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  1. The one that travels with Ray Cammack Shows is used at every stop, and is always running when I see it. Equinox was running at the Wisconsin State Fair. I
  2. The photo labeled Cliffhanger, is actually called Rave. Rotor type ride built by Battech. Great photos though
  3. Nice photos. Rockstar is made by ARM Rides. The Wacky Worm looks to be a Fajume model. But hard to tell since several different companies make it. The Polar Express is made by Wisdom. The wood piles under Vertigo is called blocking. It levels the ride when it's set up on uneven ground. Very common to see.
  4. I'm a fan of both Scramblers and Sizzlers. I ran a Sizzler years ago. Ours had a top speed of 11 RPM's. One of the reasons Sizzlers became popular with showmen, it's easier to move since they're trailer mounted. The flash package also made it popular. They're also easy to maintain.
  5. I remember when this ride was at Six Flags Great America. Called Z Force. Very cool ride but man, gave you a splitting headache afterwards.
  6. Rebuilt from the ground up. They took a Watkins Rampage and turned it into what you see in the video. The Stampede was the second model. Owned by Powers.
  7. The Rampage was rebuilt by Wisdom. The Stampede was modeled off the Rampage. I believe these are the only two out. There was an original Watkins Rampage traveling the northeast with Blue Sky Amusements. Not sure if this is the same Rampage they owned or not.
  8. Yeah it is, however the price tag will be higher than the original price since it would be built from scratch. Most owners looking to buy one will purchase it from the used market. Cheaper and more available.
  9. Only available by special order. Zippers haven't been in full production in a couple years.
  10. The non spinning at the top could be a safety feature, dunno. I've noticed a lot of rides (portable, or fixed) in California have been becoming more tame from what I remember. Of course it could just be me because I've ridden so many and I've gotten use to them. The other coasters and other rides are just as safe. Inspections are required daily and rides are inspected throughout the day as well. All manufacturer's have a standard they must comply too and majority of them (European built) carry a TUV certificate. Which is higher than the US standards. But just like anything, a ride will only be as good as it's owner and its caretakers. If she continues receiving proper maintenance, she'll continue operating for years.
  11. I thought it was RCS's. Paint theme threw it off. It's Steve Vander Vorste's (SJ Entertainment). I was never impressed my Maus coasters. They're all pretty similar but that's my opinion. There's many reasons why so many more companies are going with the Zamperla models. Overall purchase price, insurance, maintenance, cost of parts, availability of parts, how many trucks does it takes, all those sort of things. It's kinda like the old debate of what's better to own. A Mack Himalaya or a Wisdom Himalaya. Some companies prefer the smaller version because it's cost effective (single trailer), over the Mack version (typically four trailers), and it can bring in the same amount of money as it's bigger cousin.
  12. Actually the Crazy Mouse (Spinning Coaster) plays out in California a lot. It will be at the Orange County Fair next, then at LA County. It's owned by Ray Cammack Shows. The Windstorm typically travels in the north.
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