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  1. I will say this much, the ride was supposed to open last Saturday and then this Saturday. Yet it was still closed for an unknown reason, the park is trying to get it running on Pride Night and have it open for the weekend.
  2. I really wish I knew why, starting to get annoying. It's like on Christmas when you have a brand new toy but you can't play with it until the next day. The park is sort of doing the same thing, the coaster appears to be all done but no one can go ride it.
  3. ^Exactly! The park is back on the map once again and it nice to see money being put into the park once again after. Plus Haunt should be really good this year since we are right behind Knott's as far as attendance goes. So it will interesting to see that grow over the next few years.
  4. Honestly crowds don't bother me at all, I go to the park to have fun. I don't care if im not able to go on whatever ride because it's busy, I enjoy walking around just as much as I do riding rides. Whenever I step into a park I feel somewhat relieved since I don't need to worry about the outside world and it's someplace to escape for awhile.
  5. ^Awesome! I'm going to try and go on Tuesday as well since it's the only day im free.
  6. Just like rolercstrluvr said, Gold Striker will open this month and it should open before Memorial Day. If the park were to remove Loggers Run for a coaster I wouldn't care too much. Sure I would miss it, but if an amazing coaster were to replace it then that would be fantastic! However I doubt the park would remove the rapids ride as well.
  7. Another great day at the park today, was able to reach my goal and get 50 rides on the coaster! Being able to marathon it on Tuesday helped me out a ton! Found out today that all the tops on the lift are various maintenance tests that they are completing before the ride can open. Although there still isn't a set date, I feel that it is very near. On another note, everyone that's in the area should try and come out tomorrow for one final day of rides, Gold Striker will be running from 5:30-8:30! We should be able to get a few dusk/night rides in,makes the tunnel somewhat dark!
  8. Im hoping the line does go quicker than yesterday, hopefully there is no down times either today.
  9. Even if there is some I will be happy as long as they run the ride after eight again, those night rides were worth it!
  10. ^Longest wait we had was about 30 minutes, but this week im expecting it to much longer. Also most people seemed to leave after their first or second ride.
  11. Exactly, that's what they began doing on Wednesday and Thursday. Im sure they are training them to send out trains as fast as the can and get guests in their seats, so once the other train hits the breaks they can dispatch.
  12. ^ I think the ride will always have assigned seating because of how tight the station is. The only way to get what ever row you want is if no one is waiting for that particular row, and you ask for it.
  13. ^They do read this thread a lot. I think they extended it because they wanted to have plenty of different shots and angles to use for the different promotional material.
  14. We all need to make nerd signs for ride number 50! It's all done through the park. (Park management)
  15. Very excited to have another chance to ride Gold Striker, im hoping to once again make it all three days of the event.
  16. Im sure we will find out today since that half of a wall went up in one day.
  17. For those of you who can't make it out to ride Gold Striker, GCI put up a POV today.
  18. Really?! I didn't receive a call but I was talking to Ryan last night and he said that were going to extend it to Friday but changed their minds. Unless they decided last minute.
  19. This is what happened to me on the first train of the day, caused my contacts to get a little irritated. Im just happy the CGA is finally back on the map with this coaster, it might even be the best GCI built to date! I still can't believe how much airtime there is on this coaster, literally every seat you sit in your guaranteed that your butt will leave the seat. I was able to get eight rides in on it and wish the event was longer as I could ride it all night if I could. Excited to come back today and tomorrow to get even more rides in!
  20. I don't think there will be a helicopter, if anything they will have a camera crew on top of Star Tower. Since you have the perfect angle of the coaster from up there.
  21. ^Awesome see you all three days! Looking forward to meeting everyone tonight!
  22. Time to make everyone's life a little bit harder. My update for this week is just solely going to focus on Gold Striker, which im sure is fine to a lot of you! First thing on the list for today was Star Tower, it had finally opened this weekend! Your able to get some awesome views from Star Tower Plaza. Waiting for the cabin to come back down, doesn't the tunnel sort of look like a alpine horn? Heading up now we are able to get a decent look at the queue figuration. Wow, Star Tower get's really close to the lift! I'll let the next few pictures speak for themselves. Closer look at the station and the fly by. So we noticed something strange yesterday, the tunnel looks like it's filled with styrofoam. One last shot, looking straight up at the lift.
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