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  1. Wow! Stunning night shots and really cool how you made them look grainy and vintage. The carousel building is stunning. Looks like Kennywood and West View have some serious competition.


    Thank you! I've put historical value first with this park. Seems the best way to get a good realistic park is to start with day one, which has been my approach to this park. I've built from year 1900 (hard to believe.) It's a lot of work, but I think it pays off!


    This is just getting better and better


    Thanks! It's gonna keep getting better and better! (Spare the bad editing in some updates...)



    Well, I've got some big news for all of you! My company has made a new acquisition. We are now co-owners of the East Side Lagoon Amusement Park! But perhaps more exciting, is that I have been promoted and am now going to be working full time on finances at the park. This means I will be the one working out whether or not to buy that fancy new ride for next season! I get access to all the good stuff. Most of it's confidential, so unfortunately I can't tell you...


    ...Oh, why not?? I'll give you a little 'insight' on the construction that's nearly done down at the park. Here in May things tend to get pretty tense... I figure the park will be too busy dealing with all the hullabaloo that they'll overlook this just once haha. But still, don't go tellin' everyone!!




    Oh, and part of the perks is ANOTHER new camera!! Top of the line. Things go out of date pretty fast now it seems. But hey, when you make $75,000 a year it's hard to save it all! Phew, high times just keep getting higher! Who knows what they'll throw at me next..

  2. This was excellent! Short and sweet, like a coaster should be. Most drag it out and I particularly enjoyed this ride because you placed only the best B&M elements, such as the zero g roll and the immelman. Which were done wonderfully. Especially liked how the incline loop curved around the roll. Also, the corkscrew into the lake was a nice touch. It added to the atmosphere part of the ride. And it all flowed together quite well. Not too much, would be perfect for almost any park out there. Certainly something I'd love to see around somewhere.



    Today at a press conference at the park, it was revealed that the bank known as Monongahela Sterling America has bought out the park. This local big business hasn't revealed what will become of the employees, or the park management. Already though, they have named many changes and expansions with the park. To start, it was announced that the park will now go under the name of East Side Lagoon Amusement Park. When asked why the sudden name change, park manager Al Jefferson said "the period of old fashioned amusement parks is nearing its end. Pretty soon people will be begging for parks with 5 or 6 coasters, expecting more and more each time they come back. With this change we plan on bringing the park into the present, and hopefully the future, while still preserving the great things about this wonderful parks past. Which is why I now will also reveal to you that over the next 4 years, the park plans on adding two more thrilling coasters, as well as a renovation of the formerly high tech Chase Thru the Clouds. We will also be adding a high capacity swimming pool as it gets rather hot here in the summer."


    The park manager went on to answer questions about these two coasters in question. Nothing was said other than they will "be sure to keep bringing families back for more." It is believed that famed roller coaster engineer Harry Traver will be designing at least one of these coasters. Although rumors also exist that they will be designed by John A. Miller, the same person who designed the Chase Thru the Clouds coaster along with genius designs such as the Racer at nearby Kennywood, in addition to the famous Thunderbolt at New York's Coney Island. There is much doubt on how large these expansions will be, some say the park size will double, some say it will triple. Others fear that famous parts of the park will meet the fate of the wreckingball, only time will tell.


    This paper is your only source for all things East Side. We will keep you informed as more information is discovered regarding this exciting topic. Please contact us for any factual information you may have.



    Loop-de-Loop at sundown..



    Today at approximately 3:30 PM, the popular local amusement park at East Side, struck a deal with an undisclosed company who will, from now on, be running most of the operations at the park. The park has been family owned since it opened in 1900, but is for the first time sharing ownership. The park manager Alfred Jefferson, will hold his position, while many lower positions are being added, as well as an additional park managing position, yet to be named. Nobody is sure how the merger will work, but what is certain is that the park will be undergoing many changes in the coming years. "Progress is what keeps you alive in this business," said park manager Jefferson. "Many parks have failed in this area because they simply aren't willing to change. We can only hope that this park will stay for a long time. And this merger will surely help us achieve our goal."


    It is as of yet, unknown who has taken over the park, there are many speculations, including several of the local car companies, a trolley company, a local rich man, but at the head of the pack lies a large corporation whom is a critical power center for the city, and even runs a lot of the finance around here. It is likely that the final announcement will be made within the next month, meaning that by the time next summer rolls around, there could already be some major changes.



  5. Well A Day To Remember played awesome, anybody going to see them this tour is in for a treat. They had quite a few 'surprises' that I wasn't expecting! Plus, they left out most of the poppy songs besides the most popular ones that they HAVE to play.. I am effectively still struggling to lift my arms and walk from the moshing and jumping that basically went on for like 4 straight hours..

  6. Thanks for that suggestion AJ. I had no idea what the attachment things were. I'll try and upload them like that from now on. I've taken a lot of time compressing and putting them in as attachments, but here you go!




    Gosh, it's been a while! My job's been keeping me away, luckily I've been making lots and lots of money, which means more trips to the park! Infact, I've got another new camera! The old one died on me (already) I managed to get some money selling it, and I figured I'd be better off getting a new camera instead of just doing a temporary fix, anyways, you guys don't care about cameras! On to the night pictures! My camera can actually photograph at night now.



    Who can get this image out of their heads? I've stared at this facade for numerous minutes in my passings, and it still rings with me.


    Oh, and who can forget the magnificent carousel building? It's still got retro lighting on it, being one of the original structures in the park.


    The snack bar still looks quite nice. And who can forget the Loop-de-Loop in the background? Completes the picture, can't imagine the park without that ride.


    Although unfortunately I'm hearing rumors about the park hating maintaining this thing. Better get your rides in now! You never know what could happen to it..


    Ahh the intimidator! I finally got up the guts to go on it, phew! It's really high up! Really fun though.


    This building sure feels a bit dated... Sure doesn't make me want to eat there, that's for sure.


    This area, on the other hand, looks gorgeous! Especially at night. Shame it has such an eyesore next to it...


    This part of the park sure is empty... It's hard to believe the Racer could take all the Chase Thru the Clouds spotlight!


    I leave you now with a nice shot of the lit up entrance! Lots of memories coming through here...

  7. Yeah, I told a girl I was into coasters once. She was too captivated by me and my gorgeous smile to pay any attention to the interesting things I had to say for the next hour. Also, she thought Top Thrill Dragster was the tallest and fastest coaster in the world. Needless to say things didn't last very long after those two events. [/exaggerated post]

  8. Hello TPR! All my life (as far back as I can remember at least..) I've been in love with the world of amusement parks. My room is filled with paintings and pictures, and school picnic signs. In my art classes I jump at the chance to draw and paint anything related to the subject.


    I've recently joined TPR and am awaiting my check to be confirmed... I've been around for a few years at other forums like Atari and Shyguys World, but I decided I'd start and make my way to more 'entertaining' forums so to speak. Active is a better way to put it I suppose... So far I'm enjoying the company of many of you, and hope that I may better get to know a lot of you in my stay here.


    So get used to me! I'll be sticking around for quite a while! Please don't refer to me as a n00b though. I've far more senority and experience to be viewed as such... You can call me garrett if you like, or grrt, or any other awesome name you may think of. Captain Spectacular... Lord Dortmouth... Any will fit.


    So I'm glad to be a part of your growing community and hope that I may add to your success whether it be in the games forum... the random section... or anywhere else here I may belong.

  9. Haha, all comments are good! Interest in the park is what I'd like to see.


    A note for this update. This was my first attempt at aged color photographs. You'll see a lot of different effects get used in later updates. Criticism on the editing is also welcome!




    Gosh, hard to believe it's been a whole year! I'm sure glad to be back though. Seems lots has changed. First off the new entrance is stunning! Much better than the old one which was merely just a stroll through some picnic benches past the parking lot.



    Yeah, they've got all new buildings set up. Seems to handle crowds really well!



    Phew what is this?!?! Gosh a new parachute jumper. I remember seeing some of these back in the day, but I'm glad East Side got one of these. I asked one of the operators about it, he says the park got it second hand after a park went under after the Great War. Looks to be in great shape though.



    I was also glad to see they'd got some restrooms at the front of the park finally. It was sometimes a real pain walking all the way back to Chase Thru the Clouds when you had to go.



    Ahh the Racer. just as I remember it! Still looking fabulous with its neon lights.



    The center of the park really seems to be the parachute jumper this year. Crowds are showing up just to watch.



    This means good business for the Snack Bar!



    Gosh there's so many good views of this ride!!



    Apart from the parachute jump, most people probably didn't realize that the owners house got a little expansion! It's extra excluded now.. The wife must be getting cranky!



    Wow, this area seems to be getting no love! The parks big coaster isn't getting much attention. But frankly, with an unexciting entrance like that and an ugly piece of steel, what can you expect?


    Oh, and in case you hadn't noticed. I got a new camera! My job is really treating me well over at the banks, so I decided to splurge on one of those fancy color ones. Expensive, but worth it!

  10. Yeah, the detailing for this is so incredible! I hope they don't have crazy complex programming though. I would really like to see some user modification to this game. Or I should say customization. Like skyboxes, custom cars, tracks, rides, more user friendly 3ds or possibly ANY model type such as directly from sketchup. Perhaps a couple nice plugins and programs to make the game a little easier. Built in hearltine generator. Perhaps a design program more similar to newton. I hope they put all sorts of things in this game. I can't wait for it! Hopefully it runs on most computers though...

  11. Like I said, moving right along! Feel free to post criticism. I don't ever take it harshly! Strictly constructively.



    We open at my home. I'm 35 years old. My name is Arthur Hopewell. I was sitting on the front porch reading the paper. An ad caught my eye.



    "Huh, that sure sounds like a ton of fun! I wonder what the kids will think.. Kids! Get in here!


    I've got two kids, both boys, one of age 8, the other of age 7, they came rushing into the room from the kitchen.


    "How do you think this sounds? The amusement park? What do you say we have a trip up there this summer?"


    "Oh, yes daddy! I heard about that place at school!"


    The months went by with little in the ways of bringing it up, then one day, I woke up the kids early one morning.


    "Kids, get up, we're going to the park!"


    Followed is a half an hour of frantic getting ready by the kids. My wife prepared us the lunch, and about an hour later we headed out.



    We are greeted the moment they walk into the park to a beautiful facade for the years new coaster.



    What did we do? Well they of course immediately rushed into the line. After about a 10 minute winding line, we boarded our train.



    The huge lift hill is ominous and looms like a storm cloud hanging overhead.



    They reach the climax of the hill, and after a short turnaround they are plummeting 90 feet towards the ground!



    The huge bowl of track is a real bone shaker. The kids, well, let's just say, they endured it!



    Phew, lots of jerky turns! The confy cars were a lifesaver!



    By the time our trains reached the station again, I felt like puking, but like any good father would do, I headed back into the line with the only


    kid wanting to ride again!



    Things started winding down after the morning hours. We rode all the other rides at the park, being sure to hit Chase Thru the Clouds and the


    Loop-de-Loop first.



    No matter where we were here, the Racer's huge lift hill seemed to be visible. What a sight to see!



    Gosh, can't get enough of that station! As the day furthered, I found myself sitting at the exit waiting for the kids to get their 6 or so ride on this





    We didn't eat at the restaurants, but they're still gorgeous!



    We instead saw ourselves eating at the picnic groves like most of the other families who couldn't afford a pricy lunch and dinner.



    Aww this rides simply amazing! We all agreed that whoever designed must be locked up in an asylum somewhere.

  12. Try and nod off all the cheesy early century dialect!



    Greetings! My name is Mr. Merriweather, but you can just call me John. I work with the local newspaper. I've been given the assignment to document this swell place you call the East Side Pleasure Park. I'm hoping with mine and yours help we can get this place some notoriety.


    The first thing I'd like to document is that dandy little ride called the Loop-de-Loop. First off I'd like to give you all some history on the ride. This baby was built back in 1908. There was some concern on why the park was trying to raise so many funds. They thought the place was going under. But truth is they were saving up to build this thing. It cost the park $6000. Not much by today's coaster standards, but back then it was a real commitment.



    We brought in some of the regions finest carpenters to build this. The master designer is our park's master builder's father. He passed away in the early teens, and his son took over.



    The wood is getting pretty old nowadays, but they replace it regularly. Top speed is only about 25 miles an hour, but back in it's heyday it was pretty darn fast!



    Gives some nice views of the park. Phew, only the insane put their hands up!



    The rides got all sorts of dips. I wouldn't eat before you get on this, plenty of chances to lose your lunch!



    This thing is a real beauty in the forest. They don't make rides like this anymore!

  13. Ahh, seems I've lost ability to read. I was looking for the big sign that says "You pay this price once a year" I skipped right over that! Thanks for clarification. I've noticed that TPR is pretty cheap in comparison, and it's got quite a hefty internet community as I'm seeing. Most sites I'm on have like 10 people on at a time, but jeez, 200 some on a regular basis! You'll hopefully be seeing me as an addition to your club quite soon... In the short day I've been a member here I'm already finding myself quite comfortable, you've developed a great community.


    ^ And yes! That's the other plus.. I usually go to about 4 or 5 parks a year, sometimes multiple times, I think a membership is worth it for sure.

  14. So yeah, I've been considering joining, infact, I would really love to join, as I've been obsessed with coasters for god knows how long... But I'm wondering, the $40 to join, is that payed only one time, or monthly, or yearly? Or what, because that is the major deciding factor to me.. I would have no problem at all paying it one time, but as it becomes yearly, over the course of a lifetime that DOES add up! And monthly adds up quite a lot even faster! So I'm sure it would be quite simple for someone to tell me this, but I've not got a clue as there isn't further clarification that I've seen on the site.

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