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  1. TC seems to be the only ride that has dedicated queue space for single riders (even though it's not being used...right now because SF is still learning how to operate the ride, basically). And this is a good idea: when I went on Thursday, trains went out with 1-2 empty spaces because of groups of 1 or 3 (or 5).


    It is a little-known fact that ALL rides at SF have single-rider lines (according to one of their gold pass newsletters published several months ago), but that only a handful of rides have posted signage. For rides that don't have SR signage, it is at the ride operator's discretion. Goliath, that means you!


    Re: 4 trains: TC will never (according to park management) run 4 trains at once. One will always be in rehab. Also, having that 4th train on the tracks will not increase RPH because it really isn't possible to load one train in 60 seconds.


    Can someone confirm this? I don't think you can just walk up the Tatsu, Superman, FT exit and try to get empty seats.

  2. I went to the event with a friend. We got to Disneyland around 7am, and left the park around 1ish to visit DCA. Obviously, Disneyland had closed, so we were in DCA until about 2:30am, when Disneyland opened back up. The lines weren't too bad at that point, less than DCA (2 hours 20 minutes for Soarin') - we waited 20 minutes for Alice, 50 for Indy, and 25 for Space at about 5:50am as our last ride.


    Honestly, I DON'T see what the big deal is. It seems like more people in the coaster community are expressing displeasure than the General Public, who seemed to all be aware that the crowds were going to be huge, and no one seemed upset that Disneyland had closed off. Cast members were telling people at the exit gates of DCA that Disneyland was currently closed but may open up later to guests in DCA, which it did. Everyone in both parks seemed to be having lots of fun. I'll definitely be back next year because my friend woke us up late - I want to go from 6 to 6!


    EDIT: We thought it was hilarious how they try to make you feel special about being at the event - the announcements every few hours over the PA by a Disney Princess - "Congratulations! You've made it through 12 hours of our DIAMOND Celebration!"... "Just 4 hours left! It's the point where it's hard to tell if it's late or early!" The naming itself is funny - is the 70th the SAPPHIRE Celebration?

  3. I'm guessing they'd get quite a few complaints if they advertised a spring opening and the ride wasn't ready for spring break
    When has that ever mattered before


    i haven't really paid close attention but i remember when they used to make it a perk to ride a new ride and at a certain time. with superman, that was pretty bad. at least we got to ride one night. or maybe pass holders were spread out a number of days. car went up about 2/3 of the tower, if that. i don't really remember.


    so i'd guess those promises, at least as a perk to buy a pass, really aren't stressed anymore.


    that dual RMC colored drop is looking pretty wicked. lol

    Well, pass-holders got to ride Batman backwards for a little while before it opened up to everyone.

  4. ^&^^ Thanks for the info. Not sure if I'm gonna like it in grey. Will wait to see what it looks like when it's finished before I make judgement. I'm sure it will have no effect on the ride at all.


    But in hindsight, grey does depress me. So my elitist, coaster semi-enthusiest, arrogant, snap prejudgement would allow me to make the prediction that the ride will do the same. So sad. I had such high hopes for this redo. Too bad it sucks. Don't even need to ride it. It sucks.


    Not that it matters but are you talking about WC or TC?

    Well it kinda matters since there's separate threads for separate parks.

  5. I'm glad Six Flags is finally doing a holiday event, and realizing the market potential of holiday events. It looks like they went all out with the lights. If they did this event in their Northeast parks, the snow part would be really easy: just summon Mother Nature.


    I know SFDK has been doing Holiday in the Park for years. This is just the first year SFMM decided to participate. Haven't other Six Flags parks across the nation been doing Holiday in the Park in past years as well?

    I believe so. I'm not too sure SFMM should get all the credit though, I'm sure corporate had serious oversight.

  6. I have to disagree. Space Mountain and Soaring were closed last year for a month after California safety inspectors found deficiencies in the rides.

    I don't think we are in disagreement because my point was regarding temporarily closing rides based off of rider complaints and injuries, not safety inspections; you're talking about the state safety inspections. The rides would have been closed at any park because of the findings of the safety inspectors, it wasn't a matter of the park deciding they wanted to play it safe, they had to (the law).

  7. When I worked for Disney, we were always trained to look for "Unusual Conditions." If something doesn't look, sound, or smell right, or we get a report from guests about something unusual, we either stop the ride or at the very least stop loading the ride depending on the situation. This goes for all attractions I worked including those in Tomorrowland and Kilimanjaro Safaris. You never ignore something abnormal in a ride's operation.


    Are we sure the Yelp report is credible?

    No, I don't think we are sure it's credible, but it did include pictures. And I think someone a couple pages back pointed out that it was suspicious that it was a new account, but an event like that might cause me to make a Yelp account to make a bad review myself.

  8. I agree too, safety first, and if there is an obvious injury such as bruising or bleeding then yes, do the inspection now. But I'm sure the parks get guest complaints all the time of alleged 'injuries' on rides with no obvious signs of the injury and in that case, should they then stop the ride and inspect it every time that happens? Maybe it depends on the alleged injury, I don't know, or, does this even happen often enough- real or fake, to even cause a problem? What do you guys think? I'm sure they are many of you that have visited parks more frequently than I have so what is your take on this, have you seen such an incident before?

    It's not safety first if there's a but.

    If they get a report of something obstructing the course of the track, yes they should inspect it every time it happens. The thinking that an inspection shouldn't be made because there weren't any obvious signs of injury is a fallacy. Part of the point of the inspection is to prevent injuries from happening. The line of thinking that something should not get checked out because nothing serious has happened yet is exactly how this situation came to be.


    EDIT: Again, I will use Disney and Universal (and Cedar Fair parks) as examples of parks that are safety-first and would have shut down the ride immediately. I don't think the large amount of people in the park and waiting on rides stops those parks from taking the safety-first approach (to address the idea that no one would get to ride if the park responded to these complaints).

  9. That's terrible but really what is the park supposed to do... stop a ride every time somebody complains like this? Sure in this case it may have prevented this but if they stopped a ride every time a guest complained about something, made up or not, rides would never run. As far as the rest of her complaint I don't know.


    Yes. If a guest comes back from a ride injured (beyond things like head banging) you should (IMO) stop operation to find out why.


    I completely agree as well. As the saying goes, safety first. And I'm not quite sure, Tmcdllr, what you mean by "every time somebody complains 'like this' because I don't know of any other complaints like this. In my opinion (and I don't see why this is even a debatable issue), someone getting hurt on a ride (as Comeagain stated, outside of something like headbanging) is serious and should be taken seriously by the park. If Disney, Universal, or Knott's received a complaint that someone was hurt from an obstruction on a ride, you bet they're going to shut down the ride immediately.


    And to the argument that rides would never run if they addressed complaints whether they were made up or not, well look, Ninja can't run AT ALL right now because they didn't look into something they should have.

  10. Looks like its going to be an awesome weekend as usual. Going to be ordering my tickets pretty soon. Lets see if we can top shaving off half of dylans beard from last year during lunchtime games and fun.


    I'll bring the dog clippers rob. Let's give Dylan a reverse Mohawk this year??

    Don't give Robb any ideas... But really, can't wait for WCB this year! ERT lineup looks awesome, and I know Knott's will put on an amazing day.

  11. Best helpful tip: Don't go to Food Etc. (Unless you want to experience its amazingness .)

    Well, they do have Dole Whips.


    Meh. I doubt they are as good as the Dole Whips at the Disney Parks or the Dole Plantation.


    I guess I'll see for myself on its quality the next time I get dragged to this park.

    It's the same thing. It comes from a machine. And Magic Mountain has mango, which is infinitely better than the pineapple.

  12. FWIW standups have capacity issues. Having longer waits doesn't equate to being more popular. Mantis, for example, only ever runs two trains because it practically always stacks.

    Very true, but people were still willing to GET in line seeing it was a 45 minute wait compared to i305 being a walk-on.

    Georgia Scorcher at SFOG seemed to have a healthy line when I was there.

    Riddler's is also still pretty popular at SFMM, despite shorter lines being available elsewhere and tons of arguably better coasters available to ride.

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