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  1. It was cool watching it, they had the Royal crap, then the 3 female murders, then Michael Jackson, and finally Robb Alvey! BEST COMMENT EVER!!! P.S. Fantastic interview Robb.Six Flags should pay you for your reassurance on the safety of there roller coasters.
  2. Did you hear about the Shoot the Rapids boat flipping? What an awful day in the theme park community.
  3. That's amazing!Thanks for the info and great pictures.
  4. I think the Lava Monster is the most impressive and realistic Audio-Animotronic creature Disney has created. P.S. Thank you so much for the pictures.
  5. I wonder how many trucks it takes to move the MACK log flume from fair to fair?
  6. I apologize if this has gotten redundant, but thank you so much for the Dodonpa POV.
  7. We were told by staff when we visited in early March that the mine train will be refurbished next. That's great!Thanks for the info.
  8. Thanks for the post.The rides look fantastic, especially Timber Mountain.Hopefully they will refurbish the mine train powered gravity coaster next.And of course get the giga.
  9. Well in the television ad there was a scene that looked just like the washing machine element.
  10. The ride looks great and the theme is so creative, but where is the "washing machine" world's first element? P.S. Thanks so much for the pictures.
  11. The theme song sounded just like the studio recorded version?LIP SYNCING!!!
  12. While the B&M hypers are good, enjoyable rides, I wouldn't say they were the "coolest" rides ever. I guess your right.I was thinking greatest rather than coolest.
  13. No Apollo's Chariot or B and M hyper? Nonetheless I think the list is great,besides the fact that I don't have a single credit of those 16.
  14. Thanks,I was wondering If they would incorporate the former Jaws site.
  15. I wonder if they will re-theme any of USF's current attractions for Diagon Alley like they did at IOA.I hope so.
  16. I love the theming.It looks to me like a larger version of Jet Rescue at Sea World.
  17. I think the layout could be a little better but it looks really nice.
  18. The butterfly looks like a mutated sea serpent roll.I hope you've recovered Robb. No crap for me.
  19. I'm not sure what you mean - that was me filming this coaster. I apologize,the first time I saw it I didn't recognize your voice but now I hear it. P.S. Great video!
  20. Judging by the ''Whees'' somebody's been hanging around with Robb.
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