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  1. i dont have no limits, i try to improve my skills of RCT3, and is that possible to put No Limits track into RCT3
  2. it's not from no limits i just downloaded Vekoma Boomerang Coaster here's the link http://heve-rct.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_6882.html
  3. that's mine not somebody else I created the coaster i'm trying to say nicely
  4. Hello this is my 2nd coaster project since Flight of Fear and the download will be released tomorrow Shot0204.bmpHello this is my coaster project The BatShot0205.bmp entrance plazaShot0206.bmp Entrance signShot0207.bmp These's are Bat's trains and have a good day
  5. nice main gate so far but rename a peep to David Walsh then Ctrl and U just reminding you
  6. 1978 Shot0186.bmp Hello is been two month's now it is Late August 1978.Shot0187.bmp This area awarded for "First Most Beautiful Area" in the park.Shot0188.bmp Almost all people wants to challenge The Mighty Canadian.Shot0190.bmp Coney Mall is packed with people today.Shot0191.bmp The Canada's Swing is down today.Shot0192.bmp Canada's Avenue has been awarded for "Second Most Beautiful Area" in the park.Shot0193.bmp Something haunted behind that fence.Shot0194.bmp New 1979 attraction announcement will be tomorrow.Shot0200.bmp International Festival at night.Shot0201.bmp Skyline of The Mighty Canadian at night.Shot0202.bmp Canada's Avenue at night.Shot0203.bmp Have a good day.1979 Announcement A new log flume ride with experiences Lighting effects, fog effects, and haunted creepers in the forest opens in May 1979
  7. 1978 It's Memorial Day weekend because I was busy didn't make it to Opening Day Shot0176.bmp Hello again,it is 1978 season and Looping Star has repainted into Blue and White and also light colors are changed. Shot0177.bmp Entering the area of International Festival and never changes. Shot0178.bmp This area has most trees and flowers in the park. Shot0179.bmp Looping Star is ready to go. Shot0180.bmp The Mighty Canadian is still the tallest wooden coaster in Canada. Shot0181.bmp Here's the view of Vortex. Shot0183.bmp Behind this fence is new 1979 attraction which going to be announced in Late August 1978. Shot0184.bmp This is the entrance of Vortex. Shot0185.bmp Have a good day.
  8. You are famous,your on screamscape I saw this morning and also good recreation of Zippin Pippin at Libertyland
  9. more ride details on a video below Canada's Dreamland's Vortex Trailer.wmvNew 1978 coaster at Canada's Dreamland
  10. 1977 This is the first update of coaster project 78 and it's July time fly's. Shot0172.bmp This is the project 78 Shot0173.bmpthat's the lift hill and tracks have been placed already and it's only July are their in the rush Shot0174.bmphere's the skyline of project 78 Shot0175.bmpfirst steel support's have been placed and have a good day
  11. Hello it's June and park has secret coaster for 1978 and here's the teaser i know it's too early it's even summer season starts
  12. well what should i do repaint, remolded, or something and also im plannng to build a new coaster for 1978 which coaster u want to show you like Arrow or another wooden coaster
  13. nice coaster and how did you get rid of wooden supports ex(use support cleaner to delete the support's for Moby's Steel Jungle) and cant wait
  14. 1977 Shot0165.bmp Hello again, it's now 1977 season and this is a new area called Canada's Avenue Shot0166.bmpthis a new restaurant called Canada's Fried Chicken Shot0167.bmphere's two new rides called Tilt-A-Whirl and Top Spinner Shot0168.bmpit's raining in the afternoon and Dream Tower has a new paint job Shot0169.bmpa lot of people on Looping Star Shot0170.bmpcrowded in International Festival Shot0171.bmpraining has stop and have a good day
  15. CANADA'S DREAMLAND IS SAVED Hello it's been about 6 months after closing the company named Silver Star Parks bought the park it will be open in spring of 1977 and with a new themed area called Canada's Avenue with two new rides, 1 new shops, and 1 new restaurant. this is the new sign for 1977
  16. [John]Good evening and top story Canada's Dreamland is going up for sale [Dina]Thats right Canada's Dreamland is going up for sale due to Poor Economy [John]If the park is not bought by October 31, 1976 then then the park will never reopened and Canada's Dreamland will remain closed the entire season until the buyer who boughts the park
  17. 1976 Shot0157.bmp Hello again and welcome to 1976 season Shot0158.bmpfew people wants to challenge The Mighty Canadian Shot0159.bmpit's raining and that don't stop people from having fun Shot0160.bmphave a good day
  18. 1975 Shot0148.bmp hello once again and entering the park Shot0149.bmpLooping Star quickly became popular coaster but not for long Shot0150.bmpentering Parachute Tower Shot0152.bmpi rode the Canada's Tower and saw this Shot0155.bmpa new wooden roller coaster for next year Shot0156.bmphave a good day Mighty Candian LOGO 1976.bmpIt's a massive wooden coaster with the height of 150 feet tall and speed up to 60 mph. When The Mighty Canadian opens in March 1976 then it will be awarded "The tallest wooden coaster in Canada".
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