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  1. Hello. My name is Charles Bay, and today, I like to take a tour of a amusement park called Richmond Gardens Amusement Park. The park is going to be open May 13th,1975. And now let's take a tour of Richmond Gardens Amusement Park. Shot0419.bmpThis is a main entrance of the park. Shot0420.bmpThis is a stall, that sells hot dogs, and the name is not announced yet. Shot0421.bmpTwo restaurants, they called Firehouse Subs and Richmond Coffee Shop. Shot0422.bmpThis is a first ride is called Parachute Fall. Shot0423.bmpThis is the entrance of a coaster called Richmond Runaway Mine Train. Shot0424.bmp This is a VA Street. Shot0425.bmp This is a train station, and the ride is called Richmond Railway. Shot0426.bmp This is mini double Ferris Wheel is called Sky Wheel. Shot0427.bmpThis a spinning ride called Twirler. Shot0428.bmpThis is a area called Town Square. Shot0429.bmpThis is Scrambler. Shot0430.bmp This a Wave Swinger.Shot0431.bmp This two rides called Zipper and Meteorite.
  2. I LOVE WINDSEEKER. SO MUCH. I wish that KD's Windseeker will be open around next month.
  3. Right now, Six Flags Magic Mountain's Full Throttle is now working on the loop and the top hat, the track should be finished by Late April.
  4. Kings Dominion just released a new Kid caster video for the last time and KD see you on Friday.
  5. Why is there a Batman when Cedar Fair has no rights to the name? Also, Cedar Point has plenty of other coasters as well, not just those three. Don't worry, i'll rename batman in 2014
  6. That just because Cedar Point has 3 B&M coasters Wing Rider, Stand Up,and Inverted.
  7. 2013 Shot0307.bmp Hello,its September, where entering the park.Shot0308.bmp The Broadway is crowded today. Shot0309.bmp The foundation of the new ride has been poured.Shot0310.bmp Thundersnow is closed today for no reason.Shot0311.bmp It's noon, almost guest is getting Boardwalk Fries for snack.Shot0312.bmp Red Hawk's exit path has been cut, due to the new ride.Shot0313.bmp It's evening, Red Hawk's line is short, that's awesome.Shot0314.bmp This stall serves cotton candy.Shot0315.bmp Batman Knight Flight at night, is about to change next year.Shot0316.bmp WindSeeker, flying high into sky at night.Shot0317.bmp Thundersnow lighting a whole coaster at night.Shot0318.bmp Even, Red Hawk has lighting at night.Shot0319.bmp Alright, well this is the end of 2013 season and the announcement for the new ride will be tomorrow.
  8. 2013 Shot0289.bmp Hello, Welcome to the 2013 season at Kings Empire, there's several changes this year.Shot0290.bmp The Y coaster logo and entrance.Shot0291.bmp Y trains is getting ready for take off.Shot0292.bmp Here's the view of Atlantic Motion.Shot0293.bmp WindSeeker is slowly dropping into the surface.Shot0294.bmp Here's the view of Thundersnow's Cobra Roll.Shot0295.bmp The Scrambler is removed during off season, making room for 2014 attraction and I heard is will be HUSS Troika.Shot0296.bmp View of the Parachute Drop and Thundersnow.Shot0297.bmp Here's the Thundersnow's entrance, which the coaster is closed today, it said that the Thundersnow coaster will be open next weekend.Shot0298.bmp Thundersnow's queue line.Shot0299.bmp Thundersnow's trains.Shot0300.bmp Thundersnow's rocky tunnel and is really dark.Shot0301.bmp Thundersnow's twist before you go into the lift hill.Shot0302.bmp Thundersnow coaster is dominated the skyline of the park.Shot0303.bmp Batman Knight Flight's entrance building and I heard it will be change by next year.Shot0304.bmp Arial view of Batman Knight Flight and Grave Digger.Shot0305.bmp The view of Drop Tower and have a good day.
  9. You heard Coast Rider, Pacific Scrambler, and Surfside Glider is going to be open on May 25th, 2013
  10. Hey, I changed my park name into Kings Empire and I redone my park Shot0258.bmp Here's the SC StreetShot0259.bmp The view of the lake and Batman Knight FlightShot0260.bmp Here's the area called Coastal TownShot0262.bmp Here's another view of Batman Knight Flight and Grave DiggerShot0265.bmp Here's the Patriot a screamin swing rideShot0266.bmp Tidal Wave coaster Vekoma SLC coasterShot0267.bmpHere's the turn of Red Hawk coasterShot0268.bmp Here's the lift of Red Hawk is the tallest, fastest, longest, and meanest wingrider roller coaster in Southeast
  11. cool park this my 3rd favorite park in TPR after Six Flags South Carolina and Happy Valley Amusement Park
  12. Did this make anyone else chuckle? I didn't see anyone else make The Bat CTR
  13. This is a ANNOUNCEMENT i'm going to take a two months break I will be back on Wednesday May 8th,2013 and the download will be release on TPR game exchange tonight at 7 pm.
  14. Hello it's me Troy Boughton again i'm taking 2 months break from posting at Canada's Dreamland now here's the new park i like to introducing is Shot0000.bmp It's owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.Shot0214.bmp That's the main entrance of the park.Shot0215.bmp That's the ticket boothShot0216.bmp This is the area called South Carolina Street.Shot0217.bmp The ice cream shop is being built.Shot0218.bmp This coaster called Y.Shot0219.bmp This is Drop Tower Scream Zone.Shot0220.bmp This is the waterfall and see you soon.
  15. sorry I learned my lesson and the download now released here's the link http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/6162
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