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  1. Here is an article from MYSA.COM on the final ride with a picture of the last train in the station..
  2. You owe me a pair of new shorts cause I just crapped myself. DANG this is cool and I wish it was real! Ryan
  3. I say that we just end the debate now and call it... OMFG AWESOME Ryan
  4. That picture makes me think only one thing "Laser Snake Iron Horse on Fire"..... Every time I see a Laser, Snake, horse, or Fire... I think of that epicness! Ryan
  5. The second to last photo above should help a bit. The Superman Loop is 145ft off the ground... Now the grade is about 30ft lover there, but the SkyScreamer is quite the ways away in the back ground. That being said since the tower appears almost the height of the loop I would say yes it is 200ft. Ryan
  6. My guess is the near the SKC que... perhaps near or on the 3point game.... should give the feel of kicking the cliff when going up.
  7. I agree... Great marketing. The Lego men appear professionally made and of high quality. So my guess is it is a ploy. If you google map all the wash up sites vs a Legoland you find it all within about an hour dirve of the site and the park. If this is not Lego then some very rich fan is giving them some great free publicity. As for the No Real than you are.... My guess is that is some sort of something about using your imagination to build things... Just really deep way of saying it hahaha ryan
  8. Is it sad that I am more apmed about the Logo.... It looks much better than the SFO/ SFWoA one. In other news I guess it is for sure a wing rider ride. Now the final question is B&M or Intamin. The only reason I ask is you think B&M would tell Dollywood that they aren't gonna be the only ones... unless of course it spins or rotates at DW. Also good to see SF back in the BIG coaster game.
  9. WOW... that is all I can say. Other than I really want to go now. Ryan
  10. While SFFT made a splash about Lone Star Nights being the new thing this year another project was taking place for entertainment as well. The Zaragoza Theater at the front of the park was getting it's first renovation in 20 years and a new show was coming. A little background on the theater itself. It is the largest theatrical STAGE in Texas and when it opened in 1992 was state of the art for all sorts of produtions from stage to TV. It hosted several TV specails and awards shows from 1992-1995 as well as 2 full stage productions that rotated through out the day "Fiesta Forloriko" and "Heart of Texas" These produstions were each a broadway style show with large cast, crews, and sets. In 1995and 1996 the park put in the first "Vegas Style" show called Spellbound, in 1997 after SF had full controle they put in DC COMICS SUPER HEROS LIVE, a live action stage show kinda like the Batman shows only a bit better effects since it was a stage setting. This trend of "Vegas Style" show would continue until 2008. All the shows were popular, but sadly did not do the theater justice. In 2009 with the company on edge a musical review show was borrowed from SFGAm and made into it own for SFFT called Showstoppin. It was a good show, but still lacked the pucnh the theater could be used for. Enter 2011 the theater was showing its age, Renovations were called for and approved. A new broadway review show was added. This was all done in house for the production of the show. I left the department in Jan to start my own business and am proud of what they have done. Below is a few photos of the set and the theater renovations. OVATION is the new show and it is the best STAGE show I have seen in a theme park ever. All the vocals are live, the band is live and the show is just amazing. This was my first time in 9 years having a "new" show to see that I had not been at dress runs etc. It was great to see it with having not seen any runs prior. The performance level is just amazing. Not quite the real broadway, but could be a touring show. The talent on that stage and in the production is something I am proud of having been a part of that team. The show was concepted in house and all the direction was done in house as well as costumes and lighting. The set was done by Magic in The Sky of San Antonio who also does the firework show. CALL ME BIAS(ok I am) but again this show blew me away. I was expecting great things, but this was just epic for a theme park stage show. I hope to have a rough cell phone vid up later. Not in the photos, but updated is the sound system. oooo new bronze!!!! This is the outside... It got some new paint and such.... OOOOO LOOKS SOOO NICE! These doors are all new and hand made. The others were handmade too, but were getting so old that had holes... Yay for no holes! This is a sign.. it tells people stuff.. Take note! My camara is crappy in dark places.. but this is the new inside. The murals are new and the aweful looking diaper that was in the center above stage is gone. The speakers are also well hidden now. Because we are all things Texas here the murals are of the San Antonio missions at sunset... Nice touch! oh and GO TEXAS GO SIX FLAGS! here is the set. Well the base set. Many things roll/ Fly in and out during the show... I happen to know the set designer and he is a cool guy
  11. OMG I land at like 8am on the 16th at LAS... I am going there right away. I love Vegas as much as theme park. I would love to have a nice history piece!!! SCORE! I may do a mini photo update if my phone can handle it! Ryan
  12. Just an update.. Saw the show tonight and it is very nice. DIFFERENT, but nice. Everything about this show is new. Having been on the inside for years I know that it was well needed. The equipment used before was going on 25+ years old(yes the parks only been open 20 seasons but the lasers were prior used at Stone Mountian). The show is still all about Texas, but less history and more about what Texas is today. There is no story telling and San Antonio Sam is no longer in it (don't worry he is just settlin down at the ranch you would be tired too if you told the same story for 20 years). All in all it is VERY different from the orginal, but in some good ways. The pyro is amazing as always and the 3D mapping was nice. It is mainly at the start of the show when they carve out the rocks, but I am sure they will add more effects as the years go on. The new sound system will blow you away... AT 50% it was filling the park. It is awesome and in suroundsound too! Ryan
  13. After looking at that and having worked with sign shops before my best guess is a rehab or new sign. One clue is the fact that the support for the top part is still there. Had this been SF 5 or 6 years ago I would be worried. That is just my guess... On a side note. There is a total of 7 other "signs" on the side post. That to me is what looks bad... very cluttered... sad but hey if Red & Yellow M&Ms keep the parks open I will take it! Ryan
  14. I can't believe no one has said Teh bIG dIPPER... If The Prince and RMC teamed up it would just be epic!!! Ryan
  15. Well after much research I thought this milestone needed us to put in perspective the ass populations in the world! Here is to the Best mascot in the world! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:2003ass.PNG Ryan
  16. I think the winner will get a "Bag of Awesome" and a side of Rainbows and Tigers Blood! Ryan
  17. AMEN PREACH ON PREACH ON ROBB!!! It is simple economics the parks are going to push it until guest REALLY push back. Sure are there a few people out there who may say "Ah they are really screwing me now I am not going" but most are just going to say. "Wow $20 man everywhere is making me pay for parking now" I went to the Spurs game last week. The OFFICAL price to park at the ATT center went from $8 at about a 1/2 mile from the entrance to $75 for VIP parking. The "average" lot was $15. You wanna know something surprising more people were parking in the high $ lots than the $8 one. When guess stop showing up and cite parking cost as the reason the parks will then stop kicking the prices up. Until then buy a parking season pass or dont go! Intresting enough at MOST Six Flags the season parking pass in around $45 and most season pass early bird price is around $60 so all in all if you buy both that is about $110 with taxes. People get all excited because Schlitterbahn offer free parking. But a season pass is like $90 so all in it is only a bit more for "FREE" parking at SFFT and they are open much longer and offer much more in terms of rides etc. My point being is people will pay it so the parks will do it! Ryan
  18. While we all have differnet opinions... Ummm some matter more. Like if My next door neighbor Bill who is a Target manager says we should build a highway at XYZ point I will dismiss it, but if someone who has a degree in say Traffic Sciences says it I would listen. In short what I am getting at is when you come on the forums and basically call out the many "Pros" here for thier opinion your gotta expect to get slammed and shut down. Ryan
  19. Ok I have tried to Search for this, but It brings up many threads... I am having trouble with 8 car. For whatever reason I can't edit ride. I havent used this program in like 2 years and seem to remember this happening once before. So here is the problem.. I open 8 car after I load a game. I go to ride menu. I select ride the ride and it lets me change all stats, but there is no train nor and train to choose. When I click apply it takes the train away in the game. Thus the ride does not work. Also of note I seem to remember being able to select the rides based on their names, but now I can only pick by number. Not sure if the two are related. Thanks in advance. Ryan
  20. AMAZING... It is like having a part of history on your table! Thank you kind sir! PD2012!
  21. I KNEW IT... This is why I sent money. He said he would save kittens and the Big Dipper! Now it looks like both the Dipper and the kittens under it will be saved. To all the haters: He is not an inside joke, but rather the man, the myth, and the legend from the 5th universe of AweMazingSomeNess! Ryan
  22. The latest from CNFOXSBC claims that due to the earth quake, Charlie Sheen, and March Madness that the Moon will blow up on Friday.... All of the above was triggered because of global warming and The Myans are right about 2012 but no humans will be left to see it. In other news... Japan rocks they got all this under controle... Not only did this happen, but the reactors are being handled well too. I mean 2 reactors are going to shet and another may as well, but so far they have avoided any major problems with it. They know there stuff!
  23. Got the pictures today. This turned out to be way harder just because of the area that is was done to. Can't get close to it to get great shots, but with zoom I got enough to see what there is too see! I see you new topper track... why are you so far away! OOOO you are a sexy bolt and cross tie SUPERZOOM! Fancy curves! Going up close up Extream zoom for an EXTREAM transition! Oh and for all those Bi curious coaster lovers... Rattler is cross breeding with steel support tubes too... This was done a few seasons ago.... What a rebel!
  24. NOW WAIT! Don't get to far ahead of yourself. The helix of bordom still exist The ride has some new life but still has a long way to go to get back on any sort of top list. I mean I guess it is the "Best" topper track coaster out there because it is the first to open with it HAHAHA. We can only hope this is the start of something nice!
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