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  1. While I don't hate Viper, if we had to nominate a coaster for removal, that would definitely be it. They could put something pretty amazing in it's spot. Don't think we see it removed though until after the 50th anniversary. I'm convinced they want 20 coasters for this, and #20 is going to be some sort of record breaker. My money is on either a 450ft poler coaster surrounding an all new observation tower, or a custom RMC that breaks the speed or length barrier for a woody.


    Winged or Dive coaster taking up vipers spot, going over the white water ride and extending into daja vu's old footprint, then comes back to complete the loop. Possibly costs too much but that's a lot of space to work with.

    There's no way they'd put a winged coaster next to another winged coaster. I don't see one of those coming for a very long time. Maybe they'd start a giga from Viper's spot and follow the layout you proposed.

  2. Isn't it sort of interesting that the Intamin ones in Europe also don't seem to have any issues either? I mean Insane is just an INCREDIBLE ride at Grona Lund. What happened to Green Lantern? Why did SFMM have to go and mess with it?

    IIRC, anytime a car returning back into the station was "righted" upside-down instead of right-side up by the ride mechanism, the ride ops had to call maintenance as they are not allowed to walk over and right the cars themselves, unlike in Europe. I rode it a lot when it was new, and there would be a lot of downtime due to having to wait for maintenance. Over the course of marathon, there were multiple times where I had to wait at least 10 minutes for maintenance to come right the car. The whole making the cars heavier thing doesn't make much sense to me as this still happens (although not as common), but this is SFMM we're talking about.

    Maybe this will be a question for management on Saturday.

  3. Plus, what happened to "state laws preventing this" like Tim Burkhart said all those years ago?


    My guess is that....


    1. That excuse was complete BS, or

    2. The fact that they are getting completely new trains allows it, as opposed to simply taking the harnesses off the existing trains.

    #2 is correct. It was basically a white lie. The real answer was yes they could, but with new trains. So the effective answer was no, because they weren't going to be adding new trains anytime soon.

  4. I do have to admit that I'm surprised that the Revolution refurb is the only expansion for 2016 for SFMM. I'm really surprised that they didn't also get a flat or a HH expansion as well. Don't take this as complaining because I definitely am not. I'm just saying I'm surprised.

    Maybe they went over-budget for 2015, or possibly planning another major attraction in 2017.

    I'm not sure what their budgets are, but TC was only $7 million. I'm also surprised they didn't add any flats with Revolution's refurb, this would be a perfect time to do so (off year spending-wise).

  5. Call me a DC/SF fanboy but I happen to like every one of those names you listed lol they're much better then Cedar Fair's ________Hawk the ride, Afterburners, Coastrider just to name a few and also much better then Spinsanity. Just saying that gives me a headache, Spinsanity ...ouch, damn it did it again lol

    Agreed, I actually love the way Six Flags names these rides. Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth just makes me laugh every time I walk by, in a good way.

  6. Isn't it kind of strange that SFMM has not dropped any hints about 2016? Don't they usually drop some type of hint? (at least in past years?)


    Edit: Or see signs of construction at the park? (like construction walls, track on site, spray painted concrete) etc?

    Well, signs of construction would only be there if they were planning on constructing something... They may not be. My personal hope is they're finally going to give Revolution long-needed new trains and a refurbishment. Maybe they don't feel it's that marketable to the GP?

  7. ^Maybe it's just me, but I've never greyed out on Goliath...even opening year when the MCBR didn't bring the train to a complete stop. I greyed out all 7 times I rode i305, then again it was in the 90's and humid the day I rode i305...so could've been a factor as well.

    I'm totally with you on i305! I greyed/near blacked out more so than any Goliath ride, I meant the extended amount of time Goliath is putting forces on you (compared to a massive amount for 2 seconds) might be an issue.

  8. ^i305's turn goes very quickly compared to Goliath's very long helix.


    I recently had a blood test and fainted (even though I looked away when they were doing it) and was wondering if this would be any cause for concern for a really intense ride like Goliath or Tatsu. (I’ve never been to Magic Mountain and have always wanted to go.) Thanks.

    If I were you I might avoid Goliath, the helix might cause problems if you have circulation issues. It (Goliath) did a number on me Sunday and I may have to avoid rides for a while. Tatsu's pretzel loop can be very intense as well. But none of us are doctors, so I'd talk to yours before going. Hope this helped!

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