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  1. I've decided that if this thing is going to be a flyer, I want it to sort of be like this.



    That looks really good. The double inversions look awesome.

    I always thought the pretzel loop was one of the most intense features to experience on any coaster -- I have always been confused why they only put one in the layout. I understand the importance of pacing, but on a ride like Tatsu you could have one early and late in the layout.


    In any event, this shows that flyers can be more intense.

    I still don't think Holiday World will go this way with their coaster.



    I got to agree that made me rethink flyers. I have never had good experiences on them , however that looks amazing.


    Something like this needs to comes to the states!!

  2. I could not find a non musical thread but I wanted to share:


    If you live in Chillicothe, Ohio area or traveling through, come see Tecumseh! The epic outdoor drama! I am in it and would love to meet some TPR members!!

  3. Six flags great America has a good solution to the problem.


    This it what they were doing on sunday.



    I feel that this would be an amazing idea. if there was some what to insure that the paper did not get destroyed. Then again the guest should know you can't board an airplane with out your paper ticket, the same with the roller coaster.

  4. Marketing is a beautiful thing. Hence why I decided to earn a Bachelor Degree in Marketing. Cedar Point's tweet did exactly what they wanted it to do; make all of you talk about Cedar Point on social media and get the park some cheap exposure. Absolutely brilliant idea! Probably for some short period of time a coaster will take on the nickname "King James," but Cedar Point isn't stupid enough to permanently rename and re-theme a ride to feed the ego of a famous athlete.


    -Signed a Cleveland Sports Fan



    You have a great point! It amazing me how much buzz this has created! The best thing in the world: it was free! I am starting to wish that I go a marketing degree!

  5. The question is why is attendance down?


    I have been thinking about this since the question has been brought up.


    Here are my thoughts:


    1) weather


    2) family deciding to take one big family trip to somewhere "special" that has everything. From resorts, night life, show, rides. Something like Florida.


    3) the additions this year were great, but Cedar Point may be fighting against universal right now with the addition of Harry Potter. It may be a stretch to say that but if I was a family and had to choose, frankly I would say Universal vs. CP this year.


    Hopefully this summer picked up for them. Does anybody know how low percentage it is down?

  6. 1. Just because a tree branch fell on Ninja why do you think it would be the end of the ride? This could happen to any coaster that has trees around it and if it did does that then mean it's the end of that ride? Why would people say this?


    2. So is the park now closed or just the back half?


    3. ^Earthquake yesterday... hmm... could have something to do with it.


    For what I know the park is still open.

  7. So it would appear that Jason McClure gave a little teaser as to what next year's new ride is going to be:




    Do you think this would rule out the Dark Ride thing? Considering those are made more for families if I understand correctly (please correct me if I'm wrong). And I also don't really think a Dark Ride would be aimed towards "thrillsters" but again, I could be wrong. If I were to take a guess, I'd say its something along the lines of MaXair or SkyHawk. Both pretty awesome, huge thrill rides that offer great views, lots o' airtime, and they look stunning! (Especially when both arms work )



    To place my thoughts into this 2015 debate. As much as I would like to see a new amazing roller coaster that breaks all records or offers something very special. I have to think the way that the article was worded would point to something big but not a large scale coaster. Maybe a small foot print or a state of the art dark ride. When they used the word teenagers that took it away from the large coaster factor for me. Just my thought. I would like to see something special and unique.

  8. If it rains, the policy is horribly inconsistent. Raptor and Dragster will close, Mantis will stay open. Any other coaster is subject to be open or closed with complete disregard for how hard it's raining, the braking system of the ride, the speed of the ride, what the rain policy was 5 minutes prior or anything that a normal person would consider logical.

    This. Even though I don't pay much attention to rain policy, this is hilarious.



    On another note, remember this video? Considering all the hate Gatekeeper gets, I figured that you'll like this video of its often-ignored predecessor. This has been here before, but it's a great video.





    This video was really cool, never seen it before. Thank you for reposting it!:) I do miss that ride. I hope that we can get another observation tower ride. I know some consider Windseeker one, but I would love to see a true observation tower..maybe a 400' one with a restaurant at the top:)

  9. . They would not allow anyone to wait for the front seat. You had to get it by luck. I have never experienced this in 5 years. Even if you ask, you can have the front. My friends hadn't visited since 2009 and we were forced, with attitude that "NO, you're not going in row 1, you're GOING to ROW 4!" I was shocked.

    That's pretty annoying. They do this at Portaventura (one of the only parks I've been to where they do) and I find it quite frustrating as there doesn't seem to be a big difference in terms of dispatch times.



    This is m biggest argument against amusement parks. We paid X amount of dollars to get to the park, let us choose our seat. I like how they are trying to keep the station clear, but common I should get to choose my seat!!

  10. SFSTL is definitely having a rough year, attendance is WAY down! Weather has played a small role in this, but not as much as you would think. It makes me SO SAD to see this park the way it sits now. Back in the late 70's thru the 80"s, SFSTL was one of the top parks in the country, not including the Disney chain. SFSTL was ranked top in cleanliness, most beautiful, and friendliness IN THE USA!!! Crowds then were 2,000,000+ a year.... think about that compared to now where the park sits around 1.3 million guests a year and its practically doubled in size Then, SFSTL had half of what it is now... half the coasters, half the rides and half of itself because there was no water park. In the mid 90's, the era of neglect hit this beautiful park, less TLC, less additions, less of everything while parks everywhere else started building bigger and started thinking outside the box. I just don't get how this all happened. Just think if 25 years ago, parks like SFGAM or KI would have been neglected like us. If SFSTL would have continued to add and grow... and I mean with ORIGINAL coasters, NOT CLONES, we would still be sitting pretty high, and having crowds that SFGAM or KI sees, if not more. If you look at SFOT and SFOG, the 2 other ORIGINAL Six Flags parks, do they look like they are in shambles..... NO, so why is SFSTL!!!???



    You bring up some great points! I told my boss when I worked there, at the end of the year, that I feel there needs to be some tlc to the park and parking lot! This is what turns me away from the park. The lack of love. Why so much blacktop??

  11. This is probably just speculation or routine maintenance, but there are a few markings near the front of the park.



    I was with Cedar Point News when he took this picture, so I can confirm that there are many markings like this in that area. They are all around the Point Pavilion, Raptor's exit, and the area near Raptor's photo booth and restrooms. They seem pretty frequent and spread out for just typical maintenance, but I guess only time will tell if these markings turn out to be something more.


    Let the speculation begin. I don't know what to "hope" for. I think I am more excited to see what "new experience" cp can offer me!

  12. I was just looking at that too. Wicked Twister isn't even running and it usually runs in the rain. So does Gatekeeper if it's not windy (which it's not).


    I love that Windseeker and Skyride are running though, that just proves that this little rain storm is a complete non event since they close for everything weather related.


    can someone give me insight why CP has installed this crazy rain policy?? I understand the wind policy, but this hard of a rain policy is crazy, from what I hear.

  13. Almost every ride was a walk-on today. Got on every major ride multiple times.


    I didn't ride Tsunami Soaker, but I shot people on the ride with the water cannons on the sidewalk. I thought the attraction looked very nice, and I think the wharf theme blends in well to the surrounding area (I'm guessing most of the props on the control building came from Hurricane Harbor).


    Boss is running absolutely horrible this season. The helix looks like it received some fresh wood though. I hope Iron Boss is coming soon, but I don't think next year will be the year.



    I agree The Boss is absolutely horrible this year...that used to be my favorite coaster at the park.


    NOOOOO!!!! Don't tell me that! I love the Boss! I hope that changes next year! It needs some love!

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