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  1. Hey TPR, here's a park I made for NewElement's H2H (Head to Head) contest. I built this with Pacificoaster (registered here I think?) and Sulakke. Note the map's shape. If you don't get it, check the coaster's names in game. Shit a brick. (Poo-poo? That's ridiculous. You know what I mean.) Enjoy. Download
  2. Why aren't you advertising this at NE? It's looking pretty good man!
  3. I advise everyone who feels slightly intimidated by feedback and RCT-related attitude on NE to take it with a grain of salt, don't let it discourage you to post or sign up at NE. I know everyone is more than welcome on NE, regardless of how good your skills are. You're referring to me. Every time I release a park I post it on this forum too; however I don't see the point of uploading the parks on this site as well as it's easier to have it just at one place and post the link; the download is open for everyone anyway. It has got nothing do with not being allowed to upload it here, that'd be ridiculous, just laziness.
  4. Finished! http://www.nedesigns.com/park/1907/voyager/
  5. It's finished. Don't expect a download too soon yet, submitting parks on NE is temporarily unabled. I'll submit it as soon as possible!
  6. I'm surprised I never advertised this park at this site before. It's almost three years in the making now. It's a relatively small map, containing 60% of city and 40% urban park. This one is new: Enjoy! Comments are appreciated, and I don't mind harsh criticism.
  7. Sorry I am late to the replies but thank you all! I've got bonus material... Stuff that didn't make it into the final version. Knossos V1 -The original Ikaros design has been re-released! Click here to see it Antwerpen V1 - Before I decided to add the sixth area (Lübeck), Antwerpen was supposed to be very different to what it is now. Besides groundcolouring there wasn't much there yet. De Pralinefabriek, now an indoor rapid, used to be a Mack Spinning Coaster. This was made during 'The Great Inspiration Drought', a two-month period of not touching the game because every attempt at making something nice (in any park) failed. The ideas were already there, but the exection lacked. The final transport belt is much better... Random Antwerpen facades before I did any research. Just trying stuff. Antwerpen V2 - This is the final version, although the facades kept changing all the time. First tests. More inspiration drought. The restaurant moved to the other side of the area to make room for the RC boats. One of many attempts at making a nice looking domed building. The windows/roofs etc were pretty random, I focused on the dome. Conclusion: Making a detailed dome at this scale is fucking hard. Lasithi-area - This Knossos-subtheme was much harder to do than it looks. It used to be void, not close to any city or ride. I didn't know what to do with it... Most attempts failed. In three stages it became an acceptable area, in fact I actually really like it now. Conclusion: If things don't work out, just move on and try again every now and then. This small/simple area took me months to get right... Tivoli V1 - Tivoli was the last area I completed, although I started it quite early. This is from the same period as Antwerpen V1. This was my first attempt at the Rutschebanen... Tivoli V2 - This is the second version. The city-area of København was already in place this time. I think this layout is actually quite nice. I deleted it because I had no idea how to theme it well. Actually I had an idea, but I didn't have the patience... In the real Tivoli Gardens, there is a narrow street full of games and small shops behind Rutschebanen. I loved the street and I wanted to include it in my park. Due to another layout I had to sacrifice this idea... Some of the games stayed though, in another setting. Same layout, another theming attempt. I didn't continue this because it would take too many object slots. Anything else - From Lübeck, København and York. Never intended to be final. Never intended to be final. (the building) Got deleted pretty recently for object slots. Fail. This was intended to be final, but I knew I could do better. Enjoy the crap, and steal anything if you like.
  8. Thanks! You're quicker than me! So yeah, I won spotlight. What more can I say? I'm glad that this park is finally out. http://www.nedesigns.com/index.php?showtopic=22822
  9. I skipped two updates here. First update: Bologna. Second update:
  10. There is no major difference between the two... Just a different but similar layout. Possibly the effects (flames and waterbombs) are different for each coaster too, I don't know exactly. I only paid attention while in Fire, and I have to admit the Dragon is hardly noticably except for when on the lifthill...
  11. The coaster is really fantastic. There was aquafun, there were amazing wrong-banked turns, there was chaos twice as chaotic as Troy, there was some fun theming and I was there. Almost as good as Troy. More chaos, less Airtime.
  12. Thanks. Knossos - 99% Bologna - 95% York - 95% København - 90% Fifth area - 99% Sixth area - 90% ----------------------- Overall progress: 95%
  13. Foozycoaster? I've seen you around at NE recently. Are you working on a comeback? I really like the screens.
  14. http://games.rollercoasterpro.com/summer_showdown/2007/round6/disney/
  15. Due to the object limit I cannot execute all the ideas I had in my mind as good as I wanted. I even had to scrap some ideas... I wanted to move some stuff to a second map, but after only one day I realised it was bullshit to start a second map when the first one is almost finished. A complete waste of time. Fuck the parking. The project is still 140x140 and will always be 140x140. Knossos - 95% Bologna - 90% York - 97% København - 80% Fifth area - 99% Sixth area - 65% ----------------------- Overall progress: 95% Probably the last screen of Knossos before the release. Comments appreciated!
  16. @Loefet: The park isn't meant to be accurate... Actually it's a mash-up of several East-Asian locations! Thanks for the Engrish-tip, but I already use that site for most of the Engrish I include in this park. @Airtime&Gravity: The map is actually 90x90, but I blacktiled a part so it equals a 80x80. I use 100% of the 80x80 area. @Everyone: Thanks a lot! Good to hear you all like the screens.
  17. @Themeparkman25: Thanks! Re-read the first post. The areas aren't countries. Four cities are in the screens, two remain secret. Why do you think Bologna is a nice name for a coaster? Do you have any idea what it means? @The others: Thanks!
  18. Not worth the effort... Wunderland Erlach was very old/outdated and I had to draw a line with adding and improving in order to get it finished. Same story with Dolphin Bay Resort, although it's much less outdated. I drew a line. If it's out of scale, make it smaller. The ships you have currently are out of scale too. You should try again, making things look goog can be hard but remember: The harder, the more rewarding. I don't have enough time for that I'm afraid, but I think there must be plenty of other people at NE who would like to help you! You could ask over there (first post a few screens of course ). I would avoid them too if I wasn't made for a contest with tight deadlines.
  19. Thanks both! I'm surprised to see Wunderlan Erlach this popular, among these other parks. And yes, I will post updates.
  20. I've been away from TPR for a while. Made lots of parks in the meanwhile! Here are downloads. Wunderland Erlach A mid-sized German park. Sulakke A failed NE design, but it was never intended to win anything. It's good for what it's supposed to be: a simple and fun side-project! Dolphin Bay Resort A Turkish all-inclusive resort. My best details ever. The Welsh Land A zoo/themepark in Wales. It's not very Welsh aside from the name, but that doesn't matter much. It's a nice park. Calypso Quay This was for the H2H contest on New Element. It's a fully functional waterpark I made together with RRP (he's incredible). It's not 100% finished unfortunately, but we didn't have a choice. Aquatica Also built for H2H together with Louis and Luigi, but it's not quite finished and therefore failed quite hard. The pirate area is mostly done by me and actually 95% finished. It's one of my favourite areas I've ever done and I really like the coaster, so maybe it's worth a download. The Atlantis section isn't bad either. Dream World Indoor The last park for H2H. This was intended to be a park by me, Magnus and RCTFAN, but Magnus vanished and RCTFAN didn't have time, so I did 95% of the park. RCTFAN made a coaster and I aksed SSSammy to help me a little. He made some architecture and designed the maze. Due to the extreme pressure this park is rushed in places and it has some ugly 'errors' (as in 'flaws'), but it doesn't kill the park. I'm very proud of this park, even with all the flaws. Terror Mining Made for NE Micro Madness back in 2007. There are no rides but I quite like the architecture. These are all the parks that aren't total crap and still have downloads. Maybe there are more downloads coming soon. Hope you enjoy them!
  21. Approximately 80x80 map, 25% done, Japanese setting (not Japanese theme!), 50% park and 50% city, lots of weirdness and lots of Engrish. Hope you like it.
  22. 140x140 map, six areas themed to European cities trying to avoid cliches, six coasters, 80% done. Knossos (outdated screen!) Bologna York York København Hope you like it.
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