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  1. - Park management must now review all safety restrictions on every ride prior to the start of each ride operator's shift


    This just seems like it will slow operations, and make working there even more monotonous, leading to even slower operations, as employees I'm sure will really HATE naming off regulations every shift, which is what it sounds like they're doing. I'm glad the ride is re-opening, but I hope it doesn't effect operations too much.

  2. Excellent ride! I love GCI's, and this is no exception. The (very long) finale showed what the ride was capable of. The ending was excellent and showed everything a GCI has, in rapid fire. However, I think you dragged out the beginning of it for too long, especially since there were mainly hills followed by big long low turns. It killed it a little for me. Overall I think it's fantastic! The trackwork is near flawless, the elements weren't too forceful, but were enough to give a great ride, and most of all, you kept the spirit of the style you were going for, which is very important. 4/5

  3. It's great just sitting back and taking in an amusement park the way they were originally intended. I never really saw the need to go to parks with tons of coasters. It's always better taking a trip to a small little place with atmosphere and actually enjoying yourself. My friends all call me a nerd (as they should!) but I'm always observing support structures, studying simple ride mechanics, pointing out new simple additions, meddling with harnesses (before the all clear!), pointing out all the tricks, and stopping and staring for a couple minutes at the landscaping or so called 'signature shots.' Sometimes I actually wish lines would be longer!


    Of course I'm a thrill seeker at heart, but I'm always careful to take a step back and just go aah!

  4. www.cbsnews.com/stories/2002/06/25/earlyshow/living/parenting/main513414.shtml


    Read this.


    This shows so much proof that amusement parks are extremely safe (which we all know is true) and then there's a stupid government official that Americans voted in that thinks amusement parks are extremely UNSAFE.


    A G limit?? That guy is a total idiot... You can withstand tons of G's for short amounts of time. Not like G forces affect injuries on rides anyways.. It's the stupid GP who think they can get around safety regulations. I mean sure, if you want B&M to be the only company in business than you could make G limits. You'd hardly feel any on any of their rides!


    At Kennywood: A guy in a totally chill, relaxed manner, talking about the best ride experiences there.


    "Yeah, Phantom with no seatbelt is awesome."


    Or something to that extent. Do they realize the seatbelt really doesn't affect the ride at all? It just stops you from dying. People are idiots.

  5. I've made the decision to stop 'aging' the photographs. From now on you will see the park in the raw, as it was made to be seen in rct3.



    A Beautiful Day At the Park 1937


    Your narrations are now being conducted by the one and only Big Al! (Park Manager)




    Ahh, the first happy train of peeps in years! Looks like this race is gonna be pretty close! Hopefully neither side encounters any loose bolts.




    We made a great choice opening the snack bar. It's really bringing in revenue. Plus you get some fantastic views of Racer from your seat!




    It still holds a visual stronghold over the entire park.




    A less interesting new feature is this brilliant landscaping display. The front paths were basically remolded to allow for it, and it all flows so much nicer now. There's now a lane on either side heading towards Racer and Twister with no head on traffic! (Oh geez... That lady there in front, we don't even sell alcohol!)




    I decided it would be nice to finally reveal the true layout of Twister. Even seeing it doesn't make it much easier to decode! Watch out for the finale, it's quite a thriller. (Taken from atop the Parachutes)




    A not very well published thing about this ride. After the first season, when the pathway heading towards the pool was put in, the ride was re-routed under it providing a much more thrilling drop and turn.




    There's no better feeling seeing all these people still enjoying the park. We've had quite a successful first day at the park. Let's hope these numbers continue throughout the season!

  6. I tried using a mod that would've added the diagonal corkscrews from the extended coaster in, but it looked really bad!! And I can't take all the credit for the idea, Imagineer John did it LONG time ago on his rendition of the Alton Towers corkscrew. That's really where the idea came from. There's still the obvious flaw of the station... But I think the sacrifice is worth it.




    Here it is!


    Canobie Corkscrew!!!!




  7. 1937 Opening Day


    We are finally at opening day! Years of hard work and determination have finally paid off!



    We had to change a ton, so it's nothing like daddy remembers, but it's all there!



    Twister is running smooth as butter. We couldn't get new trains, so you'll be getting plenty of bruises.



    Racer is running a little rough for me. Would have liked to see more measuring... Not so much eating.



    Unfortunately, it would have been impossible to budget for the Parachutes. It's simply in too bad of shape, frayed cable and a crumbling structure. If we can find the money, we'll tear it down. Until then, it's our punishment for troublemakers!



    The dance hall runs full tilt at night. It's the closest place next to Kennywood's dance hall. Although ours is only slightly better of course!



    Food is selling wonderfully. The low prices have brought people to the park just for food. Yet we keep them here for the rides!



    The Caverns are still in bad shape, but very much operable. We didn't pour a lot into it, but with the little profit we knew we'd be getting, it all balances.



    This fence was put in to prevent all the junk from being visible, at least from the ground. I say it's not tall enough...



    I should have had this update long ago... But here it is anyways!

  8. Was just diagnosed as depressed. People never fail to not give a damn about anybody but themselves. There's so many wicked still getting all the things they desire, merely because they are constantly boosting their ego, or constructing some stunt to make themselves look good, or turning the other cheek to the bad things. Yet me, not perfect by any stretch, though I would still consider my self a good person, has to sit around every day worrying about what bad thing is going to happen to me next. It's very frustrating to me seeing all the people who caused me to be this way living happy lives without a care in the world with what harm they do.


    C'mon people! There's so much bad in the world, don't just sit there, do something about it!


    (This is infact the rant thread.. Therefore...I will rant ... )

  9. First you go to this site.




    Then click download on the set and any other you want to download, the way you would any set. You extract the folder that opens to your DESKTOP. This will require some sort of unzipping program such as WinZip or WinRar, or whatever you choose. After you have extracted to your DESKTOP, right click, hit CUT. Then open your RCT3 Style/Themed folder. This requires opening your Computer (C:\) Program Files/Atari/RCT3/Style/Themed. You then paste your scenery set into this folder. And you are done.

  10. Yeah, you are likely seeing custom scenery. I don't recommend you download all the sets you see, as it will increase your load time one hundred fold. I do recommend the basic sets though.


    I recommend nearly everything on the first page, and most of everything on the second. Anything with the creator of shyguy is a must have.


    That would give you the bare basics. The rocks you are searching for are the first on the page. You simply extract the sets to your desktop, then cut and paste them into your rct3/style/themed folder.

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