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  1. I know these types of questions get posted all the time, but any advice would be greatly appreciated: Headed to Cedar Point for the first time here on October 13th and 14th. Already have Fast Lane passes reserved for the 13th (Saturday). How are crowds usually during October? With the Fast Lane passes, is there really a great need to have a particular "route" in mind?
  2. I went during the first week of December last year and, with the exception of Soarin', never waited more than 30 minutes for any ride. Space Mountain, Midway Mania, and Test Track were consistently in the 60-minute range for standby, but we always grabbed fastpasses for those attractions. I would definitely recommend early December.
  3. ^Yes, they do. Personal opinion: I'm not super excited by this announcement, mostly because I'm not big into water parks and haven't been to Ocean's of Fun in years. Having said that, it was about time OOF got a new attraction, especially to keep pace with Schlitterbahn. Hopefully WOF gets some love next season.
  4. IMO, Dinosaurs Alive completely sells out on the theme of the park. It just doesn't fit. I would think Cedar Fair would take this into consideration. Windseeker would be cool, but I think it'd be refreshing for WOF to get something really unique and different.
  5. B&M inverts disengaging from the chain on the pre-drop. Also, the roar of the Incredible Hulk at IOA. I know plenty of other B&Ms have the same sound, but it gives that coaster in particular that extra intimidation factor.
  6. Bump. Anyone know when we can expect an official announcement for 2013?
  7. This may be a bit premature... but this thing could be a game-changer. Whoa.
  8. Hmm... a water ride of some kind, eh? That has me intrigued. Now that I think of it, the park really could use a good water ride. Fury and Voyager are nice but let's face it, they are old technology and not even close to the best of their kind.
  9. I like it on this coaster so far. New Texas Giant looks terribly awkward, though. I know it's a different animal altogether, but just sayin'.
  10. Yeah, I don't see Dino Alive happening. In fact, I'd be shocked if it were added. How exactly do dinosaurs fit into the Orient, Scandinavia, Africa, Americana or Europa? As previous posters have mentioned, the Planet Snoopy expansion was obviously geared toward families so the next logical step would be a thrill ride (coaster or otherwise). My personal opinion? Anything less than a coaster would be a disappointment. Not only that, but I'd love to see WOF take a risk, do something different and cutting edge. It's not in their nature, but it would go a long way to bring in locals that haven't been to the park in many years (and believe me--A LOT of those people exist).
  11. Timber Wolf needs MAJOR work to stay in operation, IMO. It has sentimental value to me as it was my first "big" coaster, but it has become so rough that, apart from the first drop, it's no longer enjoyable. Now, should the park go for the Rocky Mountain treatment I'd be 100% on board. I think the land behind Finnish Fling / Octopus would be ideal for a new coaster, assuming there is enough room back there--I'm not sure where the park boundaries are in that area.
  12. Intamin would be a dream come true. WOF hit the jackpot with Prowler, and I would think something big is in the works for the 40th anniversary. I also think a sit-down looper would be a great addition, which I think the park has been missing ever since the removal of Orient Express (I don't count Boomerang).
  13. Outlaw sounds pretty B.A. I have a feeling this coaster will live up to its name.
  14. ^Exactly. It's always amusing how people only thank others for expressing "rational" views once they are in line with their own.
  15. Wow. This thing just screams sex appeal. I mean, seriously. I have wanted to go to Hershey for awhile now... I don't know if I can wait much longer. Need to start trip planning! These pictures really highlight how friggin' steep that lift hill is. WOW.
  16. Are people really arguing about this? Unless you are the ones writing the checks for Hershey, why is it such a big deal? Moving on... anyone know when test runs may begin now that the track circuit is complete?
  17. Okay this just looks incredible. Absolutely BOOKING it through the course and quiet as a mouse with those urethane wheels. GCI continues to out-do themselves!
  18. ^That may be true, but you could also say that what will draw most people in will be the "new" factor. They'll be excited just to experience something shiny and new. The winged seats will be a cool afterthought to the average park-goer, IMO. Enthusiasts will drool over them, but I don't see it causing the kind of problems some are predicting. On an unrelated note, Intamin... please, oh please bring your talents to Worlds of Fun next year.
  19. I think we as coaster enthusiasts are overestimating the impact of the winged seats. Let's remember, this is not a novelty or an experience you can't get anywhere else. Go ride any B&M dive machine, X2, heck any outer seat on a floorless coaster is practically "winged". It's new to Intamin, but not new to the world.
  20. Seconded. Sounds cheesy, especially if you compare to the other coasters at BGT. Wish they would have gone with "Cheetaka" or whatever was rumored. I'm also not a fan of Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit. If it takes you 5 seconds to say the friggin thing, it's too long. Nice coaster though!
  21. Steel: SheiKra, front row Wood: Prowler, back row
  22. Gwazi. I could only stand two rides. That thing needs a complete re-track in the worst way...
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