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  1. Well it's been officially announced now! The maze will be replacing Club Blood.
  2. Well Im going to drag the thread into Haunt for a quick minute, today was the annual re-hire event for the talent who return. This year I was able to pick where I would like to go and im in The Gauntlet,I'll also be wearing a prosthetic mask of some sort this year! Also for anyone who would like to work Haunt this year, you need to apply online first at Haunt jobs then go to one of the following job fairs. Job Fair 1 & 2 Saturday July 20 & Sunday July 15 10:00am - 2:00pm Job Fair 3 & 4 Saturday July 27 & Sunday July 28 10:00am - 2:00pm The location of the job fair is, 2401 Agnew Road, Santa Clara, CA 95054 (Human Resources)
  3. I received the park's newsletter in my email today and it noted that Undertow won't open till late August.
  4. I've known about it for a few months now,just kept quite about it. The maze will take over where Club Blood was. Ther interior of the maze is done, they are working on the outside now.
  5. Glad to see that we got one of these games, I've seen them at other CF parks and was hoping we would get one.
  6. My restraint was fairly loose yesterday on my last ride( I thought it was down more.) really got some insane moments of air, almost feels like your standing.
  7. If you fly out of San Jose you get some very good views of California's Great America. You literally fly right over the park, when I flew out of there a week ago you get some great views of Gold Striker.
  8. It's the name of the company who makes the leather bracelets. Link
  9. When Dick Kinzel was still in charge he wanted to dump the park not due to the neighbors but because of the 49ers stadium, he was afraid that the park would lose profit during game days. Then when Matt Ouimet came in he looked at the stadium as a positive thing and a way they could make a profit off it. For example, when Super Bowl 50 comes around the NFL has already looked at the park as a possible event center,which means something the park could make money off of.
  10. Well this explains the spontaneous opening on Friday and the rushed media event. The whole thing really ticks me off that a company is going these great lengths when they will end up being the losing ones in the long run. What I don't under stand is why can't they do the sound tests inside of their own dang building, do they even know if they could hear the ride from inside?! Im afraid that the ride may need to close down eventually so even more walls can be installed to make the Prudes happy. Im fine with the walls them self it's just the stupid reasoning behind them.
  11. I thought I would also post a small Trip Report about Gold Striker's Opening day! So the day started off by waiting for Roger Ross to greet us in the park and give us the the information about what was going on in the morning with the opening ceremony. We all then moved over to the ride's Fast Lane entrance where we waited for the ride crew to finish testing and for the pyrotechnics crew to finish all of their work/setup. We were then led up into the station and loaded into the first "official" train for the ride's opening! We waited for the ceremony to start, once the ribbon was cut the train was dispatched and we were headed up the lift. As we made it just a little bit past half way fireworks were launched off the former Imax building, once we headed down the first drop more fireworks were launched from the lift! I will say, it was the best ride on any coaster I have ever had, I doubt anything could top that one ride. Here's some pictures from the ride's opening day! Waiting outside the main gate, Gold Striker is taunting us. When we walked in Gold Striker was testing. These people are at the beginning of the line, and waited for the ride to open! Before we were allowed to board the train we stayed up in the station for a bit, really offers some great views! An inside look of the station with the empty train. Another view from the station. After our ride this is where the line stretched, the queue wasn't opened yet. Time to get back in line! There is also this security camera in the main section of the ride's queue. A train full of happy riders. The queue really offers some nice views as well. Train flying by the station. A train full of happy riders coming into the station. Now a few night time shots! Only reason I don't like this wall is because it blocks part of the train, so taking pictures is hard. Other than that, I hope you all enjoyed!
  12. Just like yesterday Gold Striker did not open with the park, it opened around twenty minutes after I think. They were cycling trains still as mentioned above, seems like this might be a regular occurrence. When I was there today the line was still about an hour long around 11am,so anyone visiting the park I would just get in line and wait for Gold Striker to open. Boomerang Bay is only open on the weekends for now (I'm not sure when it opens during the week or if it ever does?) but if it's a warm day be prepared to wait, as the lines on the main slide complex stretched all the way down the staircase.
  13. No media day has happened yet, I think the park just wanted to get the ride open!
  14. Are you hinting that it could open on the 30th? Really confused on what you mean by this.
  15. ^Honestly it's hard to say if it will be open by then. I really hope it is because it's killing me not being able to ride it more. I know for a fact that the park is trying to get it open as soon as they can, it seems they are just running into some roadblocks.
  16. I have a quick question about Surfside Gliders, once the ride is over are you able to unbuckle the seat belt your self or does the ride operator need to unbuckle them with a push key? Only reason why I ask this is at CGA they have the same Flying Scooters model (ours has the pyramid) but the ride op has to come around with this push key to unbuckle the seat belt.
  17. I've been to the park three times this week and I have talked to some people from management, they aren't going to tell us whats really going on, they only said they plan to open it soon.
  18. Sadly that's the way it seems, no one has mentioned a date that it would open. Only things I've heard were, "it should open this day" and it never has.
  19. Five adults on Didgeridoo Falls is the craziest thing I have ever done at the park, there is no way to even prepare the epicness/ terrifying ride that it is.
  20. Firefall was down as well bet it seemed to be the first back up, I also saw Rue Le Dodge running.
  21. PG&E was doing some work some where and they didn't let some other company know and it created a power surge. It caused almost everything to be down, but it seemed to get back up within an hour.
  22. ^ If I had the extra money I would have purchased Fast Lane yesterday, I haven't seen the park so crowded in a long time! Yesterday was a fun day nonetheless, although there was a hick up yesterday when a large portion of the park lost power which screwed everything up for a little while. Other than that it was a fun day despite the crowds. This was Grizzly's line around 3:00, I feel sorry for all those people waiting for that ride. I was able to get a sneak peak at some of the Gold Striker merch that they will be selling. I ended buying this miner hat, the light actually works in the front and has led's for lights!
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