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  1. ^when was the waterfall turned off? The pool is still there and the cut out for the falls are still open and visible. A nice clear shot of the Wa Wa in question SFGAMs water fall in action Entering the screw view of the pool from the waterfall 2001 2013 view
  2. Wow i never knew that the demons track was submerged like the Matterhorn amazing. at around 1:28 the whole track is under water that makes a connection to the shock wave SFGAM wiki page saying a segment of track was re fabricated to fix a corroding track piece...
  3. Any update on rolling thunders demolition status? I know it's not easy to see like GASM was but I haven't heard or seen anything.
  4. California's great america still has their auto ride under the original name to boot Barney Old Filed raceway I believe. But unless they need new cars or something which shouldn't be an issue there's no point, I really am starting to wonder why were receiving this ride Yet Another Goliath. I just would rather see something that fit the theme or was in Yukon Territory as the only attractions are camp cartoon or whatever it's called loggers run and Little Dipper kinda. Look at county fairs attractions American Eagle ok it's got the whole USA thing going its a woodie that fits the theme well enough. Demon and Turn of the Century I mean its just like eagle for TOTC vague but still a part of county fair Demon no it's got it's own theme if the park would ever restore it fully. Buccaneer battle no just no I understand the need for something in De lay ja vus spot but from my experience its the least popular water ride. Revolution fits the bill of a fair ride themed to Americana works. X-Flight I mean not really unless county fair is like kings island with X-Base shooting of from Coney Mall but on a smaller scale. And apparently fiddlers fling which is not themed at all but it's the generic tilt a whirl, Dare Devil Dive nothing to say there. Well that wasn't as bad as I was expecting i couldn't poke as many holes in themeing good job County Fair
  5. The cars as of this picture dated 2012 parked on a stretch of concrete by dare devil dive.
  6. ^ to amend the theater i say Maybe yank DK slap In a dark ride of some sort probably a shooting one. And while your at it put some flyers in rajun Cajuns spot I hear those are all the rage. ; ) As long as condor is here i don't think SFGAM will get a star flyer and that's a good thing. Condors more unique higher capacity and we have another tower ride as well Sky Trek Shockwave across the lake Stick that I your avatar pic and smoke it i know I do And a nice corckscrew shot that I beleive was used for promotional things. Park map from 2001 ish
  7. ^unfortunately no I just hunted through the google search results to find good pictures on forgotten web pages turns out with some great stuff. Ill post some better ones later on my computer, for now enjoy the silly pic below Sounds like someone doesn't know what Stick Puck is, up in Nova Scotia ok enough with streotypical Canadians. And a decent quality shot.
  8. The park said they will reuse the station but with modifications required.
  9. You people enjoyed the dog-picture maybe youll like the snowy valley of coaster track. Two trains in this shot would make it the greatest picture ever...
  10. Sorry but the tone of my comment is not supposed to be taken seriously its just a joke. so laugh
  11. You've never heard of that? its basically like calling someone out on something and saying GOT EM afterwards.
  12. Has the track itself on Matterhorn ever been replaced across the whole ride? If not the original track would be 54 years old!
  13. ^What in your opinion sucked about Eagle Blue? it was backwards when your were at the park right, just curious. ....
  14. You disappoint me i was expecting more hate for Ghost rider staying with enthusiast tradition. GOT EM
  15. Not a record breaking marathon but given the circumstances remarkable, i managed 10 times total on Blue and Red sides of American Eagle. As you probably know its a hike to AE and having the same path for entering and exiting means an equal distance to and fro of about half a mile. The ride just struck a chord with me as the ride I enjoyed the most that day which justified spending an hour on the ride. During the many laps I saw most people hop the bars to save time. I refrained from doing this as its against park rules and I didn't mind the walks to much. Yeah it's a bit out of the way very RCT pathing That's a sweet sight for me
  16. The Deja Vus especcialy at Six Flags Great America for removing the fantastic Sky Whirl no matter how costly it was to maintain that's in the category of rides you don't remove. Right up their with racing wooden coasters I'm talking to you great adventure you suck.
  17. Expect this topic to be locked in minutes but ill say worst ride experience was Batman Backwards. Why you ask it had pretty bad head banging that even the Demon failed to match and batman usually doesn't even touch my head forwards.
  18. ^^I totally agree the elements are kinda gimmicky but have some merit to them. Really my problem is that we should t have received this ride I mean I love to get new stuff but three years and 2 major coaster and leaving other parks scraps ain't right.
  19. My two choices American Eagle And Raging Bull for being the best views at the park. Raging bulls is nice the huge car park shockwave and viper. I just love the straight out and back racer views seeing the layout ahead.
  20. ^Why do you say that I can see the wings being nessecsary due to clearance issues, but the headrest are pointless on all woodies nobody puts there head back unless you wanna get smacked. I hate to say this but I kinda like the look of the wing headrest combo it's just such a distinctive train design even if its unnesecary. Nice clean 2 bench PTCs All safety mods added
  21. Plus even after 32 years American Eagle is still the fastest,longest and tallest racing coaster in the world. Not to mention its the fifth fastest wooden rollercoaster right up there with its young hip grand son El Toro also by Intamin! To end this post random pictures yay. And a failed shot due to unfortunate skycoaster placement Blue side helix of shuffles That's how you tease a ride no 5 part video lay it all out on the table... Err banner.
  22. I think theirs no chance of that happening for a long time if ever, i wouldn't be against topper track in the helix's if it meant brake less rides could be the standard. Of course a synchronized lift hill and way to determine a winner of the race would be great Ala lightning racer, of course that is asking WAY to much...
  23. He yo CGA fans i got a sweet little video for you, Tidal Wave back in 1996 and 2002 posted by psylconesteve who has many retro USA and English videos from the 1990s. once again i cant post directly to the forums i dont know what im doing wrong, i highlight and click youtube at far right.
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