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  1. “We think there should be a restraint system that prevents somebody from falling out,” said Larry Bendesky, an attorney for the Jones’.


    Pardon if I'm incorrect here... But it isn't like the park is forcing people to stand on a thin wooden board with no enclosement or safety whatsoever. Hearing that is simply ridiculous. There is more than adequate protection on a ferris wheel. The only way you could fall out is by bypassing the safety restrictions. Ferris wheels travel a couple miles an hour, it's not like you're riding a coaster. And a safety belt would, as said, not prevent a thing. It's merely an inconvenience that decreases capacity as it takes longer to check and unlock them in most cases. Anybody can wriggle out of a locked seatbelt if they want, and it's even easier if they aren't locked.


    The ignorance of the general public never fails to amaze me... 99% of the time, accidents at amusement parks are the fault of the passenger or ride operator, not mechanical failure or bad restraint design.


    This family needs to stop trying to make money off their dead daughter and move on. I know it's certainly not an easy thing to do, but taking down an entire business and all the people that now have to deal with stricter unecessary regulations because of a singular freak accident, for the benefit of them and solely them, just seems so wrong.. Hundreds of millions of people since its creation have been on ferris wheels and done just fine. The ferris wheel isn't the problem. The people that ride it are.

  2. Haha I'm surprisingly overwhelmed with trying to figure out how I'm going to divide my time between so many women. I'm usually used to being stuck with whatever's in the Sears catalog, but gosh I'm getting women all over the place wanting to hang out with me!


    (Points to whoever knows the Sears reference!)

  3. I have to go with option A. I just don't see how relocating would actually be cheaper than refurbishing. Start with an area of the park and hopefully get as much as possible in running order. Keep in mind this is the 1930's and the safety standards aren't there. A ride with structural flaws would be hidden from the patron's until something tragic happened.


    Well if you think about it you wouldn't have to worry at all about precarious refurbishments that could easily drain funds if anything went wrong, and you would also have the benefit of starting fresh as big or small as you like, without the workload of trying to maintain a golden age sized park in a depression period. Since the rides and buildings are newer, you wouldn't have as much worry on upkeep and maintenance in the short term. As for safety, you have to realize that leaving a park completely untouched in an overgrowing area, where there is frequent rain and snow, for the better part of 5 or 6 years, does not do well to wood. Often times, structures would have collapsed, which isn't exactly something hideable. I do see where you're coming from though, safety isn't as big of a concern, but it doesn't mean there still aren't standards.



    The Final Decisions


    We seem to have near unanimity on opening only sections of the park to the public. Now the question seems to be what do we open??


    Below is listed a major ride followed by smaller attractions in that area. Also given are the prices to restore the attractions, as well as the total price for the 'area'. Your job is to choose the area (or areas if you so choose) to be restored.



    Twister $50,000

    Dance Hall $20,000

    Caverns $20,000

    Restrooms $5,000

    Formal Entrance $10,000



    Racer $60,000

    Parachute Drop $7,500

    Restrooms $5,000

    Snack Shack $6,000




    Sky Streak (Chase Thru the Clouds) $35,000

    Tilt-A-Whirl $6,000 (Replacement)

    Ferris Wheel $4,000

    Owners House $10,000

    Restrooms $3,000

    Carousel Building $30,000

    Picnic Pavilion $7,500



    Middle Eastern cafeteria $50,000

    Picnic Groves $15,000

    Carousel Building $30,000

    Disconnected cafeteria $10,000

    Restrooms $3,000



    Swimming pool $75,000

    Picnic Groves $20,000

    Restrooms $3,000

    Main Street Eateries $10,000



    Here is an overview to help get a better picture of what exactly it is you will be refurbishing. The green represents overlap.




    This is likely the last community exercise I'll be doing for a while. I'm just going to let the park pan out for a while and hopefully make some headway on getting into the present day.

  4. The estimates came in this morning. There are two sets of numbers. One determines the cost it will take to fully restore the park. The other determines the cost it will take to open the park in minimal running form.


    HIGH NUMBER: $445,000


    LOW NUMBER: $225,000


    As you can see there is not much wiggle room for the park. With literally $150,000 to his name, Al Jefferson simply is not in the position to open the park to its original condition. It was anticipated that the number would be much lower. However, upon inspection, there revealed many structural *failures* not just flaws.


    Al is now faced with a serious predicament.





    Option A: Revamp only certain sections of the park while leaving others untouched allowing for full restoration of a few locations in the park. This option is a big risk because the rest of the park is still visibly disgusting, and not completely off limits, but may also allow to at some point fully restore the park.


    Option B: Select a new plot of land and relocate the park (just the name and possibly a few attractions) to a new location. This would mean designing a new park, as well as leaving behind the old, but is the most cost affective method.


    Option C: Completely level the park and start from scratch. This cancels out all previous plans and setups for the park. This is a last resort option and would mean completely re-designing the entire park.

  5. 1936 Verdict


    After a lengthy court process, the verdict is finally in, a new chapter in the park is about to begin. The longtime consultant and owner of the park has won out the battle. In the end he received a sum of $150,000. A sum much larger than originally intended. He also reclaims full ownership of the park and all its assets. But in return, the bank has ownership of the land, and Al Jefferson owns the land on a lease for the first 20 years after the verdict. Placing the end of the lease at 1956. At which point Al may fully buy the land, or sell it to another owner.


    The park is now being reevaluated and a cost is being estimated to what it will take to make the park open to the public. The future is looking bright for East Side Amusement park. The Depression is quelling ever so slightly it seems and this case is a silver lining to a very dark era. We can only hope for the best as many begin their long path to recovery.


  6. This recreation wasnt very well done. I believe the best part of the video was the A Day To Remember Soundtrack.


    Haha, honestly the only reason I kept watching.


    Not trying to be harsh. You seem like you just need a better grip on the tools.


    Shift: Move things up and down, works with virtually everything.


    Ctrl: Well... experiment with this. Basically it allows you, once placing something with shift, to then be able to place consecutive pieces HORIZONTALLY at the elevation of that piece. It's a fairly complicated tool.

  7. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. I know my parents are constantly brainwashing me with the ideals of getting married. And say no 'nonsense' I'll just say until then. I honestly think that's a load of horse s***. Because basically all of my friends parents are divorced, one being divorced three times is now in a happy relationship BECAUSE they aren't getting married. There's no pressure or dominance created by legal ties. Anytime I've liked a girl, I've always been disappointed and upset at the end of what is a relatively short relationship with the person. I think that love is just some made up emotion which is a combination of actual emotions such as happiness, sadness, uncertainty, nervousness, and anger. They create a combination and an attachment which is easy to label as love. "True" love I don't feel actually exists. As no two people are "perfect". However that of course doesn't mean you should shut your eyes to the idea. Love in the barest sense of the word is really about looking past differences and having fun. Both things that people often become completely blind to in the course of their extreme emotional attachments. Love is out there, I just wish more people could figure out what 'love' actually is. I of course haven't discovered it, and if I did, no words or scientific analysis would ever be able to figure it out. I think the scientists would likely be banging their heads off the keyboards typing out even a fraction of what love is.


    I do know for certain, that you are not going to find love if you're looking for it though. So people, just lighten up, have fun, and stop worrying about how well relationships are going, because chances are, you're gonna drive yourself insane.

  8. I apologize for the hiatus, I've been pretty busy been an idiot wit my buds.


    As of this update I'm going to be making some changes. For one, I will try my best to make this park more 'approachable' as there's often times lots of history and in general too much reading for the average bear. I'm going to start experimenting with multiple timelines. Which means I'll have the communities act as sort of a jury and determine to an extent what changes go on. Although I have the major idea set in my head, I like to get community involvement as it forms more of a connection to the park.


    1935 A Critical Decision



    After many months of debating and judging, the jury has finally reached a verdict. But before we tell you that, let's review the circumstances.




    1928: The park receives a brand new wooden roller coaster designed by Harry Traver. All is going well at the park.




    1929: The park continues growth with the addition of a pool behind Cyclone (New for 1928) Attendance at the park shoots through the roof. Al Jefferson (Prosecutor) as financial consultant to the park, advises cost cuts to allow for larger profits to afford the new planned coaster for the next year. Management (Defendant) does not believe cost cutting is necessary because of large attendance and does not make any cuts to provide for the expansion and continues business as usual.




    1930: The Depression hits the park hard, all the savings that were made disagreeing to Al, begin to vanish, as banks, including the one owning the park, go bankrupt. The park is able to hold on thanks to having held on and spent its surplus on opening the park in fully grand condition with no cost cutting despite the Depression.




    1931: The park continues operation, but a year into the Depression, the park is barely holding on with its existing ride parts and attendance being at an all time low. Little to all savings are held on to at the park as banks are very unstable still.




    1932: 2 years into the Depression, the park is still attempting to continue business as usual. They manage to accumulate enough funds to acquire a new train ride from a defunct park. Planning is made and construction begins. The park begins advertising a new free form of transportation for the 1932 season. Unfortunately, funds run dry as attendance becomes non-existent at the park. The park still tries continuing business as usual into the 1932 season until it finally is forced to declare bankruptcy in late June of 1932. The park opened with the construction of the train at a standstill.





    And now here we stand at the verdict, which not only determines the ultimate fate of the park. Who is in the right?


    SIDE A: On one side we have the park owners, who tried their best to maintain the park in its full glory. Not wanting to see the park become second rank, they run the park as usual, which allows the park to hang on for 2 years into the Depression. But could have resulted in tons of wasted funds and may have ultimately doomed the park.


    SIDE B: On the other side we have the financial consultant who advises the park cut all costs and save their money for another outlandish coaster of which the park has 3. He tries to help the park hold on until recovery can come, and successfully does so for two years into the Depression. But he also halted what could have been important progress at the park.


    Make your choice, Side A or Side B. BOLD YOUR CHOICE!!!!

  9. That's about as close to the truth as you can get. I'd venture the number is closer to 100% though. Relationships are a tool to make people feel good about themselves. Women want a relationship so they can feel 'loved' and guys I'd say the majority just want some @$$ and to be able to brag to their friends. It's not a compatible mix. I've found that things will ALWAYS work out better if you are just good friends. Therefore there's no competition between you and your friend, no fear of when you break up them freaking out and you never talking to them again, and of course there's no worrying about constantly having to be perfect.

  10. You know, I don't mind when people stay at our house, but there comes a time when it's "time to go" and some people just don't get it.


    I would really like to spend some time with my family today without having to entertain you.


    Well I didn't stay the night at the same person's house three times... And when your friends are all basically a family, and know each others parents very well. I'd say it isn't too much of a stretch to be out for the weekend. But my parents apparently think I'm having too much fun. I understand where they're coming from, but parents need to know when to stop treating their kids like children and allow them to spread their wings and think for themselves.

  11. I hate how parents think that by locking you in your house they're protecting you from all the 'bad things' out there. And that they think it's somehow going to make you a better person by sitting inside bored while your absolute best friends, practically your brothers, are staying the night somewhere. When it's a holiday and I have a three day weekend. And that your parents think that because you hung out with a girl in a hottub you automatically had an orgy with them (true story..) Parents are so ignorant......

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