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  1. Looks like a miniature Power Surge stuck on the end of a regular Booster. Yes please. Name your price, I want on.
  2. Definitely Six Flags New England Lake Compounce Knoebels (Back to the Glass House cottage for a week! Can't waaaiiiiit!) Kennywood Six Flags over Georgia Probably Dorney Park Six Flags Great Adventure Six Flags Great Escape Camel Beach waterpark Morey's Piers Possibly Canobie Lake Park Six Flags Fiesta Texas Schlitterbahn New Braunfels Six Flags Great America Six Flags America
  3. I'm not a /huge/ fan of Tornados...they just don't seem to spin nearly as well as a good teacup ride...but it's replacing about the only ride at Knoebels that I won't mind seeing go, so...sure, that's fine. And as has been pointed out already...it's going to be the best Tornado in the world anyway.
  4. I made the mistake of going there Saturday. The only adult rides open were the teacups, Houdini, the Scrambler (which they were literally shoveling out of the snow when the park opened), and Riddler. It wasn't the end of the world since I have a membership; I mostly just wandered and helped myself to "free" food and treats...but I would have been furious if I'd paid to take a family to the park and found virtually everything closed. There were a lot of very unhappy people in the park. Not great.
  5. I just hope it's not Satellite. The talk of how differently things work at a pay per ride park does make me wonder if it's limited capacity is a big problem for the park. On the other hand, there's probably not a lot else that would fit in its footprint, and despite its age I don't think I've ever seen it not running, so hopefully its safe. Italian Trapeze seems unlikely to me, didn't it just get completely torn down and refurbished? Maybe I'm wrong about that; I thought that's what its extended downtime was about though. 1001 Nachts is really the only ride I can think of that doesn't consistently run with a full load. Seems like the most likely candidate; maybe that's just wishful thinking though since it's about the only ride I wouldn't miss myself. ...Well, Unless Cosmotron was upgraded to a better version of the ride, anyway. That Wisdom Himalaya inside is such a clunky, slow disappointment compared to almost any other similar model. That doesn't stop it from attracting riders though, so probably not.
  6. My old high school did one at SF Great Adventure for a senior trip...slightly odd because SFNE was much closer to us in RI (would have been the year it was renamed it to Six Flags, too, I believe). I remember it being pretty great; they bussed us down there and let us loose in the park with basically no supervision, we just did as we wanted all day. On the bus ride back, we had a page or two of basic physics questions to fill out. It was pretty transparently just a field trip that someone had managed to sell to the school administration as something educational.
  7. Seconding/thirding/fourthing/whatever we're up to on not trying to cover the entire country at once. You're just spending too much of your time and energy on travel; unless you're superhuman, you won't be able to really enjoy the parks that way. As far as American Dream/Nickelodeon Universe, it hasn't really been open long enough to say if it's worth your time yet, but it doesn't look like it'll be a good fit into a budget trip as it stands; it's anything but cheap for what you get, going by current prices. If you're going to be in that area, though, you won't be far from Knoebels...If you're just looking for coasters, you almost have to hit it just for Phoenix. If you're looking for more than coasters...well, Knoebels has the best flat rides, food, and scenery, too. It's also one of the most affordable parks around, for a budget trip. Overall though, I can completely understand the enthusiasm for getting to as many parks as possible at once, but I do think you'll have a better time if you focus on making sure you can really enjoy some of them, than just dragging yourself zombie-like through them all.
  8. As opposed to all the necks and spines it had its way with over the years...
  9. Looks like a Moser Speed Flip. Wow. The Twin Flip was more flipping than I could handle, and this thing looks like it makes that look like something out of kiddieland. Amazing, but I think I'd be out of commission for hours if I dared ride that one.
  10. I really wish I didn't agree with this, but...yeah. I used to absolutely love the place, they used to do so much right, but...I don't know if it's park management, or Parques Reunidos sticking their noses in, or what...it's just not same. It's starting to really get that feeling that the staff and management just don't care about it. Maintenance is really suffering; Boulder Dash is a shadow of itself even on "good" days, lighting packages are falling apart (the ferris wheel is an absolute tragedy right now), food isn't the same as it was. It's hard to get over losing the incredibly unique sky ride, harder since they haven't done anything to replace it. I've had a season pass for LC for the last ten years or so, I've spent SO much time here; hell, my avatar is a crop from art of the park...but it's just really hard to come up with any reason I'd want to go out of my way to get there now, apart from the Haunted Graveyard (well, and stopping at O'Rourkes diner on the way...) Meanwhile, while LC seems to be falling apart, SFNE seems to be getting better every year... I don't see this ending well for LC if they don't turn things around.
  11. ...whaaaat? I can deal with Boulder Dash being a bit sluggish, I can deal with the skyride coming down. I can make myself okay with losing Enterprise and Lights Out, I can suffer through most of the changes. But no more real potato patch fries... I give up, SFNE is my home park now. (only sort of half joking. Seriously though, potato patch fries are huge, wtf were they thinking?)
  12. Yep. I spent a /week/ there last summer with friends. We figured we'd spend maybe a day at the park and the rest of the week doing other stuff in the area, but ended up spending several days at the park itself, and I still need to get back for more ASAP.
  13. Managed to get to KI Saturday night. Crowds were sort of nuts but manageable with Fast Lane Plus. Managed to hit all the coasters except Flight of Fear, and the Stunt Coaster which was down all day. Almost everything was running at 10/10, even Vortex was surprisingly good...by Vortex standards, anyway, enough to make me a little bit sad that it's leaving. A LITTLE bit. The Beast was absolutely crazy. Rode it late at night; it was such a clear night that the moon and stars made it far less dark than usual for a night ride, but it felt just as surreal anyway and it was absolutely tearing down the tracks, even with the trim brakes; it seriously felt like it was going to tear itself off its tracks around the helix, absolutely glorious. Every time I think I've found another coaster that can beat the Beast at night, it proves me wrong. The Bat was running like a brand new coaster too, Racer gave the smoothest ride I've ever had on it...Banshee had a noticeable shuffle going on but not enough to be unpleasant, still a great ride. Other than the coasters...ops were generally pretty great, running fast on everything but Diamondback. Diamondback was stacking but I don't think it was the ride crew's fault; as usual the restraints meant that nearly every train they had to try to stuff someone into the restraints or make them take the walk of shame. To their credit they were finding a way to get people into the car nearly every time. The guy dispatching the train was having a lot of fun too. "Hey, remember that night when it was 45 degrees and you thought it was a great idea to ride Diamondback? Yeah, that was tonight...have fun!" It /was/ cold enough that it was hard to breath at 80 mph, but...no regrets! Food has come a LONG way at KI, too. We hit a few snacks around the park and they were all pretty decent, then got dinner at the new Miami River Brewhouse and the food was, at least by park standards, genuinely good, without being any more expensive than food elsewhere in the park. Overall, probably the best night I've ever had at KI apart from the somewhat overwhelming crowds, but I can't blame the park for me being there on a holiday weekend.
  14. Something here appears to be manipulating the links improperly - it's doubling the HTTPS:// part. No idea why. Just copy and paste it into a browser instead of clicking; that should work.
  15. Almost, I think! Think I might have been behind you; I had the gray and blue knoebels hoodie.
  16. BD was running for all of 5 min tonight, but went down again now. Ops said they expect it back up soon. We'll ses! Edit - open now! Almost no one In the park, will be closing at 9 but plenty of chances to ride until then, if you don't mind a little rain.
  17. It's not one of the big things that everyone will tell you that you have to have, but IMO the turkey sandwich at the Alamo is amazing. It's absolutely drenched in wonderful gravy ("sandwich" or not, you'll need a fork and knife to eat it) and it's just so, so good. Gelati is also good. Cheese on a stick is also very good. The fancy grilled cheese sandwiches on corn bread from the place that serves the gelati, also very very good. The fried chicken waffle sandwich with sour cream and spinach and maple syrup and all the stuff that sounds bizarre and horrible? It's beyond words, it's amazing. I swear, it really is. You need to trust Knoebels. Nonono, don't trust me, just trust Knoebels. ...I mean, really, it's Knoebels, close your eyes, spin in circles, open your eyes, whatever food you're looking at is going to be good. Honestly you can't go wrong. If you don't mind a little walk or a very short drive, try Nickel Plate 1/4 mile away too, it's the restaurant at the golf course owned by the park and it's also <3 <3 <3
  18. Assholes who can't be bothered to care for anything that doesn't belong to them. I picked up an almost-new car (year old, 15k miles, perfect condition) car a week and a half ago. In that week and a half I've had someone hit the rear bumper in a parking lot and badly scratch it, hit it with a door or shopping cart or whatever and mark up a door, and now this morning I come out to find a deep gouge along one door, well into the metal; I don't even know how someone did that kind of damage. Now that's going to be an expensive repair I need to take care of ASAP before it starts to cause rust. A week and a half. Not one of them bothered to leave a note or in any way mention or take responsibility, of course.
  19. Probably Rye Playland monday, since I'll be in the area and have the day off. The weekend after, probably going to hit Funtown in Maine and either Canobie or Water Country. Second weekend in September, Schlitterbahn New Braunfels and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Then King's Island on columbus day weekend for Halloween stuff!
  20. I wouldn't put it past them, at this point, to tease "planting some grass" as a new attraction. But I am hoping for a bit more than that. They so badly need something to make up for losing the mountain skyride.
  21. Looks like LC is starting to tease something new. Wonder if "by the lake" means waterpark, which desperately needs new rides (or the return of the Lake Plunge slides) or actually something new, maybe up where the skyride was.
  22. Thanks! I just looked and fortunately, it looks like I'll be there on the last day of waterpark operation; hopefully that'll keep people distracted. If not, we'll just have to go the flashpass route. No matter how it goes with weather or crowds, this is an extra trip I wasn't expecting and I'm not paying for, so I'm just going to enjoy it as much as I can!
  23. I'd never call Kennywood anything like a dump, but I'll certainly agree on the ops. It never used to be that way but my last few trips there, most of the rides have had operations that made your average Six Flags look like Knoebels; ridiculously slow dispatch times, just ignoring line jumpers, or constantly mis-counting the number of people they can let onto a ride at once. It's really frustrating at what's otherwise such a fun place. That said, I've been there in rain several times, and except in one case where it was so bad it began flooding (and there were tornados very nearby as well), it's never closed.
  24. I'd never really paid much attention to SFFT since none of my plans have ever taken me anywhere near it, but I'm apparently heading there and Schlitterbahn for something of a (really great) birthday present early next month. Now that I'm actually looking it up...I have to agree, how is that a Six Flags!? Those pictures look amazing. Actual scenery and themeing, and not half-assed at all... I really can not wait to see this place myself (and the rest of the TR!).
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