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  1. Darien Lake had the animal themed Zamperla Mini Jet ride in the 80s. It was originally located in the old "Adventureland for Kids" kiddie land that was located where Hook's Lagoon and Crocodile Isle are now. In 1996 when Darien Lake got the "Seaport" kiddie land", the animals Mini Jet was probably put in storage and the raft Mini Jet replaced it. I think the rafts were a better fit for Darien Lake's current kiddie land since it was originally nautical themed.
  2. those buses have to be long gone or just beyond repair unfortunately, but i agree would be nice to see come back. I'm pretty sure some of the busses hang out in the area behind Viper with that random tram. Does anyone know what that tram was ever used for? Maybe it was used for the train that went around Elk Lake? I'm not sure, but I'm just taking a wild guess.
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