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  1. But Cedar Fair already owns a park in SoCal. And apparently, they own one in NoCal, now, too. If they bought MM they would own most of California. Disney wouldn't buy it. Universal might, but I doubt it's up to their standards of theming and landscaping. Busch would be awesome because Sea World is so far away from Los Angeles and it'd be great for them to get a park closer to LA. They might want to throw in some animals, though. Those don't do so well in the desert.
  2. I think that, while it would be a shame that I'd have to pay to get into Magic Mountain, it may be a good thing FOR MM that it would be sold. If SF is advertising to families, then the big croud for MM will go away. MM is a thrill park. It's got very little family attractions compared to the other SF parks. If the park is sold and is continuously run by someone else, they will continue to advertise it as a thrill park to the teens. ....or maybe I'm just rambling.....
  3. The Critic was a great show! I'd also like to see Dr. Katz come back.
  4. Really? Isn't theirs newer than IOAs? If it is, then USH really needs to start doing maintenance on their rides... No, Hollywood got the first one. I remember going there when they first built it.... back when there was very little to do there..... wait... there's still very little to do there.
  5. OMG! That has to be the most "creepy" game...EVER!!! I remember seeing that at E3 YEARS ago and thinking...."Wow Sega's done." --Robb Haha, I actually bought that game. It's now my favorite Dremcast game.
  6. what are the other lines like now that Tatsu gets all the attention?
  7. any sign of You Don't Know Jack or Seaman returning the the scene?
  8. Of course, the more professional editing software can help considerably if you have some coloring issues and need to tweak the picture.
  9. Good ol' Six Flags Great America is where I be. 'Course, I used to live in SoCal...back then, my park was Disneyland.....
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