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  1. I don't think I've ridden a flat this year except Dodgem. Either they don't interest me, the circular motions make me sick, or they're a drop tower ... when during Haunt they say "all you fear is here" I think: it was already there. I ride every coaster though, just some more than others. At KD, I usually make short visits so a different combination of what I ride and don't ride allows every visit to be somewhat different. With Hurler RMC going on, I've ridden Ricochet (Construction Observation Coaster) a record number of times for a partial year. I didn't ride The Trimmed to Death Thing Formerly known as Hurler (2010+) for the most part, 1/3 because it sucked and 2/3rds because it was depressing knowing what it once was. I never swore it off for a while, unlike Rebel Yell (2008), Grizzly (2009) or Anaconda. But it's my (very) local park so I figured out what happened, how to best correct for it, and started riding them again. I've even finally learned that if I want a reride on Grizzly, if only wheel seats are avail. I walk around. At SFA, I have learned to never ride Batwing twice in a row (only took once to learn) and I do have to restrain my strange attraction to Apocalypse (it will never be Shockwave) but ride the hell out of every other coaster there including Mind Eraser most visits, except Ragin Cajun I've only ridden twice due to line and limited time. While many flats make me deathly ill, somehow Ragin Cajun's spinning doesn't bother me that bad, although it becomes excessive with only one rider. I guess my body knows what's a coaster and what isn't (Fireball was so bad I don't even want to hear it in the background anymore). Great Adv isn't a home park, but I did ride Ka 5 times in random rows before I said Enough. EDIT: forgot about the flume which I do ride, far less "flat" than a "loop coaster" maybe we need a another category.
  2. According to what I have read about these, the experience more than any other ride on the actual program. The original program took 3 years to develop (?). Of course people will complain it's too mild while I still expect I'd feel like I'm going to die after. So it looks like the whole thing leans over to load and unload?
  3. Hurler was a good ride for its first season, but it beat itself to death (along with riders) as the years went by. So, I agree that the layout, when worked on by the right company, is a good one. I thought that the first season the lines were too long for it to be anything but a bit of letdown, however while I did like it my companions did not (or maybe that was also the wait time), so it was much later before I rode it again. The lack of popularity was a big factor in learning to ride it, and while I would never want to ride row 2 again, I ranked it at least as high as their other woodies and consider the insanity of it far more memorable. The new ride will probably be better overall, but it will never convey any aspect of a wooden coaster that felt like it was about explode into a million pieces. It will keep the aspect of the layout that the average speed is high compared to the peak, which is good. As to aging, I think it was just too much for them. It was the late-comer that never fully met expectations and it probably got less maintenance than the others, despite wanting more. I know just before the last time they did track work and before they put the whopping huge trim brake on it (and slowly bled the giveacrap out of me concerning it) I was thinking it would be unrideable within a year if they didn't do something. Actually that picture was of the last curve and was not only not painful but one of the best curves ever built. It *felt* like the track stretched until about 2/3 of the way through the curve and then it sprung back and launched you out its exit. I was hoping that at least one of the original, flat, intense curves would remain just smoothed by better track, but with the higher drop and speed perhaps it would be too much -- but if that's true, how is there an inversion in the middle of the second turn? I was hoping they'd somehow turn the first curve into a wave turn what with taking out the original structure all the way to the footers, but I think at the rate they're going all 3 low-to-the-ground turns will get that treatment. I do like there's one and only one reverse-banked curve at a really identifiable spot. I hope we all can talk about the new ride without beating up on the old Hurler. Or at least I hope I can resist typing something into this thing every time the inevitable occurs. Sometimes it seems like people have more fun bashing a coaster than actually riding them. Yes, I know we just ride coasters for fun, but still when an enthusiast says something that they should know better it just makes them look bad, in my eyes.
  4. In the eyes of local non-enthusiasts that frequent the park, they got new coasters in 2012 and 2014. You can certainly argue that these people might agree with us that those additions are not good (Apocalypse and Rajin Cajun are two of my least favorite coasters), but the majority of those people have absolutely no clue that they were relocated. Only enthusiasts care about this. Nowhere behind closed doors is park management saying "well, enthusiasts know we relocated the last two coasters, so its time we give them a brand new one". I'm pretty sure I overheard "they still have the same coasters as before they were Six Flags" after the 2 used coasters were added. The problem with people not knowing that they were relocated is they also aren't significant enough for them to even notice they are there! I also overheard someone saying that SFA is a lot better than KD, and the group generally agreed, however that was actually at SFA. I don't think the other comment was in a park at all.
  5. Part of people's impressions about this park aren't actually real. If they put in a huge new coaster that everyone wanted to ride, the park would just seem so much more "new" and more people would see it as a nice place (at least if the rest of the park was prepared for the crowds). Sure, KD got a bit of a facelift, but part of that also was new rides. As to the walk back through Gotham to Superman etc., some of you may love sun but I've felt like I was going to die out there, that or have to break down and buy a drink. Here's an idea: put huge awnings over the front of the vendors out there, so you can get out of the sun especially if you're buying something (I'm not sure there isn't anything like that, but don't remember any). Also, both GrAdv and SFNE have many "cooling stations" scattered around, despite not being as far south.
  6. ^^--Yeah it may be overcrowded at first -- so was Hurler originally -- if so just give a few months or a year. I305 was wonderfully free of opening mobs, but that has higher capacity and people were afraid of it. Still, I noticed at SFNE that the lines for Superman were longer than for Wicked Cyclone, newness goes away fast. OTOH the whole park should be more crowded next year, but they need it, June was a ghost town. This definitely moves KD way up on enthusiasts' lists for sure -- maybe even above CP if they weren't doing anything new there, which of course couldn't be allowed.
  7. I think SFA has a lot more charm than KD. But by charm, I mean funkiness more than niceness.
  8. This park is in such a weird area where it could be easier to just go further, for example if you live in Manassas. But I do think they could get more draw from the locals. Maybe they think they'd get too much season's pass, repeat visit not spend much traffic. But having just gone to SFNE I find the comparison apt: Wild One > Thunderbolt Roar < Wicked Cyclone Rerides >> No Rerides Near Tie except RMC bragging rights Mind Eraser < Mind Eraser Batwing = Joker 4D Joker's Jinx > Goliath + Flashback Tie Ragin Cajun < Pandemonium Nothing < Gotham City Gauntlet but who cares Superman < Superman But the lines are usually shorter so while NE's holds bragging rights to be so good, you can easily scratch the same itch about as much, easier, if you live much closer Apocalypse << Batman So, they should floorless convert Apocalypse and the parks become much more comparable!
  9. The thing with the teasers is they tend to seem so obvious that one is left wondering if we're missing something. Country Kitchen (American) Panda Express Border Cafe (good if you get the steak or chicken, avoid the regular beef, smaller portions than these other 2) Wayside Grill (sort of Country Kitchen lite)
  10. No way on RY, it will probably be at the park as long as they exist. Notice they just rebuilt a lot of the lift hill? Among the smoothest I remember it ever being. However, the south side has something odd going on, usually it's ahead in the race and it still is for the first 2/3, but then suddenly (from the north side which I usually ride) it's like what happened to it, so far behind you can't even see it. Avalanche has always been like that. It would almost be better if it went straight to the final/main sequence, it seems like they wanted to make it longer though. Re: Grizzly, should have ridden again! Someone probably had their phone out, maybe taking pics of Hurler construction.
  11. ^^-- The banking of the elevated turnaround is higher, the drop into that banked turn is higher and faster, no matter what there's more stress. The increased height is increased stress by itself. The steel track does offset some of this. None of these in themselves are a sure sign of a rollover except probably getting up so much speed in the first place. The extra width they're adding is more interesting and it's starting to look like a mirror of Medusa Steel Coaster, with the inversion more on the outside of the original structure (see the TPR video right at the beginning). However Medusa's first curve is not mirrored, it's the opposite direction of the pre-drop, so that might make the end of the drop more like Storm Chaser's straight hill after the drop (or include an extra hop).
  12. ^^--Actually I thought all of Hershey's bathrooms smelled like vanilla, and made me look around to see who was vaping in the bathroom. Presuming that wasn't a "chocolate" joke.
  13. 1. Kings Dominion This is my local park but hopefully that's not why it's here, however I do go to my local park much more than travel, and that would probably be the case for any park I found myself local to, if not terrible. So I tend to rate local park attributes over destination park attributes, and I couldn't ask for a beāŠ„Ter one. The crowds are reasonable and yet the coaster collection is solid. There's enough different to do that it doesn't have to be the same rides every visit (I don't ever go all day). 2. Six Flags Great Adventure Once we venture into generally overcrowded hellzones, well go big go Six Flags. They lack anything like a traditional woodie, but I get that elsewhere. The view from the skyride of the park's immense skyline breaks the tie, if there was one, to the next park. Plus there's the ominous Rolling Thunder hill Creak audible anywhere nearby. 3. Hersheypark Love the place and rate it high for the woodies, not just the Intamin trio, which is great. Note that while I did waste time on the Chocolate Factory, otherwise this place has nothing to do with chocolate to me, never even smelled any. 4. Busch Gardens Williamsburg I get a great feeling just from walking around there -- If I haven't been there a while. It is possible to wear out the illusion this isn't just another theme park though. While they do have 2 smaller coasters added since my last visit, still I'm almost sure to ride their big 4 on every visit. Great destination park, but not a very good local park... but they do have the Membership plan, which offsets that some -- open InvadR for Xmas Town too and I'll be starting one up. 5. Morey's Piers Location, location. Sure the top coaster is a Vekoma, but who'd be crazy enough to build a B&M there? Big Bucket List -- these do sound good 1. Cedar point -- well it is the coaster capital, but if I wasn't into setting I'd be tempted to leave it off. Even though I'm contemplating driving as far, it's not in my current plans because I don't have the money to plan on throwing at the problem of overcrowding. 2. Holiday World -- such mixed reviews, but could really like it. Far away. 3. BGT, KI, KW (esp. next year?), KK all in there somewhere. Maybe even Coney. Even Dorney's too close to ignore forever. 4. Magic kingdom and Vegas I've enjoyed before, these would have more to do with going with the right person. Not-So-Bucket list -- saved these for what I am contemplating -- RMC 2017!!!1! 2. Dollywood and Carowinds trip. But LR isn't very reliable. 15 hrs driving. DW starts closing early on Sundays after this next weekend and CWinds is already done. 1. SFNE and Knoebels trip. Trip goes near a bunch of other stuff but these are both still new to me. 16 hours driving but a lot cheaper admissions for me and free parking. Good hours most of August however Knoebels wristband puts it Monday and SFNE to Sunday. So far I'm limiting this to 2 days, one overnight stay (cheap). DW would be arrive ~4 PM and stay 'til close (11 PM to me due to the time change) but getting to Carowinds at opening (early leave to get home) is tight. SFNE would be same arrive but possibly go back the next morning due to being able to stay near and Knoebel's seems like one park you can arrive after opening and leave before close, although I'll be tempted to stay late anyway. Comments welcome.
  14. Thanks for confirming my No Way In Hell will I be trying another frisbee ride, although I've only tried the outward facing kind. I hate feeling sick, and I almost wish I did throw up instead of feeling so bad so long.
  15. I hate Sheetz. I work less than a mile from one, seems like the easiest option, every time I go down there it's just a waste of time, going through their order system just to find out how much a sandwich costs, both overpriced and higher than last time I went through, I'm lucky I didn't break the door slamming through it on the way out. I get the message, no need to show the prices on things, if you care what it costs, it's too much for you. Sorry for the interruption, back to your regular trip report...
  16. Hurler had 5 airtime moments, 6 in the back due to the drop. 3 on the backstretch alone. However it might have had about 4 seconds of air. I still think it's just 2018 vs. 1994 . It's clear what we're getting but these teasers are aggravating enough to be their own thing.
  17. Volcano was down again last weekend and coasterqueue says it still is. It was running great 10 days ago though, they even opened the back row for what was probably the first time all year.
  18. It's very possible to hit the haunts when the parks aren't that crowded. There was one I almost gave up them getting enough people to send people through (at KD they would have just sent me through by myself). Eleanor is very popular though. When them park haunts get too crowded, they end up in a situation where it's impossible for the attraction to be great enough to justify the wait if they do it properly. It's annoying when they send the groups through not all bunched up, but it happens by the end anyway. I went to one local attraction where they kept the groups small, but I got paired with others including a smartass kid who reduced the effect 50% just by himself. The worst part is I used to be a smartass kid too. This was the only one of 4 of these things I tried that was actually better done than theme park haunts.
  19. The force rattled the windows .. Shock Wave? Now I'm really confused. Plus those teasers hurt my eyes, need to turn them any other color. 28 is also the number of seats on each train previously. Don't know why they'd tease something staying the same, although it would be better than some alternatives. Looks at least 20' taller to me, maybe even 28 but no more for sure. It could also be the height differential, as it's also going closer to the ground. It also looks like the lift ends earlier horizontally, not over the original crest. There's also been a big hole at the original crest, maybe just to remove the chain sprocket and greasy wood, maybe not. I'm wondering about a surprise here, maybe even a pre-drop inversion or dip.
  20. Can I ask why you feel that way? It's been proven time and time again that OTSRs are not really needed on looping coasters as long as a lap bar is adequate enough to keep you in place while inversions occur. I'm aware of what you are saying. I've experienced what you're talking about on the Joker's Jinx at Six Flags America. Most inverting coasters I get on have an OTSR and that's what I'm used to. I rode Flight Of Fear with the original OTSRs and I don't think you'd ever get used to it. The fact people can actually talk about the ride instead of dismissing it as a headbanger is entirely due to the restraints change. At least they were padded though, unlike Drachen Fire's. That ride may have had a lot of problems, but I never could figure out why no one else could see the obvious: steel is hard!
  21. An altered fictional version of House of the Rock was featured in the Neil Gaiman novel American Gods also now a series on Starz. This has probably increased their attendance. Gaiman toured American roadside attractions to research the book and their surreal feel is in some way captured (if not redoubled). In the book, they board the carousel and something magical happens, can't remember but I think getting younger was only part of it.
  22. Rides vary. If this argument is used to favor restrictions on everything, it makes things worse for everybody. "Fairness" is a terrible thing when it means rules must be consistent rather applied on a case by case basis. I'd be more upset about it except the fact I did lose something out of my pocket on Toro. However my last visit was wearing jeans and zippers have nothing on pure tightness, I don't think I've ever lost a penny out of them...
  23. 1. Great Nor'easter (rated on when still pink) 2. Grizzly (KD) 3. Flight of Fear (KD) 4. Shockwave (KD/RIP) 5. Hurler (rated on KD 2008, Caro 1998) 6. Loch Ness 7. Wild One 8. Rebel Yell 9. Backlot Stunt Coaster (with fire, otherwise #10) 10. Verbolten
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