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  1. Bloomington Indiana, between Holiday World and Indiana Beach. Too bad, I'm always up for good Mexican!
  2. It's tempting, but adding another park and a full day drive means dipping into another week of vacation time, so probably not. Adventureland will probably have to wait for another year. BBQ though, that's a definite.
  3. That might be doable! Night rides are always worth going through a little more trouble for. Unfortunately moving the trip up a week probably isn't going to happen; half my department is already out that week so I have basically zero chance of getting that time off. Reversing the order though isn't too big a problem; it's more expensive to rent a car out of Chicago than Kansas City, but not that much more.
  4. I think I'd want to do them over two days, yeah; I want to take my time at Holiday World. Adding another day onto the trip isn't difficult; I'll just be heading home on Sunday instead. I don't mind the drives at all either, I just don't want to overdo it and be driving half-asleep by the end of the week, if I'm not going to have anyone in the car with me. Pretty sure this will work out fine though!
  5. I hadn't even given any consideration to Kentucky Kingdom. Definitely an option though, either trying to get both in a day, or adding a day on to the trip (though that would mean SFGAm on a Saturday, instead of a Friday, which might be worse crowds at a big park, but there's always fastpass...) I'll look into that, thanks!
  6. That saves about three hundred, but I'd need to stay over another day too, and then make the 7 1/2 hour drive from Chicago to Kansas City again. By time I figure in the extra hotel and gas, I'm not saving a lot of money; probably not enough to deal with the extra full day of driving. Thanks though!
  7. It's 2021, things are slowly getting back to normal...sort of...and I have vacation time and money saved up, after a year and a half with no parks at all. Seems like a good chance to get to some that have been on my list for years! I've yet to get to any of the parks west of King's Island, apart from Texas, so a midwest road trip sounds great. It's also looking expensive and like there's going to be a looooot of driving, but that's just how it is, I suppose. Current tentative plans are to take the week from July 31 to August 7th. 7/31 - Burn some saved up airmiles flying into Kansas City. Pick up a painfully overpriced rental car, because it's 2021, get a good night's rest at Best Western near the airport. 8/1 - Worlds of Fun. Not the most important park of the trip, but hey, I'm right there. Stay at Westbridge Inn halfway to 8/2 - Silver Dollar City. One of the parks I've wanted to get to for years now, one of the ones I'm most excited about. Sleep at America's Best Value Inn halfway to 8/3 - Six Flags St Louis. Got that Six Flags membership, may as well use it, and lots of great looking if not often discussed coasters here. Dragging a local friend to this one too. Stay at Best Western on the way to 8/4 - Holiday World. The number one on my list and the reason I wanted to put this trip together in the first place! I was just starting to think about doing this when Robb's video of the Raven showed up in my inbox and convinced me to really look into it... Might be able to get someone I know in this area to come along too. Stay at Fairfield Inn and Suites in Bloomington, on the way to 8/5 - Indiana Beach. Really need to get here and show the new ownership some support! Stop over at a Best Western outside of Chicago, before 8/6 - Six Flags Great America, after picking up a friend in Chicago. This one's a must do even without it being essentially free with the membership. Stay at Country Inn and Suites by the park 8/7 - Fly home from O'Hare. map - https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1HDZihc4XTqGWtiKcuBNw5XYgKWMV18E7&usp=sharing It's looking like a fairly intense trip. Most of the parks are 3-3 1/2 hours apart, so I'd be driving 2 hours in the morning and an hour or more afterwards each time. Most of it will be a solo trip; I've love to bring others with me to make it more fun and help spread out the costs, but I don't really know anyone that's up for a week of full days of parks and coasters, though a few parks I'd likely be grabbing a local friend for. Going to be pricey too...a "cheap" rental car is about $900 for the trip, plus gas, plus hotels at ~$700 over the week, on top of the actual parks. Airfare at least is covered already. Normally I'd say it's definitely worth it, especially after a year and a half of isolation and boredom, but I'm a little concerned that it might be less worthwhile this year, with park operations not really at their best and crowds so high, so I'm waffling a bit. What do you think, still worth doing even if the parks aren't entirely at their best? Any parks that I'm forgetting about in the area that I should be doing instead? Any other particular plans or advice?
  8. I was literally right in the middle of planning for a trip out to Holiday World and the other parks in that area, looking up hotels etc, when this one popped up in my email. Definitely even more eager to get there after seeing this one, looks like it's running amazing!
  9. Guess I'm the only one around here that still really enjoyed the ride, even with the new trains. I must just have some incredible luck; I've never really gotten a particularly rough ride on it, even in 2019, and it was running every time I made it to the park. Just a bit frustrating, with SFNE and Lake Compounce being my home parks, to see yet another ride being removed without anything to replace it.
  10. I'm just planning things for later in the summer and fall, so I don't think there's a huge gap between idealistic and realistic here. Got a cottage booked for Knoebels again at the end of August; that's the really important one, and I'm fairly sure things will be at least semi-normal by then. I really want to get out to Indiana Beach and show them some support too. Other than that, I'm figuring I might just save up my vacation time and travel money for fall and see how many halloween events I can get to. With the air miles I have saved up now, it's pretty much anything goes there. I'd love to see SFFT for Halloween. Maybe Knotts too, though I'm leanings towards saving that for when I can be there for the Boysenberry festival.
  11. I'm sure it's not the only problem, especially in light of all the other parks Parques Reuinidos has been butchering lately, but I'm pretty sure that was the last year that their long-time head of maintenance was at the park. The moment he left everything started falling apart. Jerry Brick had said at the time that they were having a hard time finding someone to replace him, but even if they can't find someone locally, I don't really understand how a global company like Parques Reuinidos can't manage to help with that at all if they actually gave a crap. There's NO ONE at all competent and willing to move to a decent area in the middle of CT? Whatever the causes, LC is in an absolutely pathetic state, and seeing my home park coming apart at the seams is just sad, and it isn't looking like it's going to improve any time soon... If you'd told me ten years ago that we'd get to a point where I much prefer going to Six Flags...
  12. Supposedly the structure on the inside of the lighthouse was pretty much made of rust and unsalvageable because of the way the lighthouse stayed so wet inside. At least, that was the reasoning from one of the park managers a few years back. Of course, if the lighthouse itself was solid you'd think they could just rebuild, but...Lake Compounce, the last few years...
  13. It's definitely not for this season. There are pictures of it on Reddit and it's in extremely rough condition. I don't see any way it's operating this year. Hopefully that means Knoebels is planning to properly restore it and add it to the park for good. One more amazing flat ride saved from the scrap heap. I'm particularly happy about it since according to comments I've seen elsewhere, it seems to be the old Bayern Kurve from Fun Spot Indiana...which was, I believe, purchased from Riverside Park when it became Six Flags New England...My first Bayern Kurve and among the first adult rides I ever rode. In a year like 2020 that just keeps finding new kinds of crap to throw at most of us...leave it to Knoebels to literally find a piece of my childhood rusting away in a lot and decide to fix it up.
  14. I'll be curious to see if he bases that on when there IS an effective vaccine, or when everyone has it. We're most likely very close to one of those, but the other is a long way away.
  15. No surprise here, it's going to depend on where we stand with getting rid of COVID. Right now there's a fairly decent chance it's effectively eliminated by early summer. Assuming no surprises and trials continue the way they do, we're likely 2-3 months away from having an effective vaccine, but then several months more at best from having enough to get to everyone. If that all works out, we could have a fairly normal season next year. I doubt many parks are going to have the money to invest in big projects, but on the other hand we might see some interesting ideas from parks that really want to be the first place people think of when they finally get a real summer again. The corporate parks are likely going to be able to push money around and temporarily hide their losses if they want to spend money next summer, so you probably won't see huge changes at Six Flags and Cedar Point, while the small ones are going to have to trim things back a lot more for a bit. Of course, if the COVID vaccine doesn't work out and we have another summer like this one...well, then there will be less parks competing for guests in 2022...
  16. The comments on their facebook post are a bit worrying. All people complaining that they have no intention of wearing marks, straight up saying they'll pretend to have medical conditions to get out of it, whatever. It sucks to expect the park to do everything they can to keep you safe, but know other people are going to willfully screw it up with their own selfish idiocy.
  17. I'm seriously excited for this. I love Splash Mountain but I have no real attachment to any of the characters or the story in the ride. The Princess and the Frog was a lot of fun though, and any ride with a chance to feature Keith David doing a Disney Villain song...yes please. No idea what it would actually end up looking like but some of the proposed (entirely unofficial, not made by Disney) concept art going around earlier looked amazing, too.
  18. This part of things just seems well intentioned but kind of pointless. They're going to block off half the seats and enforce that we keep a distance between everyone else on the ride...including the people we came with, that we live with and drove to the park with, etc etc? They'd be able to get much closer to normal capacity if they could just let groups distance from other groups. I suppose it's not like they can trust people to have common sense to just keep distance away from people they aren't normally on top of. Half the country has shown to have none of that at all.
  19. That sounds interesting, I wonder what that construction could be referring to. They had mentioned over the off season that they were upgrading all of their restrooms (which, as much as I love the park...did badly need it), but I wouldn't be surprised if they were taking the chance with the extended downtime to get some other projects done too. As far as I've seen they haven't actually announced anything as of yet, though.
  20. Knoebels has announced that the campground will be opening on June 11th, but the park will not be open yet at that time. There's no mention of the cottages, which I assume won't open until the park does since the office for them is in the main park, not the campground. Some sign of progress though. Still hoping for something closer to normal by time my end of August cottage reservation comes around...crossing my fingers hard as I can here.
  21. RI Gov Raimondo just made her own address and mentioned none of this, so I don't know if the earlier announcement actually will affect all states or he was just assuming. At least MA though. Of course, it's not 4 yet, so...
  22. The current response does not necessarily have to go into affect until the virus has disappeared entirely. That may never even happen anyway. As mentioned earlier in the thread, this is about "flattening the curve" and giving healthcare time to deal with the situation. Hospitals and healthcare professionals can not currently deal with a huge surge of patients. The goal is to slow it down while healthcare finds ways to deal with the virus, and builds up resources. We don't know how long it will have to be, but again, it's not "until the virus is gone." It is still going to get worse before it gets better. I work in healthcare and a coworker was just on a call with the governor of Massachusetts. Official announcement is coming at 4 today but it sounds like all New England states are going to be on complete lockdown after this afternoon; essential businesses only allowed to open, shelter in place, etc. We just have to hope that such a drastic response means it can be over sooner... Personally I've had to cancel a convention and park trip for May; another for end of June is looking very iffy right now and I'm starting to feel resigned to losing that too. If this stretches further and I don't get to Knoebels in August/September, though...well, I suppose by that point things will be bad enough that not getting on Phoenix will be the least of my worries. ...No, Phoenix is still a priority.
  23. Even if they don't eventually close, I'd be very surprised if it doesn't drive business down significantly. People are going to be uncomfortable with lots of people gathered in one space, their jobs will be discouraging travel. There's almost certainly going to be a significant impact.
  24. It's starting to look that way, and I worry how it's going to affect smaller parks. The big ones are going to take losses, the investors are going to lose money (boo-hoo, so sad), but the parks are still going to be there. The parks without deep pockets could really suffer, though.
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