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  1. That poster was just a joke at enthusiast's expense. Evidenced by the Black's Marauders(B&M), the blatent naming of Switzerland for Intamin, name dropping Merrie England. I doubt Alton Towers were even thinking of The Smiler in 2011, let alone a coaster here!
  2. Ripsaw has been replaced by... FORBIDDEN SWEEP! Image from Towers Street facebook
  3. Either Revolution or the Big One at Blackpool, I can't remember which was first but I probably rode both in the same day as soon as I was tall enough!
  4. I think they're prosecuting Merlin instead of a person because the people followed the operating procedures that Merlin had provided? So the parent company gets prosecuted for failing to ensure the safety of the guests. If the op had wilfully ignored standard operating procedures then they could be on the hook personally for a fine and/or prison, like the electrician from Lightwater Valley that was prosecuted as well as the park for not following procedure.
  5. "oriolat2" on Coaster Force has shared some details about potential pricing for Ferrari Land from a recent online survey sent out: So for the low, low price of €35 you can ride a lame, slightly out of shape, launch coaster and a couple of shot towers. Yeah!
  6. There are rumors of a "Soarin'" type of ride where the old guesthouse Rolando is, hence the EP Express extension
  7. Mandy's tweeted that there's no new ride next year but she has said that a new ride would interact with the new bridge over the the lake!
  8. I'm not so sure tbh, if you look on the first picture you can kinda see that section of the helix and it looks white in that picture. Maybe the middle section was just a test patch?
  9. Latest rumour/theory is that Ripsaw is being taken to Heide Park for spares for their topspin. Towersstreet has taken a couple of pictures of Nemesis mid-repaint: It's looking very white at the moment!
  10. Found this article: http://www.alva.org.uk/details.cfm?p=413&codeid=320805 (link seems to be down at the moment but the google cached version works) Can't say a VR-based immersive tunnel really interests me. I'm sure it'll look good, but it can't be long before it suffers the usual Merlin problem of either being forgotten about or gutted when they realise that it's going to cost them the same amount of money every year despite bringing in less and less.
  11. This makes me thing . . . did B&M really have to put much input into it . . . or any any at all? After all, they are a design firm. The coaster is already designed so it's not like they are drawing up new plans and it seems all the footers are being reused.The steel fabricator doesn't solely belong to B&M right? Isn't the box track a B&M patent? So they would have to at least get permission from them to have to re-manufactured?
  12. Given the fact the park haven't announced anything yet you honestly think Mack would just spill the beans on it happening? Even in the modern age of internet rumours and terrible know it all enthusiasts there can still be a few secrets kept here and there. Yes. Europa Street have a good relationship with the park and there's nothing stopping them confirming that they don't have anything planned with Alton Towers. It's just been announced that it's going to be an immersive VR experience produced by Figment Productions. The announcement event is still happening, so expect some more news later.
  13. Rob over on Towers Street has said that on a recent EuropaStreet visit to Europa Park they were told that this isn't a Mack/VRCoaster installation. I can't wait for them to balls this up.
  14. I can't see Merlin forking out the better part of a million pounds for new trains, even if they were the cause. I'm sure I saw an interview with one of the engineers that said it's the moving floor that causes most of those issues, hence the other B&M flyers having dips in the floor instead.
  15. Check the school holiday dates for the Strasbourg area and Germany, you might need an extra day. Yes, the hotels are worth it but if you can't afford it there are loads of great places to stay in Rust. You can use the hotel bars and restaurants even if you're not staying in them, so don't worry about that.
  16. In the first step of the Towers Loving Care, Ripsaw has been scrapped with bits of queue and theming stacked in the car park
  17. Scratch that, a mis-translation seems to have gotten hopes up
  18. Towers Street are also reporting that Ripsaw and The Flume are being removed entirely, not just SBNO for the season like the others.
  19. According to Loopings, they've started the pull through test:
  20. There's supposed to be some theming elements added around the ride as well. Merlin have also trademarked the name "Galactica", so we could be seeing a change of theme to something a bit more space orientated. As far as I know it's not specifically the trains that cause this, but rather the dropping floor being very touchy. This is why the newer flyers have dips in the floor instead of a moving floor!
  21. To be fair/pesimisstic, Phantasialand won't even commit to a 2016 opening for Taron! Not surprising given the Chiapas debacle, but annoying for planning graduation trips!
  22. AstroDan over on EuropaStreet posted a few bits of information the other day! https://towersstreet.com/talk/index.php?posts/148003 Looks like they're opening it in phases along with extra accommodation over the next few years
  23. They lift the notices when the problem that caused them has been fixed, if that makes sense? So if someone banged their head (silly example, but you get the point) the notice would be lifted once you had proven people couldn't bang their head there again, regardless of the status of the investigation. Don't forget the HSE still has, I think, the crashed cars in their warehouse for inspection etc.
  24. It's rumoured there is going to be a vekoma family coaster in there too!
  25. It's an optional thing. You go to guest services to get a ticket and then collect a headset from the exit before riding and hand it back after.
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