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  1. I would print both the email and the PDF file. That's what I did as well, I imagine having it on the smartphone is fine. Just don't want to take the risk of the phone not working at the park.
  2. Did you check your spam folder? TPR member, JeffyJosephNorCal found his email in the spam folder. I did, it wasn't there. Don't lose hope yet! I believe they haven't send out emails yet for the other two days. In the PDF they included it said for each day you will get a confirmation email, I've signed up for all three and haven't received the other two yet.
  3. Did you check your spam folder? TPR member, JeffyJosephNorCal found his email in the spam folder.
  4. We usually go every other week as a group on Sundays, so we should be there then!
  5. I also signed up yesterday but for all three days. If im chosen along with others here, it will be nice to meet some new people!
  6. Trust me it won't be boring and it will be completely worth it, I just thought I would throw it out there that you won't get to constantly be riding.
  7. When they say Promotional shoot, I'm guessing they mean Commercial shoot. So i'd be prepared to wear a brightly colored polo shirt as they'll want us to stand out when riding. Just my two cents. Also get ready for a lot of, hurry up and wait. You may not be riding constantly as they often set up a lot of different angles for different shots.
  8. Great report so far, looking forward to the other parts!
  9. So yesterday was a great day at the park for one main reason, Gold Striker made it's first test runs while the park was open! This thing hauls a lot of a** and never loses speed. This is going to be one hell of a ride when it opens up. If you want to catch the ride testing visit the park on the weekend, yesterday it started about 6:30 and I heard today it ran a little after 12 noon. Now onto the Gold Striker pictures! I have a short video from the testing, it's not very good as I was focused on getting pictures, im hoping to shoot a better one next weekend. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flF6yVtXGZY I headed over to see if Star Tower was open, it wasn't but it will reopen this coming Saturday. It also has this new sign showing the correct entry point. The park had the flags half mast around park for the recent events that took place in Boston. I can never get tired of this view, it's amazing! The new interior of the one gift shop, it looks really nice! The bottom is now filled in, not really sure what the material is. It goes all the way down the tunnel and a little bit outside of it. A new staircase has gone up. The station and the elevator are coming along nicely. As noted a page back, the Orleans Place sign is now back! Took a ride on the carousel to kill time until testing starts. Still some work going on in the roof. You can get some very nice views from here! Waiting by Gold Striker Gifts, and then the train rolls right into the station! Slowly rolling on in. Now it's heading up on the lift!! ... It's cresting the top!! It's now leaving the tunnel. Flying over Star Tower's entrance. Wait for it... Train flying by. Going into the turn around near Xtreme Skyflyer. Flying on through the Prudential Turn. Entering the midway turn. Going on up into the turn. Amazing.... Leaving the midway turn. Then last turn into the breaks. Good night Gold Striker, you running fantastic.
  10. If there was a Bay Area Bash once again I would try and be there in a heart beat. Like usual weekends would be better but I could always sacrifice and make it during the week if I had to!
  11. A new POV and off ride video has been uploaded and is in HD now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwnAFu5C498
  12. Im more impressed that the park put up a POV today! The only downside of that is I can't wait to ride it even more now, just have to wait a little longer. On the subject of the tunnel, it's a bummer that the bottom isn't enclosed but honestly it's not going to effect my ride experience one bit.
  13. Here's a shot of the complete train that was posted on that park's facebook page.
  14. I went to the park this afternoon for a bit and it was dead today! Just about everything was a walk on or hardly had any wait, which made it great for a lot of re rides. Over at Gold Striker there was a lot of activity today, there was a lot of people working on the station, putting the sign up and the structure it's self. I have this feeling that the ride may start testing as early as next week. If you would like to see more pictures from today, head on over to CGA Insider and don't forget to give it a like! Here's a quick picture of what the station looked like today.
  15. Exactly. The staff at the park actually cares about the theming around the park, so with out a doubt Gold Striker will indeed have more. There is one more thing that they plan on recycling it's just a matter of if they will be allowed to do it. Plus there is still some more theming that is going to go up around the park, such as the music. (which is still being worked on at the moment.)
  16. Even more pictures have been posted now! Looking down at the entrance to the queue. Another shot of the queue heading to the Station. Installing the roof on the First Drop tunnel. Working on various stairways outside the Station. More progress on the Transfer building. An overall view of the First Drop. One more view of the new roof on the First Drop tunnel.
  17. A new pov of Gold Striker has been posted, this time it includes the "Mine Shaft". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvQyvt1mfmQ Edit: GCI also posted more pictures on their facebook page! View of the back half of the ride. The second train is now on site!
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