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  1. 1992 1992 was a strange year. We have good news, but especially very bad news... New Theme-area! Just like we said the renewed childrens-area opened. The theme is ''Toy'', therefore the name of the area is ''Toyland''! De new rollercoaster is a Zierer Tivoli Medium, stands in the Toy Area, and since the start very popular! The rest of the area contains the three old flatrides from the previous kiddy-area, themed like a toy-castle and toy soldiers. The old Restaurant is deconstructed, and a new restaurant is build in a doll's house style. The next theme area to re-theme is the Mainstreet. De square already is themed, but the Ferris Wheel, Enterprise and Restaurant aren't. To decorate the whole thing some nice buildings wil be added. An enormous disaster! Hold on tight, this news is shocking! As unexpected as it is for us as for you, megacoaster ''Blue Whale'' has to be removed. Residents of a high building in a town nearby, complained about the ugly view and the noise. They started a cause against the park, which lost it. A maximum height has been installed of 18 meters. Everything from 18 to 22 meters had to be painted black (the Ferris Wheel exepted). This is not only bad. Because of the fact that ''Blue Whale'' was our most popular ride, and our proud, we got a large payment from the insurance. De compensation amounts the building costs, the removement costs, and the expected lost profit for the next two years. The station will stay, and later on it will be the station for a new ride, that's not known yet. Plans Because of te closing of ''Blue Whale'', we had to renew our plans for the next few years. The most important things: 1. The last big ride in the Castle-Area, opening 1994 2. New Mainstreet 1993 3. New Theme-Area, opening at the end of this millenium ('97/'98) Red circle: Blue Whale's station, used for the new ride in 1995 What's going to happen to the area between the Corkscrew and the past funfair is not known. Some people speak about a new theme-area... Coming soon... -removal of ''Blue Whale'' -New Mainstreet -New ride of World-Class! See you next update!
  2. The only B&M inverted I ever did was Nemesis. If I did all of them i think this would be my top 5: 1. Nemesis 2. Black Mamba 3. DuelingDragons 4. Alpengeist 5. Patriot
  3. I think it is but hope it isn't! All the small parks will go bankrupt, and the Efteling, Bobbejaanland, WB and all the other parks will lose al lot of theit visitors. That park mustn't come even if there are 10 B&M's and rocketcoasters.
  4. On themepark.nl people said it has to be an project for their study which is took serieus by the press. If this is true this park will never come. Also: -Where do five young people get 3.500.000.000 euro's? -7.500.000 visitors? A beginning unknown park? This has to be a mistake! (I think it is and I hope it is!)
  5. 1991 This year we moved the Calypso and the Rainbow. The Calypso now stands on an nice square in a expansion of the Mediaval-Themearea, together with a new restaurant. The Rainbow stands in the Fisherman's Village with the new name Storm. On this new Square there is a new First Aid post. Because of the huge size of the park there is a Ambulance for driving to the other side of the park quickly. On the old Funfair-site there's only a lot of mud. What is going to happen to this place is unknown. Overview of the park: De end of the Jet Star? The Schwarzkopf Jet Star (built in 1977) is crumbling. The coaster lost its color and is full of rust. Next year it will close for safety reasons. Attractiepark Hardermeer re-arranging To transform Attractiepark Hardermeer Themepark Hardermeer all rides has to be more like a unit by making themeareas. The park started with this a few years ago by making a Medieval area and the Fisherman's Village. The next step is the restyle of the Kid's area. This area will be themed in a still unknown theme. A new Kiddy Coaster will be added to the area. Soon...: -Jet Star Closing -New coaster -Restyle Kid's Area. See you next update!
  6. Year 9 The Opening of Almere Vesting was een great succes, there are more than 1100 guests in the park! Because of the gain and the huge number of guest we expended behind the ferris wheel. The new area contains two rides, an Old-Timer-ride and a Double Merry-Go-round. The Merry-Go-Round is relocated from another part of the park To make more space there. On the old site of the Merry-go-Round stands a souvernirshop and a toiletbuilding. Other changes in the Park are the roof Colors of the Citywall, now painted black, and a higher edge on the BumperCars. See you next update!
  7. 1990 The megacoaster Blue Whale was an enormous succes, the wait time was two houres at the opening, while it was running with three trains! Because of that we built a new darkride, Cursed Treasure. The ride is located behind some small castle walls, in a huge sort of castle/villa. There are four big scenes, including the castle inside and the Hell. Funfair: During the trial of the Funfair, that corner of the park was a bit quiet, but the comments about the rides were good. We decided to keep the Rainbow and Calypso, but the Bumper Cars are returned to the fair circuit. The Rainbow and Calypso will be moved to other parts of the park. Coming soon: -Fair rides moving -New rollercoaster
  8. I have an update ready, but I don't like it and i'm a bit lazy. Because of you I'll post it soon.
  9. Year 6 Near Almere (big city build in a huge polder) a smelly millionair built a small themepark. The owned land is mostly a grassfield, with a row of Oaks and fences around it. Only a quarter is used for the main parking and themapark, enough space for expansions! The park is themed as a sort of old-dutch city with a citywall and a canal surrounding it. There are 8 rides, like the mainride Windhoos (Mountain Glider), a ferris wheel and a topspin. Unusual is the simulator, which takes you to a war in the 16th century. This one is built in a big old building on the end of the small Mainstreet. Possibly the first expansion will take place behind this Ferris Wheel. Overview: See you next update!
  10. RCT2 can be very realistic, but on this site I never see real realistic parks. RCT3 has ugly graphics, and sometimes rides are very cartoon-like... RCT2 is the best of all.
  11. 1989 After a year of rumors, this year a new hypercoaster opened, build by Arrow Dynamics. Together with another coaster in the US it's a first of a kind. The station is themed like a fishing village, that's why the name is ''Blue Whale'' To decorate the empty field ,there are trees planted near the pond with the watercycles. Overview of the coaster's layout: Near the big Helix there is build a new Restaurant. On hot summerdays you can buy lemonade outside.. Replies are ALWAYS welocme!
  12. El Condor @ Walibi World... It's hurts so much that you're afraid of when you'll get the next painfull turn.... I wasn't afraid of oblivion, I was happy and smiling during the ride...
  13. 1988 In 1988 there aren't too much big updates or expansions in Attractiepark Hardermeer. The trains of the schwarzkopf Jet Star have been repainted in blue. And on the hill there are placed binoculars. For 1 gulden (the dutch currency in 1988) you can watch 2 minutes. ALL replies are welcome, even if you think this park sucks enormously.
  14. Definitely Oblivion. De tunnel of the Vliegende Hollander looks cool too!
  15. This looks far better than the other screens. The only thing missing is some green trees.
  16. 1987 This year we placed a watch-hill at the lake, where you can enjoy the view of the lake and the rides. We also placed an small fairground for a few years. If it is a succes we'll see if we can keep them. Overview of the park:
  17. Your coaster is not realistic (weird inversions, weird supports), and your buildings are too untidy. Look to real parks and their buildings, so you can make things more realistic.
  18. You use too many different colors, everywhere it looks untidy. Make your paths more width, and don't use too many colors for one house.
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