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  1. Hey VF fans i found a real treat, a pov on Excalibur from 1999 with pure Arrow Track but alas no insane bunny hill... Regardless check out the authors channel he has a huge collection of coasters from around the world with many defunct rides from the 90s!
  2. Yes the station is the same station used by Z-Force and Iron Wolf, the park president did say some modifications would be made to accomadte the train design as it previously catered to four across Intamin trains.
  3. ^^That ll what happens when you go on a spinning mouse if you have a FEVER and the only prescription is more COWbell.
  4. I am sorry i just saw this and its totally of topic but this must be seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LF0IhyAasWw
  5. Taking the total wood track from KI minus the total SFGAM track there's a difference of... Taking the total wood track from KI minus the total SFGAM track there's a difference of... Taking the total wood track from KI minus the total SFGAM track there's a difference of... Taking the total wood track from KI minus the total SFGAM track there's a difference of... Ok so after a little math the truth is in the pudding. If SFGAM wanted to they could claim a fourth record. Six flags Great Americas total track length with Goliath. Kings Islands current track length minus SOB Holiday Worlds total track length of there Woodies as reference for a park with comparable numbers. ^^^^^^^Looks like the media agrees with you Robb.
  6. So if you count Goliath as being a wood coaster we now have 4 (American Eagle Blue/Red Viper Little Dipper) does that put the park in contention for the Kings island record of most wooden track length in one park?
  7. God as if i needed another reason to hate this park removal of the neglected racer coaster is certainly the ticket. Read about the park on its fantastic non official fan page Greatadventurehistory.Com the history of this park is really quite sad how much has been taken out over the years and huge expansions only to fail to low staffing wtf is that cheap bastards. O well now there's only Collusus and American Eagle as the remaining racing woodies, but watch in 2017 #YOLOSWAGTASTICOASTER Collusus will get some RMC makeover I'm sure. I can't beleive I'm saying this but why not take a page from cedar fairs book and see how there 3 racing woodies are getting some love even the neglected ones not just KIs racer.
  8. Could this be from Kentucky kingdom they had a Vekoma ride like this called the quake removed a few years before alSF pulled out.
  9. Rolling thunders removal and whatever the stupid name is for the triple drop tower. You never tear down a racing woodie or mine train thats a cardinal sin in my book, as if great adventure needs any more defunct rides they must be record holders for ride removals.
  10. The American Eagle at SFGAM I don't get it what's the whole it's uncomfortably rough argument coming from i think it has a great feel to it a really sweet vibration at the bottom of the first drop and fun shaking in the big helix.The nice floater over the whole first drop and the two hills to follow, not to mention the ejector air at the exit to the Super helix fantastic. Maybe I'm just crazy i couldn't get enough of it the last time I was there I rode the AE 6 times that's with going all the way back to the entrance and then back to the station which is a hike! The Demon also at SFGAM okay this could be a bad ride for kids or really tall or odd body dimension people, but for me all that I need to do to ensure a fun ride is brace in the corkscrew entrance which is pretty terrible to be frank. But I don't care about that the ride is a great change from the lightning fast loops on Batman and the awesome theme song, rocks, tunnels, and train paint jobs just make the ride special. The last time at SFGAM I managed 5 total rides all in the black train across the day with a wait no longer then 5 minutes. This was so close to being a good shot if only I wasn't being blinded.
  11. B&M and wood coasters don't be absurd! The only thing they've ever made with a wood coaster was Psyclones trains and those were basically oversized PTCS.
  12. Why did Vekoma bother with dual station? I think an arrangement like millennium forces unload stop and then into the station is less complicated and works very well with a good crew. Come to think of it why do the Intamin rocket coasters use the more complicated arrangement which i hear is not used anymore on Kingda Ka (because it sucks) but Top Thrill Dragster still does...
  13. I wonder what the size of the trains are gonna be, iron wolf had a pretty short station. (the Intamin trains being 4 across saw to that) Are there any wooden coasters with 4 across ever? Stupid question I know but you never know nowadays.
  14. Opening year Texas Giant SFOT Shockwave SFGAM Hercules Dorney Drachen fire BGW Mean Streak CP and Orient Express WOF. My reasons why are simple all these rides were titans of their time and most were rated very highly for a few years but eventually became the most loathed rides in there individual parks.
  15. Have you ever seen the Demon? at six flags great america have you ever heard him scream? Is the Demon what he seems? Or just a bad bad dream. Your gonna find...Your gonna find OUT, about the Demon.
  16. Mr six statue is pointing at an X souvenir hat... look on top of the TV at 1 minute.
  17. The sounds this ride makes when slamming into turns "Shudders" i cant imagine the wear on trains and structure.
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