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  1. Want to make sure this is posted here too...


    Help keep our Cedar Point Coasting for Kids Team in the top spot! Who can help them out? http://support.gktw.org/site/TR/CoastingForKids/General?team_id=1682&pg=team&fr_id=1233


    Donate $25 and get any two TPR Roller Coasters in the RAW DVDs or any one Blu-Ray! This is a GREAT CAUSE and will really help our team support Give Kids The World!


    Email robbalvey@themeparkreview.com once you've donated! (Applies only to donations made after this update has been posted!)




    Robb- will this deal go all the way to Saturday night??


    Also I wanted to send a huge thank you to everyone who recently donated! I am still in awe and could not thank you enough!! Formal thank you(s) and match donation to happen soon!:)



    Daniel Sukup

  2. Ok, so don't know if anyone has had STEEL RESERVE.


    I was watch a YouTube video of a wine expert was tasting very cheap beers. Long story short she ranked this one her favorite out of the 6/7 she tried.


    I finally found it, it was $1.19 for the 24oz can. It was very good for that cheap of beer.


    That was the last beer I drank. I am usually not a cheap beer drinker, love my imports and micro brews, but had to go out of my way to try.


    As far as malt liquor goes, 211 isn't abysmal. It's certainly bad, but I'd absolutely take it over something like King Cobra or St. Ides, both of which are absolutely hideous.



    Oh I 100% agree with you. The taste of 211 was not abysmal at all, but it is bad. In terms of having it over a King Cobra or a St. Ides that is a given. I can't stand them either. I would even state that I would rather have a 211 rather then any bud. Can't stand bud.

  3. It would be very interesting to see what RMC could do to The Beast. I just don't know if it would be "ethical" to do so. It is such a classic. I am starting to believe that other parks are not making the "world's longest wooden coaster" not because of money, but because of The Beast being such a legend. I would love to see RMC come to KI do their thing and continue the story line that is slowly developing with The Beast, SOB, and Banshee. I really hope that KI does a full out story line for these rides. I don't know but it would be really interesting for them to do so.


    I am loving Nickelodeon right now because they are starting to do "backstories" to a few of their shows by bringing in past shows to make the back story extremely deep.

  4. I think it just bugs me how one of the categories is "inversions" and people will give it a 10 on some coasters even though they have no inversions. It's just little things like that that big me. I also don't like how they seem to spend too much time on the people riding the coaster then the actual coaster.


    This is the main reason I don't watch the show. I am sick of "reality" shows. This is why the focus on the people rather then the coaster. The people will say anything to have their "5 minutes" of fame! I will stick to my own thoughts and youtube videos. I just wish there was a tv show that features the coaster a lot more then the people.

  5. I just saw this elevator everyone is talking about. I really like it. Over I, after seeing these images of the midway, super excited to see the changes. Love the new food options. As for Tony being funny or not on that twitter picture I am praying for a new, world record breaker, smoothest, paving of a parking lot ever!! Lol. I can only imagine that marking is for Matintance.

  6. I will admit that I am so glad they took our that old ride and replaced with this. Area is looking really nice!!


    The area will look even nicer when everything is done. The facades in the area are going to be redone and some of the old barrels will be added to the area. With the ride being done the work on the area should begin soon.


    That is exciting to hear. Can't wait. When is projected opening??

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