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  1. hmmm maybe i'll post some backstage at CGA randomness soon, although it becomes more random once we get into HAUNT.. until then, here's one of me from Haunt '10
  2. No worries, it's not really in a spot that you can see from the control booth haha, Besides, i'm sure the TAS lady will stalk them when they get home..
  3. hmm line wait time also depends on how many 12 year olds decide to run up the grass from the exit and rush into the already existing line.. I may go into the park as a guest today after I get off work from my regular job at 2:30..
  4. Theater Attendant on weekends, also help out with other depts. if they need extra help.. it's my 2nd job so I do it for the love of the park, not for the money
  5. I work in Entertainment during regular season as well, we got an e-mail from management about when we need to let them know what we would like to do this year (If we were planning on going back to Haunt or if we are staying in our positions for the season) it included what the options are for the year and some of the plans for this year. Speaking of which, Anyone interested in Joining the Haunt team for the 2011 season, Job fairs are as follows: If you currently work in the park and will be transfering: you should have already received the information from your supervisor, if not, see them as it is this week. Re-Hires (who do not currently work regular season in the park) Sat July 30th, 10am-3pm New Hires: Saturday, August 6th, 10am-3pm As always you will need to fill out your application online PRIOR to attending one of the above job fairs, the application is online now at the park's website http://www.cagreatamerica.com just click on jobs then "Apply online today" and fill out your information and select the Haunt job desired.
  6. That's a negative, Ghostrider. but, you shall know when the time is right
  7. I can't actually say anything about HAUNT this year until they officially announce it on their site, (they'd kill me, and I urge anyone else who has oficially heard what's going on to do the same) but I look forward to scaring again this year and am proud of all my fellow sliders, we're more than ready for this season.. I start training our rookies next week..here's to a lot of bandaids... as far as announcements go, it typically happens mid August, when Haunt.cagreatamerica.com goes live, until then it will just re-direct to the main site.
  8. Correct, it's HAUNT related items, Most of Carnevil's walls are store behind the Showtime theater as well as backstage of the theater, some of the FANGS set is back there as well. Speaking of HAUNT, our Job Fair for the 2011 Haunt will be held Sat August 6th from 10am-3pm
  9. hmmm this may be my only time available to get to Knott's this year.. it's a week before I start working HAUNT up in Norcal assuming they don't try and put our scare school a week before our preview nights...which would be no bueno =\
  10. Or just let us rock a 365 days a year HAUNT park..I still find it funny that no matter how bad the Grizzly is, it always has a lot of people waiting to ride it.. perhaps suckers for pain?
  11. correct, "4 cornerstone cafe" now.. thanks, now you're making me crave the wtflarge sized Jello they sell in there, mmm whipped cream goodness....
  12. I'm glad in a way that Invert-no-go is leaving.. I mean as much fun as it was to watch guests valley in between the verticle loop and the 2nd lift hill every night while working HAUNT....I still wish they would just get rid of Firefail first..that thing spins less than lindsay lohan in recovery... I have hope, at least we can use the extra space for a new Haunt maze or a temp stage if they decide to give us the Hanging this year.....I just hope that whatever they decide to replace it with is NOT going to be another flat ride As far as extending that area inward a bit, it could happen, there's some room in between the fence and the service road back there, it can extend a little further where the lifts were some as well before it hits first aid,,
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