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  12. Just saw a video on Instagram of Steel Vengeance's Mid Course this morning. It's trimming trains HARD. Obviously it's difficult to tell how much airtime you'll get from an off ride video, but it doesn't look like you get any airtime on the drop off the Mid Course. I hope this isn't permanent, if it is then there you'll have to specify if you rode SV "before trim" or "after trim"


    If you want to see the video for youself, it's on @cp.ki.obsession's story on instagram.


    Seeing that video, there is a noticeable change to when I rode it. But it doesn’t look to be as extreme as I thought. If anyone can speak about the second half, that would be awesome.



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    Also, noticed that they have water dummies on a second train on the transfer track. Hopefully that means soon they will have multiple train op.







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    It was like that on Sunday too.


    Well....darn. I was trying to be hopeful!



    Hopefully rmc will get this fix and for the future they will have everything smoothed out.



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  14. Word is that RMC trucks rolled in overnight and were testing multiple trains... 2 or possibly 3. Also heard that they were testing the harshness of the brakes. Does anyone have confirmation or more details on this?



    I will be at the park this morning. If I see anything I will let you all know about any changes or information.


    Update: SV is closed for early entry. Magnum is opening for early entry. Hopefully it will open later today.


    Update 2: They got it open for early entry.


    Also, noticed that they have water dummies on a second train on the transfer track. Hopefully that means soon they will have multiple train op.


    Ps. I don’t know why the last two post happened. This forum’s app is not working properly. My apologies





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