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  1. Now I wonder if they still have all of the slide parts of the old 'Cud Falls slides, if they did have all of the old CF slide parts maybe Six Flags can rebuild the slides with new supports, pipes, and such. I'm just saying that maybe Darien Lake isn't going send 'Cuda Falls to the scrapyard since the slides are still on the park's property, just in storage.
  2. Did Darien Lake move the 'Cuda Falls slide part to where those old "Batman" stand up roller coaster tracks were?
  3. ^Didn't Darien Lake gave the OCC Motocoaster themed bike away in a contest of some sort?
  4. I just plain happy that Six Flags bought back Darien Lake and also Darien Lake has gotten a new coaster. I just hope Six Flags doesn't give Darien Lake the wrong end of the stick like they did the last time they owned it. But at least we got (Superman) Ride of Steel and Twister out of Six Flags' first time running Darien Lake in 1999.
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