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  1. Europa Park released a official onride pov of Piraten in Batavia:
  2. At FKF's annualy FKF-Convention, held at Europa Park this year, Mack Rides showed some new ride concepts as well as a preview of their new Xtreme Spinning Coaster for Plopsaland De Panne. - The Rocking Boat (a new ride system to combine water and/or dark rides with coaster parts. There are rumours they will use this kind of type for their new version of "Pirates at Batavia" at Europa Park.) - Power Loop (an extension for their Power Splash) [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  3. RAIK: Trackwork finished Source: Parkerlebnis.de/Phantasialand.de
  4. ^Yes, it's on the german fair circuit. Laser was renamed to "Teststrecke" (test track) and got new trains made by SAT Rides. Pictures of Teststrecke: http://www.doppel-looping.de/
  5. According to "Die Zeit" (a known german Newspaper), Europa Park is going to build it's own Water Park in 2015. Opening is planned for the 2016 season. "There will be many attractions that can be operated independently of the weather. It estimates the potential for additional 500000-800000 visitors per year." Source: http://www.zeit.de/2013/28/europa-park-rust-schweizer/seite-3
  6. Matterhorn-Blitz 960 pph Pegasus 1000 pph Alpenexpress 1050 pph Schweizer Bobbahn 1220 pph Wodan 1250 pph Atlantica SuperSplash 1400 pph Eurosat 1600 pph Euro-Mir 1600 pph Poseidon 1600 pph Silver Star 1620 pph Blue Fire 1720 pph
  7. Alright! You'll love it. "Old school" park with 3 credits (Vekoma Boomerang, Zierer Spinning Coaster, Maurer Wild Mouse), an nice assortment of HUSS flat rides (Enterprise, Condor, Ranger, Break Dance, ...) plus a HUSS freefall tower and many self operated never-in-america rides made by Heege (Duelling Nautic Jets, Zipline, ...).
  8. Nice TR (as usual), Hanno! Have you ever been to Erlebnispark Geiselwind (in between Nuremberg and Munich)?
  9. That's the new evac-platform, right? Source: Knott's Network
  10. Great pictures! "Viva Mexico" is made by MACK, not Schwarzkopf.
  11. 1. Booster (INSANE!) 2. Break Dance 3. Mega Dance/Flic Flac/Can Can 4. Magic 5. Flipper I love Huss Rides!
  12. Yep. The wild mouse is rented for one season. It's a portable model that is usually on the german fair circuit. Wildwasser is a semi-portable model, made by Reverchon in 1997. That's why it looks different compared to other Wildwasser rides.
  13. Europa Park is owned by ride manufacturer Mack Rides, so this park isn't just a theme park, it's some kind of showcase as well. This park is wonderful. Can't get it why your opinion is that bad.
  14. Wodan @ night: Source: http://de-de.facebook.com/europapark
  15. Would you expect anything else by Europa Park Definitely not! I love Europa Park sooo much.
  16. For those, asking about the safety restraints: Lap-bars ONLY. NO seat belts.
  17. I love flat rides! - Soriani & Moser: Top Star Tour - Huss: Breakdance, Enterprise, Frisbee, Magic, Megadance, Flipper, Top Spin, Booster - Mondial: Shake R5, Inferno - KMG: Afterburner - Zierer: Star Shape - Mack: Musik Express, Hully Gully - Gerstlauer: Suspended Polyp - Schwarzkopf: Monster 3
  18. Hi, I'm the new one... Euro Star was built as a co-production by the following companys: - Intamin [project leadership, control system, electronical parts] - Giovanola [tracks, supports, lift, electronical parts ...] - Fa. Mannhardt [foundation] - Mack Rides [ticket booth] - Fa. Johann Gerstlauer (the brother of Hubert Gerstlauer, who owns Gerstlauer Rides) [station] - a company from the Netherlands (maybe Vekoma?) [Trains] - Fa. Stengel (design) The refurbishment in 2003/2004 was done by Gerstlauer Rides. Euro Star wasn't that rough. I really miss it on the german fair circuit!
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