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  1. Ugh, I wish people would stop going on about the Indy door. It's like the annoying people who always complain about Everest's Yeti. The biggest issue about the door is that most people didn't even notice it, nor did they care. The only people complaining about it are die-hard Disney dorks almost looking to brag that they "know" about the door to make them feel like they are more in the know about pointless Disney Parks trivia that no one really cares about. Seriously, I think I rode Indy a dozen or so times when it first opened until someone pointed it out to me. I *NEVER* even noticed it! lol Tokyo's version doesn't have it, and guess what, NO ONE has ever mentioned that the ride suffers from not having it.

    Well, maybe the only people who complain about it are people who like really, really enjoyed it. For me, as a kid riding it, I didn't know for a while. I literally thought there were 3 different rooms. When I found out, it was the coolest thing EVER.


    It consistently costs millions to keep the ride going. The door effect is dead, and Disney has proven this by replace the effect with something new. Also, the other Indy ride that uses this ride system did not include this effect, and it looks wonderful. I hope one day they tear it our and do something new, but the doors are likely never going to move again.

    First of all, I can't believe you said that! I don't think that ride is going anywhere for decades at least, especially if they continue to make movies for the franchise. Why get rid of one of the most popular rides at the park? It'd cost millions to tear the thing out to replace it with another E-ticket that would cost upwards of $100-200 million.


    Yes, they spend lots of money to keep the ride going, so if they're doing that, they might as well invest in it the same way they invested in Big Thunder Mountain, Matterhorn, and even Space Mountain (although that was probably the cheapest?). I think if everything was "re-done" (same effects but the engineering/electronics behind it are streamlined/improved) there would be a lot less problems and less maintenance to do.

  2. With all the money that's gone into this ride I wish they'd retrofit the ride system into something new for a certain ride in Adventureland. By that I don't mean new ride vehicles or effects for that matter, basically I mean re-programming or doing whatever electronic work needs to be done to make all of the effects work consistently. Oh, and retrofitting that door effect...

  3. There is no "mindset". The ride either duels, or it doesn't, period. And it's not.

    So you're telling me it won't duel at WCB at all?


    It WILL duel if a train is dispatched in time, and it almost ALWAYS is a park guest who realizes after seats have locked that they need to put something in the bins (I've seen multiple people with purses have to get unlocked to go put it in the bin). When I went last Wednesday, I dueled once the 2nd time I rode it. Leaving the park later, I saw FOUR races in a row. And you know what? I'd bet the ride ops were maintaining the same pace, which IS good enough to allow the trains to race, but it won't race when guests hold up the dispatch.

    So I don't think the beef should be with the ride ops, rather management who decided not to post signage or a video or something to tell guests to put their stuff away (the time I raced the ride ops announced "If you want to race, please quickly put your belongings in the bins and buckle your seatbelt").

  4. No gloating allowed: long queues can cause distress and when people see you getting on the ride via a special chained-off section at the first row, you're likely going to be chastised for cutting the line. After cutting the line, make sure you let the staff know that you'd like your seat lowered so that there is a slight bend in your knees when standing erect. It's now time for you to ride. Ridewatchers did, and had fun following the procedure above. I began the boarding procedure began at 12:28 P.M., one minute after entering the single-rider queue.

    Fantastic trip report, bravo.

  5. To be honest, jist thought I'd mention just because I'm SothernCalifornian, and even though it's not theme park related, Angel Stadium has some of the best fireworks on 4th of July and every Saturday home game. The show lasts about 20-25 minutes, is synchronized with music, and basically anywhere inside or around the stadium (you can hang out near the Amtrack station or around the parking lot, you don't even have to buy a ticket to see them) is a pretty good seat. Just throwing it out there since we're talking fireworks shows, and Angel Stadium is some of the best I've ever seen.

    Hate to start a flame war but the ones at Dodger Stadium every Friday night and 4th of July are better (I've seen both Dodgers and Angels)

  6. Considering multiple posters raved about the fireworks show and placed amongst the best they've ever seen from an amusement park, I don't think it's unreasonable to compare it to Disney.

    That's true, but I think if that's the case it should be more praised as "being good enough to be mentioned in the same sentence as Disney" instead of "sorry, it pales in comparison" as if it was touted as being on level with Disney.

  7. Disney is playing hardball with Anaheim over the tax. We will see who blinks. Disney is going to expand regardless of the tax. They just may take a little longer to do it. My guess is the city will agree to not taxing the tickets. After all Disney has done a lot for Anaheim by being there and the more people they can cram into the park, the more they will spend in the area.

    Honestly I don't know why they'd vote to not tax them. Do they think Disney's going to pack up and leave? The mayor who's against the tax break knows Disney's going to expand anyway... But as I heard from someone, don't bite the hand that feeds you... Anaheim IS Disney.

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