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  1. Disney's first foray into dynamic pricing...offering the locals a great deal when it's slow....

    I never realized since I've always had a pass, but it seems they actually do this every year.

    Discounted rates for Southern California residents began in 2003 as a way to boost attendance during the so-called off-season, from January to May.


    The only time Disney skipped the discounts was in 2013, after opening the immediately popular Cars Land in Disney California Adventure.

    Source: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/disney-647447-california-discounted.html

  2. Hitting Disneyland the first weekend in April for the first time, planning to spend two full days in the parks, Sunday & Monday. I'll be by myself, and trying to hit as much of both the parks as I can. Any advice on any major areas/rides to hit first in either of the parks? Or just general advice to get the most out of my two days? Any advice is appreciated!

    I would make Space Mountain a priority due to its current popularity with the Star Wars overlay, as the fastpasses run out VERY quickly and the standby line can reach two hours.

  3. hey i am on page 1,000! couldnt' resist. lol


    edit: dammit just missed it.


    anyway, i have not been here for a while. is RMC working on ghost rider?

    No, it's GCI (although this hasn't been officially announced by the park).


    Also, had a great time at Scary Farm with 805Andrew last night. The best moment was one of the scare actors in Black Magic snatching my water bottle from my hands and running away with it (I got it back of course). Also, one of the soldiers in Infected dropped an f-bomb (quietly to me and one or two others) lol.

  4. So last weekend was my first time at Scary Farm, and I went with JeromyL and x2isawesome. I was really really impressed!!! They really "got me" a few times haha. Paranormal Inc. was simply amazing. Infected was super cool and our group had a lot of fun. Also, the Fright Lane pass is a must. The Hanging was pretty funny. Can't wait till next year! The plan next weekend is to try Horror Night at Universal for the first time...

  5. I find it funny how people who pay for the Premium pass say they aren't going to renew, instead of just dropping down to the Deluxe pass, as if its all or nothing. If having 50 less days to go (during peak times when I wouldn't even want to go anyway because of the crowds!) during a year is such a travesty, good riddance, you're probably not fun to hang out with anyways! That's what the park wants anyways, to ease the crowds. Seriously, it's not the end of the world to save a couple hundred dollars to spend somewhere else...

  6. Superman was running on the left side, which is rare, and probably for good reason: there was a high-pitched screeching sound on the way up and out of the curve and into the vertical, and it was clear maintenance was needed. But we had a great time, and everyone in our car was cheering loudly, like they actually had fun!

    The guide rail on the left side was recently replaced, and has a screeching sound but is really much quieter compared to the right side, which still has that roaring wind-tunnel sound. I wonder if they will do this to the right side at some point as well.

  7. I was totally bummed out when there was no ERT on Skull Mountain a couple years ago when I was there in '12. Right after my first ride it became my #1 (and has been in my sig as such since). Superb theming and insane airtime (back row)? Yes please.


    After that, I'd have to go with Phoenix at Knoebels. While Skyrush has the most intense ejector airtime I've experienced, I just found Phoenix's airtime buffet "more fun."

  8. Let me rephrase my point, maybe it didn't come across as intended. I said operate 4 trains, as in run 4 trains, not own 4 trains. For TTD and Maverick, there are 6 trains in total. TTD has 6 trains, but does not operate 6 trains at one time, which is what freoflasvegas was suggesting SFMM do (run all 4 trains of their trains at once)...

  9. What SFMM should have done is operate the coaster with four trains.... That's a world class theme park for you!

    Are you serious? What major parks (outside of Disney) do you know that operate coasters with 4 trains?

    This was the only way the dueling aspect of this ride could have worked given the challenges SFMM's faces with loading their coasters.

    That's just not true at all. All that is required is a no loose article policy. As has been already mentioned, the ride duels consistently when loose articles aren't slowing down dispatches. Hopefully what Tim told Magic Monte ends up being the case for 2016 (that they'll possibly implement lockers).

    To ensure that dueling happens, sensors would have to be set up in various parts of the coasters so that trains can be synched. SFMM should have paid for computer program to get the trains to synch on the lift hill. But no, apparently they opted to have everything done manually.

    What? There are sensors, there is a computer program, and they don't sync them manually.

  10. XC doesn't have a "Launch boost." The speed that was achieved during that test was Intamin and the Hydraulic control system's programmers way of testing the launch system and it's capabilities. Contrary to popular belief, XC usually doesn't short shot in the morning unless it's abnormally cold OR it had rained during the night and there's water build up on the track and inside the catch car trough which will cause enough resistance for a short shot. What does usually happen every morning however is the train won't clear the Top Hat in the allotted 11 seconds which will cause an RTL (Ride Trouble Light) an the train will stop in the Brake Block. The RTL has to be reset by maintenance which isn't really a big deal cause maintenance performs morning tests anyways so there's usually a 2nd mechanic or electrician in the PLC room to reset the RTL within a minute or 2.

    Yesterday they had some downtime on XC (missed the breakdown) where after a test launch, a mechanic went under the brakes and made some adjustments and the train seemed to slowly go past a few fins, stop for a minute, go through a few more, and this repeated until it was all the way through and back to the station. They then sent another empty train, it came back the station in normal fashion, and we were on the next train. Would what you mentioned (not making it in 11 seconds) be what happened, or something else?

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