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  1. So I recently got back from a trip to Tokyo, and I got a bus to experience Fuji-Q for a day. This was my first time, and I really enjoyed it. It was my first ride of a 4D Coaster, and it may be my favourite coaster... ever. It has the new S&S trains on it - i'd seen Robbs POV of it and it sounded like he hated it - but that had the old Arrow-style trains on. Very intense, but felt smooth enough and I loved it! I also rode Do-dodonpa with the new loop, that ride is crazy - the launch is so intense, and the entry to the loop is so forceful because of the speed. Takabisha was a great example of a Gerstlaurer, and Fujiyama was a pleasant surprise, my first TOGO and I thought it was a solid coaster. EDIT: Also the operations are as bad as everyone says, but we rode everything and got re-rides on a few coasters fine - we visited midweek and arrived after opening and left before closing. It's possible!
  2. If the Tilt Coaster rumour is true... that's exciting. Would love to have a go on one.
  3. It has the worst of everything. It's full of rude, obnoxious french people. Always seems to have lower standards in every way (mainly cleanliness and staff). And it's in France which isn't a good start! Anyway, Tokyo Disney is awesome. I think DisneySea has to be my #1
  4. I got back from Tokyo a few days ago... wow. These photos remind me of how amazing it was. DisneySea takes themeparks to a whole new level i'd never imagined. Insanely awesome. And the main Magic Kingdom park in Tokyo is different but in a good way, it has the magic feel to it and I loved it so much. Why oh why does crappy Disneyland Paris have to be the closest park to me.
  5. Oh yeah, for sure. I'm in the UK and have been to both a lot. Alton is a beautiful park with nice scenery, compared to Thorpe which is chav-central. I didn't bother going to Alton Towers this year in the end, went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach instead. Will go to Alton next year when SW8 opens.
  6. I'm visiting Tokyo Disney later in the month. Anyone got any tips on a good route round the park? Have heard bad things about the queues, however we're visiting Disneyland on a Tuesday, and DisneySEA on a Wednesday. Planning to get there an hour before opening, and staying until closing. We've only got 1 day in each so i'm hoping I can get the main attractions done. Looks like Big Thunder is closed while we're there sadly.
  7. I am a fan of the Fast and Furious series, but the ride footage looks terrible, looks like this video is recycled footage from the one in Hollywood. I don't understand the point of doing so much in CGI, the movies dont... Seems ass-backwards creating a fake car prop for Vin Diesel to act from within, to then project that onto a poor-looking CGI scene. You'd think the 3D would be a higher standard from Universal too.
  8. Launched Horse Racing Coaster? I was at Blackpool Pleasure Beach today, had to give the good old Steeplechase a ride!
  9. I'm in the group of people very tired of the over-hype. Every new ride is marketed with something over the top and I just cringe reading the articles about it. Meanwhile Merlin are removing rides wherever they can get away with it along with inflating prices. Paying more for less. I'd also say the increased attendance posted about earlier is probably related to the park using The Sun etc to offer free tickets more than ever. I left Thorpe Park feeling disappointed last month, and i'm sure I will after I go to Towers next month too.
  10. Thats what I was meaning - They'll know how busy the park is, and how many people have reservations - if these numbers are low enough, the system would just allow you to instantly ride surely - otherwise what would happen at park open when every ride is empty?
  11. Surely the system would adjust for this sort of thing, allowing an instant reservation (i.e. walk straight in) if the ride has the space available immediately.
  12. Totally agree, Merlin have really lowered the quality of rides and attractions at the best known park in the UK. A woodie has potential, but these plans show a very budget concious looking ride!
  13. Wild Mouse at Blackpool Pleasure Beach has an interesting clearance envelope. You can touch the track above on the lift!
  14. You dont have to be, I can design and code websites, I use PaintDotNet (free and similar to PS, but simpler) and Notepad++ to code. Simplesh! Heres an update to my design which might be more "TPR"
  15. I think the Updates and Videos are what you should push. Personally the whole facebook thing clutters up websites and is a bit pointless, gimmicky maybe. But perhaps I just havent seen an example of it working well. I think i'll continue on the website tomorrow as its 1:15 AM and i'm sleepy!
  16. Thanks for the quick response Robb, Just did this as a bit of fun and i'll do a few variations as you say
  17. Thanks And I'm looking to move into web design as a career is why
  18. Hi guys, not sure how this works but heres my design: Clean, Modern, Functional but still hopefully captures the TPR style. Also, the "big" image at the top left could be a rotating one, flicking between the most recent articles. Might change this as theres a few areas I'm not happy with.
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