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  1. Ummm so where exactly are Riddler's trains? They've been using one train for the longest and it's from Great Adventure (has lime green stripes along the side).

    That train is actually Riddler's train that Great Adventure borrowed for a while when they opened Green Lantern.


    This is a Green Lantern train and the one currently operating on Riddler. Notice the lime green stripe across the bottom

    It's called paint.

  2. A giga would just be way too expensive in earthquake prone California. Goliath cost $30 million with only a 4,500 track length. I can't image what the price would be for a ride the size of Fury


    Unless they were able to some how use a lot of the hilly terrain, thus reducing the amount steel necessary for supports (like they did with FT). I still think it would extremely expensive for frugal Six Flags.

    It's coming, eventually. They're going to have to as the rest of the country starts to get them. Ninja will probably go IMO. It'd be nice to see them use the mountain as I wish FT had done (which some thought was going to be a giga).

  3. I'm a roller coaster fan who's prone to motion sickness (lol, I know). Because of this, I rarely marathon or re-ride coasters. I also try to alternate between coasters and other rides as much as possible throughout the day. Every once in a while I get a bad day at the park where I briefly ask myself: "Why do I love these things again?" Luckily, I usually walk it off with some fresh air and I'm right back in line for the next one. To be honest though, I'm not sure if I could keep up during a TPR-style trip if I tried!

    Trust me, somehow you feel like you're letting everyone down if you take a ride off during ERT! Haha.

  4. The Goliath debacle makes me wonder which other rides perhaps might not be up to code. Batman has been sounding and riding like crap, Apocalypse is the roughest it's ever been, and Riddler rarely has more than 1 train running and that's IF it is even open.


    I know MM loves the retaining record for the most coasters but it doesn't seem like they can keep up with them.

    Poor operations/low effort in making them smooth rides have nothing to do with safety codes.

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