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  1. Born in 1978 (gettin Old) - MindBender (SFOG) - Gemini (CP) - Colossus - RIP (SFMM)
  2. Was in the Atlanta area for a job interview, so I took some time on Sunday to visit SFOG since I don't know if I would be back or not (the interview well, but we'll see.) Anyway, I only had a couple hours, so I splurged on a Flash Pass to ensure I got on everything I could (it was largely not needed except for Superman: UF, Goliath, Batman and Mind Bender; DDD was not on the pass for some reason) It was a decent afternoon, while the park may be lacking in a truly SIGNATURE ride, most were quite good (with a couple notable exceptions) and the park is really rather beautiful (even quaint in places). Biggest demerit: Slowest. Ride. Ops. Ever. Some random highlights: Lived Up to Reputation: Mind Bender. Wish there were more of these around. Most Pleasant Surprise: Georgia Scorcher. I'd heard it was probably the best Stand-Up out there and it wasn't just "Good for a stand-up" it was legitimately good in general! I Don't Know Why I Was Hopeful Award: Ninja. My first Vekoma non-Boomerang or Flyer. I hoped without the backwards-i-ness, it would be OK. Oops. My neck may never be the same. All Clones are NOT Created Equal: Superman: Ultimate Flight. It's amazing what a difference the environment makes with this ride as compared to the one at SFGAdv. A Little Topper Track Can Go a Long Way: Georgia Cyclone. I actually really liked the layout and banking on this one. But that bouncing and shuffling is a serious distraction from what could be a fun classic-style woodie. Not Bad but Lacking that Certain Something: Great American Scream Machine. Another woodie that could have a great classic feel, but, IDK, something is just missing here. Can't Go Wrong With: Goliath, Dare Devil Dive and Batman. Nothing stands out, per se, but that doesn't mean they aren't quality rides. All in All, it was a fun couple hours and if I wind up in the area, I will be curious to spend more time investigating the smaller things the park has to offer.
  3. If you ever do make it back to SFA, I strongly recommend a front seat ride on Wild One. I find it has even more airtime up there. Maybe it's just me....
  4. I have to say, I worked the "Lucky" stand across from the Potato Patch many years ago and for all the corn dogs i made (So, So, So many corn dogs!), no one really bought the Cheese on a Stick. Plus, it was oddly difficult to keep from seeping out of the "breading".
  5. My thoughts exactly! That's my favorite food to get in the park. Ah Memories, I worked in that stand for 3 summers.
  6. Slide o' Death has breached the world of snarky pop culture via our friends at the A.V. Club (An Onion Offshoot) http://www.avclub.com/article/we-are-entering-the-age-of-excellent-waterslides-f-107223
  7. I'll second that Breaking Bad is the most involving and mulch-faceted show out there right now...shame it is ending but so far it's going out on high (no pun intended).
  8. Me Low Res Pic of me on Skyrush Not so low rez pic of me lol
  9. I got to go behind the scenes on KK and RT yesterday and heard/saw a couple things: One reason the Queue for Zumanjaro wouldn't go in the middle of KK was the New Jersey State Ride Inspectors won't allow a queue to go under KK anymore (hence the moving of KK's Queue a while back). Also, I'm curious to see what they do to the area below KK's tower. The Hydraulics' Room is really close and doesn't offer much room (not to mention the amount of support infrastructure for said room is very closre to the front of the tower, as well as cluttered and visually unappealing. (I'm sure/hopeful they have a plan for that). As for RT, they didn't fully discount the idea of somehow it being salvaged, but "in all likelihood it will be demolished due to the sheer amount of time, work and money it would take to do so and {they} can't foresee anyone offering to cover the cost of that." (That was from a Rides Supervisor, no Dippin' Dots to be found in his possession...unless he was hiding them.) Doesn't show what i was talking about, but i liked it anyway...
  10. Intamin - Disaster Transport B&M - Raptor Vekoma - Sidewinder Arrow - Magnum Schwarzkopf - SooperDooperLooper Premier Rides - SkyRocket Morgan - Steel Force Dinn - Hercules CCI - Boulder Dash Gravity Group - Wooden Warrior GCI - Lightening Racer John A. Miller - Racer (KW) Mack - The Dark Knight Zierer - Catwoman's Whip Maurer Sohne - GCG:EfAA Gerstlauer - Pandemonium
  11. Busch Gardens Williamsburg -Drachen Fire -Wilde Maus -Big Bad Wolf Kennywood -Dipper -Steel Phantom (Original Layout) Hersheypark -Roller Soaker Dorney Park -Hercules -Laser Cedar Point -Wildcat -Disaster Transport
  12. Truth be told, there probably isn't much in the way of insight about this park this year as not much has changed since i was there in 2011, but here goes anyway: Weather: Sunny but cool. Kinda perfect really. Crowds: Sparse Operations: Chipper and friendly. Joker's Jinx op said i looked like a badass in my sunglasses. IDK what he was talking about but i appreciated it nonetheless. Could do without the forced high-fives. One-Train Ops: Batwing (didn't see train 2 anywhere), Ride of Steel (water-dummy populated 2nd on transfer track), Roar (2nd on transfer track), Apocalypse (not sure where 2nd was) New to me - Apocalypse. Never been to SFGA to ride Iron Wolf. Front row. Yep, it's a stand-up. Some fun, some head banging. Nice themeing and placement. Thanks, but No Thanks: Mind Eraser. Been there, felt that. Never noticed before but should have: Wild One gets the best air-time in the front; not the back. Getting old: Rise of Steel. Still awesome, but coming out of the second helix has a lot of shaking. Forget what it's called and it doesn't seem to be on the website: Rainbow Ride near Wild One. SHOULD offer some simple butterfly-thrills but brakes kick in after apex of the rotation and offers next to nothing. Still can't get over it: Batwing's placement in the middle of nowhere. SO much potential for that area. Sign of at least trying: Half-Painted Batwing supports. Didn't open until 1:30 so they could keep painting. Odd thing I noticed: This park has quite the variety of coasters....yet none of them are great examples of their respective manufacturers: B&M (but it's an old stand-up), Intamin Hyper (but they made much better versions in the next couple years), GCI (but when they were still working out the kinks. also no Millennium Flyers), Inverted Coaster (but it's an SLC), Flyer (but it's in the middle of nowhere and only has one train), Premier (can't really complain actually), Classic Woodie (OK, can't really bemoan much about this one). It's not much but it was a good day
  13. IDK if it counts, but Steel Phantom had (and Phantom's Revenge still has) the lift right out of the station as well
  14. I literally live down the street from Field of Screams (i walked there in about 5 minutes a few weeks ago). It's a good haunt that gets crazy crowded this time of year. Do youself a favor and spend the extra $10-$15 on the V.I.P. access if you are coming from far away. But I do recommend it.
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