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  1. I'm in possession of a rare color photograph from Opening Day of 1900. It's the only valuable possession I have left. It reminds me of the magic this place has. I hope you all can find some connection to it as well.





    I hope you all are making it in these tough times. It feels like every day is getting harder for me. I've had to work my ass off looking for job after job.. You'd think it'd be a little easier for a man of my previous stature to get employed.. Guess not.


    As it stands right now, I'm making zero in terms of money, my prized and cherished theme park has gone down the drain, I have no house, Roosevelt's New Deal is just making me skeptical. Actually, regarding my house, I just recently went to check on it. It's become old and decrepit. Infact, the whole park has. There's not a sound coming from it except for maybe a few birds in the ceiling.




    The place reeks of marijuana smoke and shame..

  2. ^I cannot agree with you anymore. They try to make the world their own, and in doing so, they make themselves look more stupid


    I know! They make themselves look like complete idiots, and then go around blaming somebody else for any consequences they get. Just today I was at my friends for dinner. And his sister was trying to ask him why one of our friends was being weird around her girl friend (she's been obsessed with him for MONTHS, he hates her, they refuse to see that, of course). She then didn't even wait for a reply from the majority and explained it all in her own twisted fantasy land about how they're gonna have everything they want with no regard for anybody else and especially not the real world. Then I say 'No, that's not at all how it is' and before even completing my sentence am promptly told to shut the f*** up and am screamed at at the dinner table with his parents and siblings present, being called a jerk and yada yada as she storms off looking like a complete idiot.


    Why are women such sensitive ignoramus's?? They pretend to live in their perfect twisted fantasy land. They act like they're the only ones who know anythingr. And when they aren't, they lie to make it seem like they are. Scolding anybody who challenges them. They're children. I hate to cross such a sensitive boundary, but as soon as we give them power, they abuse it turning themselves into the alpha-female.By calling us sexist, they fail to see how sexist they are. They beg for more rights, but they're already our equals, why do we insist on giving them the platform for which they can destroy? Nobody sees what the women do to the men, yet somehow the men are nothing but slobs with no feelings, needs, or cares for anything. Of course the only thing they see is what we can't do. Without men, women would have no source of power. Without men to attack and torture, women would have nothing to hold their self esteems at such a high level. For this reason, I can't give most women much respect. They thrive off of failure. I see the gears of their workings, and fail to see any reason they should be held so highly and with so much influence.


    There's part two of my rant... I could go on for a long time about this. It really irks me...

  3. I hate high school girls. I can't stand the way they act... their morals.. beliefs.. their better than everyone "I'm in charge" attitude.. Their "I'm just a defenseless little angel" excuses.. Their excessive sensitivity.. but especially how they are somehow ALWAYS right.. even though they're ALWAYS wrong!! It's as if they have no clue how to compose themselves other than like a child...


    Sadly this basically sums up the only bad parts of the last 4 months for me...

  4. PLEASE change the colors of that Intamin! It looks like poop (literally!) Otherwise this park is great, you've got some nice architecture and ideas that just need a little tweaking and renovating. Also, I would try and reduce use of Spice's Trees, they will kill your park if you continue with it. Use the in-game ones. Your graphics engine on your computer won't make them look all that different since your computer doesn't appear to have a great graphics card. But the difference will be MUCH more fluid gameplay.

  5. ^I like Born this Way, better yet I like the Minecraft parody "Form this Way". It’s actually not a bad song. Bad Romance, Pokerface, and Just Dance (I think it’s by her) suffered from two problems for me.

    - They both where over played in my house/radio

    - They just weren’t up to my standards of songs.

    I like Judas and Born this way, and it is kind of ironic for me to say something like this because of my user title.


    On other note, I remember I originally heard of Freak Kitchen here. Has anyone heard of them? Only one of my friends knows about them, but thats only because he is actually from Sweden.

    I HATE Lady GaGa. I hate that entire genre of music. Just like rap, hip hop, and techno. I know it is an opinion and the majority of people will agree with me, but I just cannot stand mainstream music.


    I have to agree. Haha, I try and cover it up a bit... But it's still pretty awful. Lady GaGa wastes talent. She likes Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson, yet her music is nothing like them... WHY???

  6. As if things couldn't get any worse, it's now come out that the park was planning a comeback attraction that could have held the park for a few years. Unfortunately, funds ran dry before the track could even take shape. The train would have recycled the Loop-de-Loop station, and provided transportation to and from the pool and to the entrance. But unfortunately this investment came too late, as the park finally fell into the deep red. As of now, there seems to be no hope for recovery, the park is decaying and each day that goes by that the park is inactive, things become worse and worse, not just for the park, but the whole country.




    A scene of what could have been. The roof is collapsing, and the paint on the Cyclone has peeled off almost entirely. Leaving us to wonder what this place will look like in 5 years.

  7. This is very realistic. I can almost believe that it actually happened.


    give me some critiques.


    Okay, how's this:


    Everything looks exceptional, but I am not all too fond of the building in the second photo. Unless that dome thing isn't actually part of the building, in which case I think it is fine. Everything else is great.


    I've had some mixed opinions on the building. It's based off of Middle Eastern style, as I've seen occassionaly in old parks and cities trying to mimic another style of foreign architecture in small doses. The old building masked the dome a little better, now the building is a little more polished off and simplified for better or worse. I'm not trying to nod off criticism, and I will take a look at the building for future development and hopefully make it a little nicer. I had many thoughts about what to do with the building and that seemed to fit best. Here's my reference building for comparison. Similar, but not exact. You can see that the dome is trimmed off at the bottom with a wall, different from mine.


  8. ^

    Yes, but not every body of water is reflective. For instance, in the last one, only one out of the three bodies of water is reflective.


    In my experience, it has to do with the level of the water. Sometimes, if you change the level of the water, it can fix it. It is annoying but, it is the only thing that works for me. The waterfall may be an issue, but with a freestanding lake/pond, it should be okay. Play around with it and see what happens.


    I believe I have the answer you're looking for... The game engine sucks, so it only renders fully reflective water on one level at a time. That body being body A, or whichever you decide to fill in first. It doesn't matter how good your computer is, or how high your settings are, that's what the game will always do. If you intend on having water bodies, you can still have multiple 'bodies' being reflective, they just have to have the water level at the same elevation in both bodies, as you were saying sometimes changing water level fixes it. And if you plan on taking and presenting pictures, I would stray from placing water rides (boats) in the water, as you can't remove the water then. You'll just have to fill the body you want reflective. Sadly, the game has many hidden limitations. Hope this helps!

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