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  1. Wait Hold Up!


    Disney doesn't want to invest much money into their Fat Cash Cow Disneyland???!......What a surprise.

    Disney hasn't added a brand new E-Ticket attraction to Disneyland for 20+ years! (Milk that bloated cow for all its worth, and then some!)

    But with Universal Hollywood investing $$$ in a Harry Potter Land, we can only hope that Disneyland will step up! (with a major ride, and not just a 'pathetic' movie promotion tie-in.... Frozen Etc.) They have lots of room to build, we can only hope the imagineers will succeed!


    Clearly you have no idea how much money it costs to keep a ride like Indiana Jones and all its effects working up to Disney's show standards. There comes a point when it just doesn't make sense to keep filling the money pit.


    As for the old, tired argument that Disneyland hasn't had a "new" E-ticket in 20 years, what you're saying is you'd like to have a couple new rides while all the treasured classics like Matterhorn, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Small World, Peter Pan, etc who've all gone through extensive expensive lengthy refurbishments in that time go completely to rot, right? And I guess we should just completely ignore all that awesome improvement done across the Esplanade with BV St, Cars Land, Mermaid, Midway Mania, Tower of Terror, and everything else simply because it wasn't built within Walt's berm. None of that improved any bit of one's day at Disneyland. Nope, not at all.


    I just don't understand this sense of entitlement some people have...

    I think you summed it up in your first sentence. They didn't want to keep spending on it so they lowered their show standards. I don't think BelizeIt does and I don't have a sense of entitlement, I just decided not to lower my expectations in line with Disney's. I love Disneyland. That's why I go a few times a week. That doesn't mean I should give them a free pass when it comes to removing a big effect on one of the biggest E-tickets in the park.

  2. ABC as well. abc7.com/news/10-year-old-girls-death-was-from-natural-causes-not-from-six-flags-roller-coaster-accident/787987/


    VALENCIA, Calif. (KABC) -- The 10-year-old Somis girl who died after losing consciousness during a Six Flags roller coaster died from natural causes and not from an accident on the ride, the coroner said.


    Jasmine Martinez was found passed out after riding the Revolution roller coaster at the amusement park on Friday and died a day later.


    The coroner said Tuesday that Martinez died of natural causes and not from an accident. However, there were no further details on the girl's health condition.


    Her family has yet to release any statements regarding her death.

  3. IMHO they need to shut down Revolution and give it new trains and whatever else a big refurbishment would consist of. The roughness and restrains have given countless people headaches, someone has had their ear torn open, and at the very least it doesn't look good that someone died on the ride. *Obviously* there's no evidence pinning the death to the ride. At the same time, I think the fact that unless you go into the ride knowing you're going to need to ride it "a certain way" to avoid getting banged around (and most of the GP don't) means it's time to make some changes.

  4. ^ Yeah, I got the point the first time. lol. Anyway, I got many beautiful views of the park when I rode it 25 times in a row.

    I can only imagine how that went...

    1st drop: What a nice of view of X2!

    2nd drop: What a nice view of Superman!

    3rd drop: What a nice view of Batman! I'm going to ride again so I can look at something else from 400 feet up in the air for just a few seconds!

  5. While we are on the topic, what days do you recommend buying the Flash Pass? I plan to go on a Tuesday July 7. I'm thinking my visit to MM would benefit from buying the Flash Pass and not having to stand out in the heat in long lines? What is the general opinion? Are the crowds busy during the beginning of the week in the middle of summer?

    If it's a Saturday holiday weekend, a big event day such as Key Club Day, or something really crazy, or if you're Dan Bilzerian, then buy it ahead of time. In all other cases, wait till you get to the park to see if it's busy.

    Whatever you do, stay away from Key Club day.

  6. .......On Sunday the 21st of May we will travel to Six Flags Magic Mountain for the first time! .......What is the best strategy for our visit (without a Flash Pass)

    You should use single rider lines whenever possible. You will not be able to ride with your girlfriend, but that is no big deal because the rides only last a couple minutes.

    Isn't the whole point to ride with your girlfriend?

  7. I know SFMM does not do a good job managing or maintaining their rides. With that being said, in all seriousness, isn't it possible that TC is just having some growing pains as RMC hasn't made a coaster like this before (and SFMM hasn't run one like this before), and that it will take some time for it to consistently be operational and racing? I just think it's a bit early to start bashing the park when we don't know the full story.

  8. One of the trains must have lost momentum....


    This is a bad time for SF to be broken, and I let management know about the grinding on TC and loud noises on Batman, GL, Gold Rusher, etc. The problems with Colossus are more than cosmetic and, IMO, are a safety hazard. Rev was closed and Viper was squealing, too.


    Hey I found one of those people the news media interviews in those way overblown all coasters are death traps stories.


  9. Pretty bummed at the state of Apocalypse. Rode it the other day in row 2 and it was much rougher than it should be.

    I agree. My girlfriend and I rode it with our hands up and it was painful and made us sore. We will never ride it again.

    Shorter lines for the rest of us.

    One of the trains must have lost momentum....


    This is a bad time for SF to be broken, and I let management know about the grinding on TC and loud noises on Batman, GL, Gold Rusher, etc. The problems with Colossus are more than cosmetic and, IMO, are a safety hazard. Rev was closed and Viper was squealing, too.

    How is SF "broken"? And there's no safety hazard...

  10. Goliath at SFMM was $30,000,000 in 2000 which converts to $41,000,000 in 2015. Crazy to think that Millennium Force is much bigger than Goliath but was only $25,000,000. Earthquake proofing seems to be quite expensive.

    That's depressing to hear. I wish they just went with a B&M Hyper.

    Legend has it, MM wanted B&M for Goliath but B&M was reluctant to build coasters that high at the time.

  11. Thunderhead is still a top 5 wooden coaster for me. I definitely wouldn't call it rough.



    When I rode in 2012, it was up there with El Toro and Phoenix for me. BUT, having ridden Apocalypse yesterday, that ride is far from what it was a few years ago. Still solid airtime as it flies through the course, but it's taken a beating. Pretty rough.

  12. I'm pretty sure the squeal was explained some pages back with a photo.

    If that's the case, do you mind quoting it so we don't have to go searching?


    Regarding Revolution, I know a popular SFMM blogger had his ear torn while riding it last week, not sure if that has something to do with it being closed. Maybe it's at that point where they're running into potential lawsuits by keeping it open and will be forced to get new trains.

  13. Rode TC for the first time tonight. All I can say is that it is AMAZING.

    Got in line at 7:40, ride broke down around 8:15, although the park closed at 8 they gave guests the option to go ride X2 or Tatsu, which is pretty cool. Really, cool for me because I moved up to one train behind the front of line. The team members said they would give up around 9:15, and luckily they got the ride working again at 9:20! One of the trains had been stuck at the base of the green lift hill. They had issues getting it going again.

  14. ^You should have read some of the responses on twitter to the @DisneylandToday tweets...it was definitely more than enthusiasts complaining. We just try to dissect it more.

    Thanks, I'll go check them out. I doubt it'll ever happen, but maybe the park could handle attendance for the 24 hour events by registering online ahead of the event. Registration would be linked to your ticket.

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