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  1. I don't like your layout, because of an overkill of zero-g-rolls/inline-twists, but I do like your pretzel!
  2. Ok, i'll make some fake-hills later as a part of theming or something like that.
  3. I don'y know what type of Landscape, it's just a wood in the Netherlands.... In the netherlands it's almost everywhere flat, as far as you can see. No hills or mountains. So the landscape is realistic.
  4. I don't get a disney-feeling if I see your pics. Your roofs are full of holes, and some of your coasters aren't realistisc. I know you don't use custom objects, but why don't you download some?
  5. Thanks for all those enthousiast replies! 1986 We have because of all the large rides we opened the last few years twice as much guests as we had in 1980. This is the reason that we have the money to open a new big ride again. This year we opened our new Log Flume, Quest. He's heavily themed in Medieval style, and already very popular. On the screens you'll see that there also opened a Restaurant and a Toilet-building. Overview of the whole area Park map: All replies are welcome, positive or negative.
  6. Many years ago a park called Naturepark Hardermeer opened. Now that park has grown to one of the Netherlands biggest parks. We live in 1985 and we're going to follow the expansions for the next 20 years. 1985 This is the Entrance with a square behind it. Another entrance for people who come there by bus. This is a piece of the small Mainstreet. The Enterprise and the Restaurant are facing towards eachother. Next to the Resaturant there is a mine-village themed square, with a Mack Powered(Saw) and a flatride. Next to the square there is a restaurant and a Ferris Wheel. If you go left after the Entrance, you'll arrive in a nice Kiddy area, with 3 flatrides and a Restaurant. If you go right after the Entrance, you'll reach the second coaster(Vekoma Corkscrew with Bayerncurve) after a walk. The name is Corkscrew and in front of it there is a square with a huge bottle (Corkscrew! ). There is also a shop where you can buy light alcoholic drinks. If you go right on the Mine-village square, there is the thirth coaster, a Schwarzkopf Jet Star. Further on there is a Watercycle-hire and a restaurant. This is the park office. Aerial view of the park: Tomorrow I'll post 1986!
  7. They're testing the Splash! I loooovvvveeeeeeeeee this coaster....
  8. Hmm... Your woodie needs more supports on the side, you waterfall needs a source, where does the water come from? The mechanical mouse (that type of coaster also isn't build since 1958!), is a bit large for an indoor coaster, lower the roof and don't use steel for it. It doesn't look realistic....
  9. Are you crazy? El condor is the most painfull coaster I have ever done! If I were able to buy one, it would be something like AIR.....
  10. Hi all, My name is Liam, I'm 14 years old and I love Rollercoasters (started with the local fairs) since I'm three years old. My favorite Rollercoaster is Air, and my favorite park is Alton Towers! I play RCT2 a lot, so you will see some nice parks of me in the future! edit anno 2010: I hate 14-year-old me.
  11. New pictures: Entrance: http://www.eftelist.nl/dvh/fotos/210106pers/entree.jpg 45 degrees lifthill: http://www.eftelist.nl/dvh/fotos/210106pers/lifthill2.jpg Horshoe: http://www.eftelist.nl/dvh/fotos/210106pers/hoefijzer.jpg (bigger than it looks, the fences on the background are two meters high!) A piece of the Queue line: http://www.eftelist.nl/dvh/fotos/210106pers/smokkelgang.jpg Outside: http://www.tpv.be/Data/Attractie/3288/pic4_big.jpg Station: http://www.tpv.be/Data/Attractie/3288/pic5_big.jpg Station: http://www.tpv.be/Data/Attractie/3288/pic6_big.jpg
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