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  1. I heard an ACEr call Wicked Twister, Twisted Sister!


    Also, I hear people all the time calling inversions 'loop-de-loops.' I hate that! I've heard people say rides go over a hundred miles an hour, when its the wooden coaster or something like that. Just in general, people have no clue what they're talking about! I always feel like the nerd giving people the correct stats and history.


    What bothers me most though is people who think more coasters and 'loop-de-loops' make a park/coaster better. Making Cedar Point the most talked about park in my school, especially Dragster which I swear 95% of the school think it's the tallest and fastest coaster in the world. The other 5% have been told better by me!

  2. Yeah... I've had one too many bad experiences with women. You'd be right about my name being plastered across another relationship thread. That was a looong time ago, and hopefully members who remember it don't hold it against me. I was pretty immature in middle school.


    And yeah, that really stinks! People take things for granted, it's a shame they miss out on opportunities.

  3. Heartless - A Day To Remember

    Mr. Highway's Thinking About the End - A Day To Remember

    Composure - August Burns Red

    The Downfall Of Us All - A Day To Remember

    Meridian - August Burns Red

    This Is More - Stick To Your Guns

    A Shot In The Dark - A Day To Remember

    Existence - August Burns Red

    White Washed - August Burns Red

    ----8 More August Burns Red Songs----

    Rationalist - August Burns Red

    Danger: Wildman - The Devil Wears Prada

    I'm Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of? - A Day To Remember


    Should be fairly easy to tell my favorite bands... The list continues on like this until all the August Burns Red/A Day To Remember/Evergreen Terrace/Stick To Your Guns/The Devil Wears Prada/Parkway Drive songs are gone!

  4. Yeah that's the thing. In high school, relationships are all out of whack. Most women I've met in high school are really immature, and the ones that aren't are taken. And both genders don't really know what they want. I kinda just go with whatever I find and roll with it for a while, I have no real particular tastes. I'm not really looking anymore though that's the thing. Too much effort, not enough payoff.

  5. Blech.. Women. I've learned they aren't worth all the trouble they put you through. At least to me. I'd find a girl, and they'd either be taken within the next week or things would go well for a while, and then just before the first date there'd be a crazy excuse that they couldn't go.. and kaboom, things would suddenly go downhill after that.

  6. Well we're nearing the end of the season and I see it fitting to close up not with a traditional update as usual. Today, you get a history lesson! The park's been around a while, it makes sense that there's more than a few stories to share.




    The Racer, built in 1925, it has become a staple here at the park, being the main landmark here that keeps people coming back. But of course it's more than just some boards and nails, like every other ride in this park, it has a story.




    It started early in the spring of 1924. Hearing about all the new rides being put in, the park manager Al Jefferson thought, why not? Why don't we have a nice big attraction like these other parks? He had seen Kennywood adding their Pippin roller coaster, and upon hearing that their local rival was to be getting a big new coaster, that was the final straw.




    They decided that plans to build the nations largest coaster should commence. They called upon coaster designer Harry Traver to build something maniacal, yet beautiful. "When Traver suggested doing a racing coaster, we were more than willing. We saw it as double the fun. It was sort of a growing process from the initial stages. We weren't sure on a location, but seeing as we still had a huge plot of uneven land undeveloped, we saw it as a chance to build something creative."




    "When building began, we didn't realize all the training and experience our mechanics would be getting. The thing was a beast. Never before had we seen such a mass of wood before. Traver really is an evil genius. We'd never thought rides could reach such immense sizes."




    "The ride ended up topping out with a drop height of 85 feet. While standing out looking over the rail at the top of the first turnaround after we'd finished the ride one of our craftsman said some words. 'Well boys, we're not quite at the top of the world, but man it sure feels like we're getting close.' We'd never think we'd see the day coasters reached such immense heights. Now we're hard on the heels of planning another of what's sure to be many coasters thinking, how much more can we go?" - Big Al




    This first drop brought people from all over the nation to flock here. It has been known to knock off more than hats as well. There's one recorded incident of a woman's dress nearly flying off of her. The boys behind sure must have had a rousing ride!




    The maniac inside Traver compelled him to add this twisting bowl of jello he's dubbed hell's salad bowl. This was a real pain for the carpenters as they'd never had to maneuver such amounts of track.




    In spirit of the beauty requirement set forth, coming off the first drop there's a swooping turn and drop. Although mainly hidden from view, you can catch a decent glimpse of it from the Sky Streak (Formerly Chase Thru The Clouds) as well as the pavilion lurking in the shadows of this ride.




    The ride is still enduring, with record ridership each year. They seem to be making all the effort they can to keep it popular. I can strongly say that this ride will be a staple of this park for many many years to come.




    The financial condition of East Side is very stable, and income is steadily coming in, allowing for constant upgrade and upkeep. The park is currently in no fear of succumbing to hard times, and the crowds are expected to keep growing into next season and beyond.

  7. Out of curiosity has anyone found a way to do a vertical lift on an extended coaster yet? I've been searching, but to no avail!


    If you have any experience with the CTR Creator, there is a way to replace the regular lift pieces with whatever tracks use a vertical lift. It's been used to make Mauer Sohne and Gerstlauer type coasters, not on the extended track I don't believe, but it is certainly possible, just keep looking!

  8. Good news! The park just received an extension of 10 years on their lease to the land at East Side. I guess we can count on the park being open for a few more years under the same management. This also means free will to expand without fearing not making our profit back.




    I decided to make a trek back to the park a few weeks later. Ended up with some nice looking night shots. I'm hoping that in the future I'm a little more useful and can actually let you in on progress for new expansion, instead of just waiting till opening day.




    I can tell you right now that there's something big coming next year. I can't tell you what, but it's really gonna put this park in the national spotlight.




    That being said, the park still hasn't spared any expense in keeping the park up to date.





    I've got a lot of artsy shots, and the park is even more beautiful at night, making my job of making it look good really easy!




    Needless to say, the park is enjoying it's time of prosperity. People have been coming in record numbers. Leading the park to massive profits, and really nothing to spend it on!




    They've added all sorts of unnecessary things.. Notice the fancy cornicing and lavish side 'rails' to the steps leading to and from the ride.



    Although I shouldn't be complaining, it sure does lead to some awesome looking shots! Rumors of this ride being torn have since been put to rest with the renovation of the ride.




    However skeptics still worry the park may tear down their first coaster. There are many facts backing this up. One, the ride is very old, and costly to maintain. Second, the ride lays on a natural bank that is perfect for any coaster to fit to the terrain without fear of shooting up costs. And the third and possibly most important reason is that ridership has become quite low on this old beast. People flock to the newer rides, leading to all the costs to maintain this thing basically in vain. We can only hope that this ride is spared..

  9. It's been a little longer than I expected, but I'm still here!




    Let's start with some fresh new fancies! They basically completely redid this area, and I have to say, it looks great!




    They did tear down the old swings, but I think this is a fair trade off. The new craze sweeping parks now is these Tilt-A-Whirls.




    They also added this new souvenir type deal. It fills the void over in the corner quite well. I like it much better than a fence!




    Another big change is the revamp of the Chase Thru the Clouds station. Or as I should call it, the Sky Streak. Not sure the theme they were going for. It's reminiscent of Roman times though.




    No fear though! The ride is still as thrilling as ever. They did quite a lot of re-tracking this winter and it's gotten quite smooth, or you could call it rough! Whatever your preference..




    They added this sundial on top of some benches and a fountain. It brings out the zaniness, really unique look of the park.

  10. That's horrible to think that in a park where likely the inspectors one sole job is THAT ride and possibly a few others, that he can just pass it up. I mean, you get paid to check a couple things, and you can't even do that?


    Um... It was the state inspector, not the daily inspection that maintenance does for the park, or am I reading this wrong?

    I was under the impression it was the PARK inspector, not the state inspector, as I don't believe a distinction was made in the article? I could be wrong too. If it is the state inspector, then that's slightly different, but still, it is their job to inspect the rides, hard to think they could skip JUST ONE of them.

  11. I hope that those responsible pay the price and get what they deserve. That's horrible to think that in a park where likely the inspectors one sole job is THAT ride and possibly a few others, that he can just pass it up. I mean, you get paid to check a couple things, and you can't even do that? Plus, that drivers was going a good 20 miles an hour I'd say. He must have never seen Indiana Jones! Those trains can't stay on the tracks other than by their own weight, they don't have understop wheels. A careless string of errors...

  12. This looks really great! The coasters are supported very well, something many people (often myself too) overlook. You did great with the POV's and the music.


    One thing I did notice is that your paths are in a extremely rigid grid system. It works to an extent, but I would try and add some diagonals and curves to change things up and make the paths give way to the rides in a more 'interesting' way.

  13. Haha I'm glad you all like the park! And for 'historical' purposes. The park actually lies to the West of Munhall. Or in monument terms, the area of land to the East of the Waterfront, off of the road where Sandcastle currently sits. Suburbs basically, nothing historically important. It sits atop a bluff, allowing all the city to see.





    The 1927 season is finally here! I've waited all winter to see our plans come to fruition. We are greeted by the typical horse at the entrance, signifying grace, and beauty in its purest form.



    We see some lush greens and a beautiful carousel. We never spare any expense in beauty here. It is one of the many things we pride ourselves on.



    The old Snack Bar! They mix up their treats from time to time. Currently they're offering pretzels at this fine well kept refreshment stand. It's got the old timey charm. Some may not know this, but this building replaced the old restaurant that burned down during the Great War. While smaller, it still gives the same feel.



    It's gettin old! The tracks seem to bear the weight of generations of smiling patrons. You can't put a price on that though!



    Oh what's this?? Aye, it be a newly refurbished eating area! Spiffy and crisp, it's sure to bring in the crowds. Just not right now... cause it isn't lunchtime. The back corner of the park has been developed for eating purposes mainly, with the picnic groves just beyond.



    Again... not lunchtime haha.The back has stayed generally the same, apart from the new clock and lowered walls. The biggest difference is that there is less weight bearing on the structure, engineered to last a lifetime, and beyond!



    The adjacent adding seating has stayed the same, and I think we can expect it to stay that way for a while. It's a fairly new building, and has held up remarkably well already.


    I'll be here again soon to provide you the BIG change! As you may have noticed, I only showed one half of the park!

  14. Sent! Message transcribed...


    Subject: It's that thing under your bed


    Dear Dan,


    It's me that thing living under your bed. Seeing as you don't know of me yet, I'm a rare breed of donkey that inhabits dark and unattractive place. Particularly ones which have beds which don't shake frequently, or in your case, at all. Now there is one way that I may leave the caverns of your bed, and that is by you getting a facebook, and perhaps the social life that may follow. I require you warn me of 'intruders'' by placing a bottle of KY jelly next to the bed so I may be gone.



    Donkey Master Jimbo

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