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  1. ^^Ride Prowler once. When you return to BGT you will defiantly stand in front of Gwazi, both middle fingers raised.
  2. For real. I rode Gwazi (Lion) earlier this month for the first time. I'm from the Kansas City area so I'm used to Prowler when it comes to GCI. I know, I'm spoiled because Prowler is only 2 years old, but WOW... Gwazi was straight up painful. I could only stand two rides, which is a shame because I really liked the layout. I had no expectation that it would be as rough as it was, especially with the new millennium flyers.
  3. I kinda wish WOF would spend less time on beer pyramids and midget wrestling and more time on building a new coaster. But that's just me...
  4. This thing looks sexier every day! I hope B&M continues to build inverts like this.
  5. That's just how I Type. Unfortunately, that's not proper punctuation and will get you in trouble with the mods. I'd recommend typing correctly.
  6. This move is 100% to cover IOA's rear ends. In the lawsuit-happy society we live in, this comes as no surprise to me. Disappointing, but not surprising. Hopefully once the waters calm they'll change it back.
  7. Tallest coaster in Canada... Touche. I guess I was thinking strictly in world record terms.
  8. A B&M giga wouldn't be record-breaking though. There's got to be something else to it...
  9. ^VERY interesting. I was at the park this last weekend but didn't pay attention to that area. I'll have to keep my eyes open next time. Another B&M would be a great addition to the park. I've been wondering what they would have in store for the park's 40th birthday in 2012. I know it's not a B&M trend right now, but a sit-down or floorless looper would be a good fit IMO. I think we need something to replace the void left by Orient Express. This, and the Windseeker rumors should make for an interesting off season for WOF!
  10. I agree w/Robb. Isn't it all part of the fun? If you go on a water ride and complain about getting wet... well... you have issues.
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