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  1. A surprise today as Rattler had its second drop into the third hill rehabbed in the off season. THE SURPRISE IS IT IS Rocky Mountain Topper track. Tan in color not red so it blends in. This use to be one of the roughest parts of the ride that created jackhammering. That is no longer the case. It runs very smooth, but still has that wooden feel. I would compare it to a new GCI feel! I would have gotten some pictures, but having only a camera phone and the tan color of the track limits that. I may go out tomorrow with my camera and HEY may even do a TR if I feel up to it hahaha. Now of course I am sure a large round of rumors are going to hit the net about "IT IS THE NEXT CHOSEN ONE" or something. I will just say with what I know I am only aware of this is a cheaper long term alternative. The 2nd drop was going to get retracked regardless this off season. There has been no FINAL go ahead to rehab the whole ride or even furthermore redo the ride. This is a test, but more of a "is this the way we should rehab rides" test. Although if they do like the results enough it may turn into a "LETS REDO THE WHOLE THING" only time will tell. Ryan Mods: I know this has been mentioned in several threads. Tx Giant and many more. If you feel this should be moved please do
  2. Since he is not on facebook I sent him and alert for a Western Union Telegram! Western Union Telegram awaits! To: Dan From:Doc Brown Date: March 3rd, 1811 Great Scott! The Clock Tower will be struck by lightning again on this very date in 2011 unless you get on Facebook....It is not you Dan... It is your children! Signed: Doc Brown Not my best effort, but hey it is 2:30am...
  3. Hmmm I have been wondering what Mark Shapiro will do with the park.. Futher more what will happen in 2010 and 2011 when Al Webber and Jim Ried-ANderson take over... HEHEHE Ryan
  4. I spent about an hour starting at page one and going through all this...WOW amazing.. I want this park to be real!! Ryan
  5. CHALLONGE!!! hahaha Hmmm maybe it is time to get the TPR Tatto?! What to soon? Ryan
  6. THATS ME!!!! I won... again for the 4th time... of course all these wins came after the no prize out... BUT I will say it is much more fun no waiting and just playing!
  7. Yes this is becoming EPIC (wait wrong line). I have always been a bit shall we say putty tat when it comes to going out on water. Not sickness, but if I feel I can't swim to land I freak out. Lakes even bother me. BUT seeing this ship and this report I am SOLD! Just amazing around every corner. I agree I would not be able to handle the sun deck over the water, but the other parts of the ship would suit me well. Forgive my flat out laziness. What is this TPR cruise I keep hearing about in Oct?!
  8. I just want to say that I finally found (site with people who I have to wonder why they exist) and read the (thread that really doesn't exist at least anymore). I am shocked. I have been brainwashed... I was un aware that by reading TPR I would be brain washed. I though I was an adult who could reason for myself, but I just learned that was not the case. I also am in shock that by being a member here I must give my first born the site.. I feel so used... I feel so duped... The only thing that must be able to fix this is a food binge. Then people here will probly make fun of me and I will feel sad. That will make me want find a support group and alas the EVIL DOERS will have won and their master plan will have taken place. That sums up about four pages of (thread that really doesn't exist at least anymore) on (site with people who I have to wonder why they exist) for those of you who may have missed it.... Clearly they are of sound mind and we should all listen to what they have to say.
  9. Most of yall dont know me and Robb may only Remember me as the guy with big teeth who talked to y'all right before Lone Star Spectacular for the Texas Trip. But I have been around here long enough to say ROBB ALVEY YOU'RE MY HERO (and no he didn't pull me out of a pool and bring me to... anyone anyone Bueller Bueller?)
  10. On another note about the Sangerfest Stage. The red curtain that was used as a back drop was covered up with many back drops once the Carnival International set went in. When we redoing the stage in 2007 we were in need of a stage curtain. I recalled it from my childhood and upon looking we found it back there and put it to use. It is the red curtain you see today.
  11. A few more that popped into my head. -Look on top of the clock tower at Sangerfest Halle. You will see a wind vain. It is the styled in the shape of the Orginal Logo. Though it is only the top part and the bottom part with out the words inbetween. - Jake kinda pointed this out kinda early on, but if you look in the Big Spin transfer area all the orginal Joker art work is still on the station wall. -The orginal FT logo can be spotted on a few of the train coaches. -This is something you can sorta see, but not really anynore. THE SANGERFEST STAGE... ok see if you can keep up with this. Orginally it was a round wooden stage in the center of the halle (ala BGW) it was a steel frame and on casters. It had a nice German countryside mural on it. Sometime in 1995 the stage was moved up against the wall it sit on now. (This was for a Christmas Banquet Show) They added a Red Curtain that hung on the back wall and "squared" the back of the stage. Some stairs and ramps were added over time as well. Then in 2001 the Ompha Band was out and a dance show called Carnival International was in. They build around the circular stage to make a larger one. This left a little 3in lip on the main stage that was from the orginal one. Then in 2005 the built up the rest of the stage to level it out and have no lip. In 2007 they build the current more traditonal stage on top of all that. So if you go under there you can find the orginal steel stage with the paintings still on it..,... Basically it is the most perfect support ever hahaha. -There use to be a VIP seating section for the Lone Star Spectacular. It was nearly right infront of the laser booth. It is still there just a large Pave stone pad that has overgrown landscape around it. The use of it was stopped as most the time the wind puts this area in the pyro zone. -If you look on the Candy Storm in Rockville main street side you will see and old faded baner that says "Vote Robert McDermott for Homecoming King" That is of course for the President of USAA when the park opened and for Famous San Antonian General Robet McDermott(the stretch of I-1O in front of the park is called McDermott freeway) -If you Exit the park along the Employee parking lot side you will notice an small rock building. Currently it is used as the main ATT feed into the park, but it is original to the Redland Rock Quarry the only structure on the property form those days. -The Whirlpool in the water park was orginally suppose to be a Dico Bowl, but was cut at the last minute. Infact I believe the press release at the time even reflects that. -When going down the exit ramp on rattler about half way down you will see a bolt on the hand rail that does not meet the struture all the way.. the hand rail prevents them from screwing it in all the way hehehe -Outside the season Pass center you will note some wanted posters. These are of some of the Manager and Director of the park. 3 of the 4 still are there. -Where Boomerang stands use to be a long strolling path around a pond. This was kinda a hidden gem of the orginal park. If you look behind the flash pass center there is a path that goes to nowhere and has railing in front of it. Once again I am sure I have tons more.... But HAHA they all can;t come to me at once. Ryan
  12. Why not jump in. I have lurked here long enough... I worked the past 9 seasons in the SFFT Entertainment Dept. So most of my stuff will be related to that. -The Show Stoppin/Last Chance Legends set platforms were first used in 1995 in Spellbound a magic show. Then used in Legends Live in 1998. Used in Monster Mash Bash 2001,2002, 2003. Then it sat in the Bone yard until 2009 when we reused them for show Stoppin and Last Chance Legends. -Old Blues B-B-Q had a fiber glass bull that use to sit on the rail tracks out side. Weather finally cracked it in 2008, but you can find blues horns being roasted every year at fright fest by a few skeletons that make a fire in the same spot he stood every year! -Some of the props for the new Haunted House came from an old AstroWorld House. -The Dragon Cave wall at fright fest uses fiber glass panels from the Myan Mindbender at Astroworld. -The Scooby Doo Trick or Treat Set uses various old set peices from old shows to give its Egypitan look. The wall panels are again from the Myan Mindbender, The foam Columns are from the FIRST Majesty of Christmas set, and the mummies are from the DC SUPERHEROS LIVE show from 1997 -The Theater style seats inside sangerfest halle that were put in in 2008 came from the Zaragoza theather, which opened with nearly 300 more seats then it currently has as there was no center aisle. These were removed in 1993 for a Christmas show and never to return. -Wagon Wheel pannel still says Spinnaker on it from the SFoT days. -Texas States Square has brick around the palm trees with names on it. These are actually all the counties in Texas. in 1991 to promote the park and to have a good story. Under each brick is dirt from each county in Texas. The event was called "The Great Texas Dirt Round Up" -The Sago palm at Texas State square is actually one plant that is now over 150 years old. It is valued at over $500,000 and has an insurance policy to back it up. It was donated from the King William District of San Antonio, a historic area from the 1900s. The tree is protected every winter by a large green house that looks like a present. -The STAR WALK at the back pergola of Texas State Square show cases some of the first famous stars at the park. In early 1992 when the park opened Gaylord Productions put on an Hour long national special that ran on TNN(The old Nashville Network) it was called "Hats of To America from Fiesta Texas" Many stars were in the show such as Don Knotts who played the coach P. Tater from Rockville and the Orginal Mayor Maynot who dedicated Texas State Square. Larry Hagman Played Sam Houston and told the stroy of the park. I have a video of that production that I will have to dig up. I have many more, but that is all I can pull out of my head right now. Ryan
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