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  1. This is the quote from the article, which itself is a quote from the bill (emphasis mine):

    "[the bill makes it illegal to] hold in captivity, or use, a wild-caught or captive-bred orca for performance or entertainment purposes."

    There's a big difference between preserving animals and using them for entertainment purposes. I've always been against this, which is why I don't visit zoos or animal shows. I haven't seen Blackfish, but to me IMHO it doesn't matter where the law came from, the focus is banning using the animals for entertainment purposes and not holding animals for preservation purposes and that's not a bad thing. So IMO to say that this law will ahem, kill off the killer whales, when they CAN still be in captivity and NOT forced into the wild is a fallacy.

  2. I was at the park today with JeromyL! I'll be posting some pictures tomorrow. Here's some quick thoughts on today:


    I was able to get two quick rides on Full Throttle before the rest of the park came in due to the early entry with the gold pass; awesome perk!

    Batman backwards was AWESOME!

    Riddler's Revenge was running great, and we got some nice airtime in the back today.

    Green Lantern was underwhelming at usual.

    Revolution was running fairly well.

    Goliath was running great.


    Final thought: Colossus made my day today! Three AMAZINGLY smooth rides (smoother than Apocalypse) with tons of airtime in the back row to end my night. It's okay SFMM, you can hold off on Iron Colossus a bit longer.

  3. I'll be heading to the mountain this weekend. I'm worried about the front gate change to the biometric scanners. These haven't worked properly at Busch Gardens in Tampa for quite sometime. What kind of delays will this create to get in??? The hand held scanners worked well...

    I think they're only using around half the gates right now while the other half get upgraded. I've also heard that they are letting people in a bit early since the lines are moving a lot slower to get in. I'll post back once I get there tomorrow morning.

  4. ^I doubt that would be the case actually; I don't think they would stop running them backwards in 4-8 weeks because they are the only new things they are offering this year. I think the park just meant that the new backward experiences would open in the Spring (and they're already starting passholder previews). So, I think they will run them until at least very close to the end of the year, my guess would be right after Fright Fest.


    Also, I believe the park is running two trains backwards! In Chicago, I think they only had one train, but I may be wrong on that.

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