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  1. Very interesting park, how many custom scenery sets/which ones did you use?


    Ohh, that's tough. I've used so many custom scenery sets! Mainly shyguy's sets, I use every one on a regular basis, most of Dasmatze's sets, particularly the fences, bigburgers timber, for the Arabian building the roofs have Vodhins Emerald City of Oz. The benches are also Vodhins, as well as the lights, trees and vegetation are primarily by OldSpice, Ralvieh has made sets to fill in odds and ends, as well as the house, but I use his sets extensively as the park goes on. Yoshi's rustic objects have made wood walls much easier, Jerroen made the walls by the bathroom, although I'm not sure if they have been made public yet. There are numerous sets that I use to fill in odds and ends, but I can't remember the exact names, as they aren't commonly mentioned sets. I hope that this helps you in your parks! Oh, and another big thing is Belgabor's invisible doodads, it allows for invisible paths, stalls, and all of that sort, meaning greater customization.

  2. Haha thanks guys for the nice words! In case you were wondering, I have a sick love affair with Kennywood, you will be seeing many more references and influences from that park in the near future. The storyline for this park has involved lots of research and I have attempted to create as many period details as I could, as well as having period rides, as rct3 permits. I've put a lot of work into this, and hope it all pays off.


    I also have already updated this park on other forums and am going on the year 1928. So with comments I hope that I can update this park much more frequently so I may catch up with the progress I have already made. I'm also hoping that seeing as this is a much more active and large community than I am used to, that I may provide more details to rides and techniques if you are at all interested in knowing them. And perhaps a more in depth storyline.

  3. Well I've been working on this park for quite a while, infact, I'm already in the 50's with this park! But I figure I'll start off here with some credibility, just so you all don't think I'm a n00b! So I'll start with the beginning, or more so the Star Wars beginning... As the park 'opened' in 1900, and this update is for 1924... So here is my park! Hope you enjoy. I shall update for as long as my computer can take this park!


    1924 Welcome to East Side Pleasure Park!


    What comes to mind when one thinks of a pleasure park? Is it the sweet smells? The sounds? Perhaps it's the loud rumblings of a gravity railroad as it's clanking wheels rub against its wooden sideboards. Maybe it's the pristine pathways and beautifully trimmed gardens. Any way you look at it, a trip to an amusement park is never a trip to be forgotten. Today we are blessed to have these parks springing up all over the place. But even more is that one of Pittsburgh's finest is right here in our backyard. We welcome you now to the 24th season of the East Side Pleasure Park of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.



    Upon entering the park you are greeted with an array of gardens and trees unlike anything ever seen.



    Also in this area is a quaint little eatery called the Snack Bar. While it is called a bar, there is actually no alcohol served in it.



    Although the gardens are beautiful, the park also has thrills for the younger folk as well. Including the 1908 side friction contraption known as the Loop-de-Loop. (Formerly it was just called the gravity railroad, but was changed in 1918.) This ride shoots you around a twisting layout providing many dips and turns. We'll come back to this ride a little while later.



    One can also grab a bite to eat at the other restaurants at the park. This one is more of a buffet allowing guests to take as they choose, paying for a lunch, and a dinner, for one small fee of 15 cents. This building was modeled after many Arabian buildings of the old days. It is one of the 3 original structures at the park. (See if you can guess the other two!)



    While not technically an eatery, people can sit in here as there are bottom level and top level accomodations for guests to sit at a table and enjoy their meals. Not a huge production, it was added to accomadate the growing crowds back in the late teens.



    When one needs to use the restroom, the park has isolated facilities.



    The owner insisted on having his own private quarters on the grounds. So we built him a shining example of modern architecture for him to enjoy a few years back. It's off limits to guests, but sometimes the wifey will come out and offer some baked goods up to guests! You'd better hope you have lucky timing, they go quick!



    Ahh! Here's the owner now! He doesn't like being photographed... He's been here since the beginning. He's 64 years young and helped this park grow up in the past decade. If you're looking for a name, the folks around here just call him Big Al, nobody can be sure of how he got the name, but rumor has it he was quite the hard drinker back in his early days!



    Among our newer rides is this marvelous ferris wheel. Built just this past winter by the Allan Herschell Company, for some reason it seems to be a spectators dream. The creaky bolts and heights don't seem to have detered crowds, it's been quite popular!



    Ooh how proud we were when we introduced this baby to the public! We built Chase Thru the Clouds as our 20th anniversary present to the town. Built by our areas own John A. Miller, this puppy is mean! Just last year we made it even more mean adding a special section of 'trick-track' right at the end in place of some bunny hills. The guests seem to love it! (Not so much the nurses though!)



    It fit nice and snug back in the corner here. It set us back a good $20,000 bucks, but all our troubles were set to rest when we earned $500 before noon on opening day 1920.



    It's a real beauty too! Designed to fit right along the lagoon, it goes back into the valley too. Lots of big drops, Miller's always been best at those.



    We hope you enjoy your day with us! Be sure to bring money! Most rides are just one ticket.

  4. The trees that you are having be too small. Old Spice made bigger trees, they give you lag if you use them extensively, but for having them in planters, they are perfect for larger trees. He's done pine trees, as well as many many shrubs, and basically any other tree you can imagine.


    I hope you can finish this up, I understand how much work goes into a recreation, I've been plugging away at a Kennywood Thunderbolt recreation, and even for being just one ride, it's pretty frustrating getting all the details. But this is looking really great! I don't know how much detail you are looking to add, but the more there is the better!


    Also, may we perhaps see an overview of the park? I'd love to see how you've layed out the park. And also, have you started on Midway America? I'd love to see how you're gonna do those woodies haha, should be pretty tough.

  5. I've got a real tough time deciding on these!


    My top three woodies have gotta be:


    Ravine Flyer II - Waldameer Rode it at sunset, what a trip! My loser brother sat outside the queue cause he said it was stupid!


    Wildcat - Hersheypark Gotta love those seal brakes!


    Thunderbolt - Kennywood Holds a sentimental value, sort of the type of ride that would tell you they loved you, and then go ahead and abuse the hell out of you.


    Top three steel coasters:


    Maverick - Cedar Point Hey what can I say, it's fast, smooth, and there's so many abrupt twists that it could be considered rough!


    Dominator - Geauga Lake/Kings Dominion IDK why I loved this ride so much, but I got a good 10 rides in a row on this!


    Storm Runner - Hersheypark Notches out Fahrenheit by a hair, I loved the launch and the top hat. Not to mention riding with a frightened little boy (I'm pretty sure it was the coasters fault, not the kidnapping matter..)

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