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  1. Thank you both! I will be there “only” for 3 full days because we are arriving late at night on the first night. I so think that it should be enough time for everything with FLP though. I will not be going to the waterpark. Sounds like staff at Breakers is awesome so I’m sure it will be great.
  2. Next month will be my first visit to CP and I’m staying in Breakers hotel for 4 nights and I bought tickets for the park + Fast Lane Plus in the hotel package. My question is how is the process of getting the actual tickets and Fast Lane Plus wristbands? Do you go to the hotel front desk in the morning to receive your ticket and FLP wristband? Do you have to do this every morning? Is there usually a line for this? I have no idea of how this process is going to be and I would appreciate it a lot if someone could explain it. Thanks!
  3. Gardaland has 4 OK coasters (Oblivion, Raptor, Blue Tornado, Mammut), Mirabilandia has 3 awesome coasters (iSpeed, Katun, Divertical). I think that Gardaland's coasters can't really compare to those in Mirabilandia really. They are great themed but that's it, except maybe Oblivion where the first drop is amazing but that's it, there isn't much of a ride after the drop. iSpeed and Katun are fast, forcefull, fun and all the way great coasters, and Divertical is one hell of a fun ride. Both parks have also smaller coasters that aren't much really. Gardaland has a great themed Jungle Rapids ride (Mirtabilandia also has one but not that great themed) and an awesome underground Disney style boat ride. You can have much more fun in Mirabilandia during hot days because you are soaking wet on water attraction whereas in Gardaland you don't get wet really and there isn't a lot of trees you can hide and chill under. If you are looking for adrenaline and fun I would definitely suggest Mirabilandia!
  4. http://www.irishmirror.ie/news/world-news/alton-towers-air-rollercoaster-breaks-5985495 "Air rollercoaster breaks down leaving dozens stranded hanging face down in midair" (Just stuck on a lift hill, how awful). Ok, the whole article is making a big, big, BIG deal out of this again. It's not good press for Alton Towers right now. It reads very awful, but what alse did I expect.
  5. http://youtu.be/b0Bu81PlKmw the whole channel is posting your videos
  6. I changed my mind after seriously thinking about what you guys wrote. I agree, changing the name (and the theme) is probably the best option.
  7. But do you think that changing the name and theme of the smiler will be good for the ride/park? I think that they will get shit by news stations for changing the name and "trying to mislead the visitors" and this kind of crap and they will lose even more visitors. On the other hand, if people forget about it, it could be OK. They might have plans for a different theme already though.
  8. I'm just waiting for Kay Burle to go there and throw some screws under a coaster and then make a big story about it. Sadly I think she would actually be able to do this.
  9. No, the queues are up to 100minutes because of the one trail policy. This is the post from Gardaland Fan Page which translates to (Google Translate):
  10. Blue Tornado, Magic Mountain and Mammoth (all Vekoma rides) are all currently running with only one train on the track. Maybe it has something to do with the accident on Smiler at Alton Towers.
  11. French fries. Would you rather ride your favourite coaster faced forwards or backwards for the rest of it's life?
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